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  2. Shoot, I was referring to a different recording. I feel so dumb right now. Sure wish there was a Black Birds recording I do have Virgin Queen though if you are interested!
  3. What, you have a recording of the Black Birds?
  4. New live album? I have a suspicion!!

    How I hope you are right! A new album with unreleased songs would be so cool... I would also love to see the the official video for this tour, like Live In London 2009. Seeing Regina singing Braille is one of my many dreams related to her. P.S. I don't get why it's so hard for R.S. team to put a few cameras, record 1 show per tour and upload it. Instead, we watch fan recordings made with potato, like true hipsters

    This is a great idea! I have been in the process of downloading and organizing many of the recordings for personal enjoyment, particularly shows containing debut performances of songs. I would be happy to aid you in building up the database if that is the sort of help you are looking for (though it sounds like you have most/all of those shows already?). If not, let me know if there are any other ways I could help. All of these recordings need to be protected to avoid losing this beautiful music to the black hole that is the internet. Also, Dropbox sounds reasonable to me, but I'm just one random guy.
  6. Consider me interested This post finally convinced me to make an account rather than sit in the shadows and view the forums from afar...
  7. Huge Sheet Music Collection


    Fan site under construction see progress and some recordings of Regina here Http:// ⬇️⬇️REGINASAURUS⬇️⬇️

    There are some problems with the files currently on the site... I've made alot of progress as far as the design and am beginning the process of sharing a conglomerate of recordings new & old. I have five radio sessions featuring songs from Remember Us To Life, and recordings of every song from 2002 up (those which made it to a recording) I'm super exited and would like a partner going into this! I need you stix to make a decision for me: should I upload recordings to Dropbox, or on the server? There are benefits to dropbox & I am leaning towards using it. The server may give slow download speeds, and be less organized. Dropbox would preview recordings & have the whole regina collection availible in a single zip file. Uploading all songs to the server for preview abilities would be a great hassle for both me and you. CHECK IT OUT: Http://
  10. This is an old topic.... but I have recordings of the black birds and virgin queen if any of you are still around
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  12. If you were a Marvel character?

    Prof. X v. Magneto Discuss Please and Thank You PLS

    Hi again! I have made quite some progress on the site and am very exited! There is some music already on the site, I uploaded the White Session which has apparently gone missing from some sites. I think you'll love this one particular recording of "Love, You're a Whore". I need help for gathering recordings if anyone is up for the task! My email is on the page, please check it out!!! For those who I am confusing: I am creating a database website of Regina's old music after similar sites have disappeared NEW LINK:
  14. Request to Regina

    A tisket a tasket A green and yellow basket I wrote a letter to my mum Sent it with an apple, plum, And the secret wish he'd go away So I wouldn't have to say I love you, i love you, I love you
  15. Request to Regina

    Regina if you ever read this and need inspiration for a song, please continue reading.
  16. Love

    Love is such a lovely thing when it wants to be. What are your thoughts, stories, or any lyrics that relate?
  17. Ave Maria

    I have not heard this song yet but the lyrics that I have read from internet and different blogs, are really beautiful and show that this song would be a great one to listen in leisure time whenever I would be free from dissertation writing services.
  18. What are you watching right now?

    watching history documentaries
  19. Genf20 plus

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  20. Hello and Thank you

    I've been skateboarding to a lot of your tunes lately... I'll check back later. Haven't been a net forum in a minute but I really dig em. LOL Later, PLS
  21. Old recordings disappearing

    As time goes on it seems some old recordings have been lost. has completely disappeared and I have no idea how to access the recordings. Afraid of the same thing happening to I am making another website with every recording of a performance available to download with one click. As of now, you have to download every song separately. Also I am adding recordings that have become lost over the years such as mockingbird and versions of loveology. If anyone wants to help grow the database I am creating it at There you can find my email with a chatroom to discuss the site. All the recordings will be uploaded to dropbox which should be there forever. If something ever happens to the site I will have all the files at hand and reupload them. I will also share new fan recordings and radio sessions so that'll be fun Please send me any recordings you have!!
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  23. Interviews & Appearances

    Hey people, lets say this way, allmost all the time updays will make our life easyer but lets see what will be!
  24. Possible 11:11 Vinyl?

    Hmm I would love to own a copy for sure, because I love the album! Back in October of last year someone also asked her about a reprint of 11:11 in the Facebook Q&A and she said: "It's on my very very long to do list, I think it's been on my 'I have to get this done' list probably for a decade now. So I'm very sorry about that.. It is possible and I'm going to do it at some point. (...) I'm going to reprint it at some point and make physical copies. And then you can have one."

    I used to be a teacher and I can tell you my reaction would have been very different - I probably would have asked you to play the whole song lol!
  26. Possible 11:11 Vinyl?

    A few weeks ago, Regina replied to this tweet: What do you guys think about having a re-release/reissue of 11:11 on vinyl? I would think it would be hard to make since all of the photographs from 11:11 were lost on some hard drive.
  27. sheet music

    I don't know if you can, you might have to wait until the "Remember Us to Life" piano/vocal/guitar book comes out. If you wish you can preorder the songbook on (which includes the song New Year) here.
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