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  3. Lost recording found!!!

    You can actually thank me for creating that article. Literally there was the 2005 sessions that could be easily found but the 2009 recordings before were NO WHERE to be found online, I checked several times until you posted them. Thank you for sharing those!
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  5. Questions I Hope Someone Can Help With

    Forever is a long time. Go to: Then look under: 2007-07-14 - Regent Theatre, Melbourne, Australia Ta-dah, new friends forever! Would you happen to have the second track from the above concert? Mine seems to have disappeared. I would greatly appreicate it! 1
  6. -Live in Concert-

    Does anyone have the Warsaw concert from 4/11/06? I have the song files but seem to be missing the interludes in between. Anyone willing to help me out? =)
  7. Baltimore 11/11-- An 11:11 treat

    Full version
  8. Lost recording found!!!

    I’d also like to mention: I changed the Dropbox links to automatic download; which does not work on mobile, I am changing this the first free minute I can find out of my crammed schedule, until then, here is the link:
  9. Lost recording found!!!

    GUYS GUYS GUYS I DIDNT REALIZE THE RECORDINGS I HAD WERE MISSING!? This article from a couple weeks ago mentioned my website and that the once missing 2009 Paris white session has been found! I posted the recordings on the site, Its been in my library forever I never knew it was missing! I’m so exited I am crying rn Article where my site was shared:“White_Sessions”_(found_recordings;_2005-2009)
  10. Safari web app?

    Hi! I’m not sure if this is the right place for this... but I have a suggestion for I browse the forums on my iPhone almost everyday, and I’m sure over half of users are on mobile... The design of the site is already styled similar to an app and I love this, but there is one Thing I don’t really like about the mobile experience. The Searchbar. By adding a simple meta tag you can remove the searchbar and make the site look as if it were a native application. the searchbar would still be present for every user, it only dissapears if you press the box with an arrow and click “Add to homescreen” I’m not really sure if the site is still maintenanced often, but this would be a super easy task that would please alot of stixers... here is the guide from apple Please look into it! All you would have to do is copy and paste!!
  11. Baltimore 11/11-- An 11:11 treat

    Thanks for sharing the full song and her introduction to it! There's a short clip of her performance on Youtube that shows how she did the percussion:
  12. Baltimore 11/11-- An 11:11 treat

    She stood at the far end of the piano and hit the lid!
  13. Baltimore 11/11-- An 11:11 treat

    cool! how she does these percussion sounds?
  14. Loveology

    Thanks, the quality is really good! There are other rare songs on youtube and it's so cool. For example, I have found only 1 video for Mermaid:
  15. Baltimore 11/11-- An 11:11 treat

    Here is my less-than-great recording of Regina's performance of Flyin' from the 11/11 show in Baltimore (+ a bit of extra content of Regina discussing recent events)! Sorry for the rustling in the beginning. I was rushing to get my phone out and set up once she said "So, it's 11/11..." Flyin'
  16. Loveology

    There are a few recordings of loveology now and as far as quality goes I think this is the best one... As of today it only has 21 views on YouTube so I think it hasn’t been “found” yet
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  18. Regina In The Studio - Ben Folds

    Can we just...
  19. Regina In The Studio - Ben Folds

    Can we just...
  20. Lincoln, NE Rococo Theatre 11-1-17 Full Performance

    thank you!
  21. Bob Dylan concerts

    Does anyone have a quality recording of the 2011 Dylan Fest & her 2015 performance with Jakob Dylan? She played some killer songs and I know recordings are somewhere out there
  22. Lincoln, NE Rococo Theatre 11-1-17 Full Performance

    I can’t begin to thank you for this...
  23. I recorded the full show in audio of Regina performing at the Rococo Theatre in Lincoln, NE 11-1-17... enjoy!

    haha, God heard your prayers :D

  26. Albuquerque, NM 10/26 (set not in order)

    Eet Bobbing for Apples Folding Chair The One Who Stayed Us Samson Left Hand Song Remember That Time Prisoners Better My Man Ode to Divorce Poor Little Rich Boy Obsolete Grand Hotel Apres Moi Ballad of a Politician Music Box Ne Me Quitte Pas Older and Taller Black and White On the Radio Pound of Flesh
  27. Party Upstairs

    I created a poetry page on forums... check it out!!categories/reginasaurus/poetry---all-posts-here - Google Forums
  28. Party Upstairs

    I love this video and this poem. Do you know where I can read other poems like this one? I want to see something like this
  29. Howdy, everyone! I have two really good tickets for the riverside theatre show, but unfortunately I can’t get off of work that night to go, so I’m looking to sell them, and I figure the Stix is a good place to ensure they’ll get into the hands of fans. The tickets are: - Front Left Center - Row F - seats 1 and 2 Let me know if you’re interested!
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