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  2. Hmm I would love to own a copy for sure, because I love the album! Back in October of last year someone also asked her about a reprint of 11:11 in the Facebook Q&A and she said: "It's on my very very long to do list, I think it's been on my 'I have to get this done' list probably for a decade now. So I'm very sorry about that.. It is possible and I'm going to do it at some point. (...) I'm going to reprint it at some point and make physical copies. And then you can have one."
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  4. I used to be a teacher and I can tell you my reaction would have been very different - I probably would have asked you to play the whole song lol!
  5. A few weeks ago, Regina replied to this tweet: What do you guys think about having a re-release/reissue of 11:11 on vinyl? I would think it would be hard to make since all of the photographs from 11:11 were lost on some hard drive.
  6. I don't know if you can, you might have to wait until the "Remember Us to Life" piano/vocal/guitar book comes out. If you wish you can preorder the songbook on (which includes the song New Year) here.
  7. so here is the story... At the lunchtable me and my bestie were jamming out to Small Bill$. When lunch was over I closed my laptop and went to class with my friend. We had an assignment online, i open my laptop and HERE COMES REGINA LALA LA LA LA LADADA LA LA LALA LA LA LA LADAA DOMM DA DOO I WAS IN TEARS BUT IT GETS BETTER I KID YOU NOT MY TEACHER SAID- "THE ONLY PERSON THAT MATTERS IS THE ONE THAT IS NOT LAUGHING" THE CLASS WAS SHOOKETH why did she have to put everyone down like that she was throwing daggers anyway i was laughing so hard and my bestie was on the floor to top it all off mermaid Regina was swimming around the ocean in the music video on the bright side... atleast it wast The Trapper and the Furrier MORE MORE MORE MORE
  8. Okay i want some thoughts on this... Soundstage was removed from Itunes with no explaination, and there was no publicity for the album whatsoever. For this new special solo tour, do you think she might release a new album or live album featuring oldies like loveology. I want this to be a thing so bad! respond your thoughts please! Regina if you read this, PLAY BELT ON YOUR TOUR!! IT ROCKS MORE THAN SMALL BILL$ AND THATS SAYING ALOT
  9. Can anyone tell me if it's possible to get the sheet music for' New Year', the bonus track on Remember us to life?
  10. is there any better way to prevent spamming.?
  11. I have 4 tickets to the show in Reading, PA on November 8th. They are front row seats in the center section (Orchestra Center, Row AA). Unfortunately I cannot go to the show. I don't want to make any money on the tickets. I'm just trying to sell them to a fan at face value, plus the Ticketmaster fees if possible. Send me a PM if you are interested. Thanks!
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  13. Hi Friends, I am trying to incorporate Regina's tunes into our High Holiday service. Anyone have ideas for which songs and tunes would be good for that? So far I have the last part of Bleeding Heart for Zochreynu L'Chaim (Hebrew for Remember Us To Life). I'll post more ideas as they come... Gavriel
  14. I am sorting out this, I didn't know about this regispek yahoo group until last december, where all the time before that I had been learning by ear or the random youtube video. i recommend you read this post
  15. Hello, i made an account just to express my feelings about soup, soup is essentially a foul bowl of goo made from ingredients that taste better solid, tomato soup is by far the worst, the consistency of watered down smoothie, an unnatural red colour and a boring metallic taste, sometimes it feels like your eating congealed blood, disgusting. And soup with celery in it? Well, even more foul with long tendrils of celery string and the bitter watery taste of celery in every mouthful, eating soup is just like vomiting backwards, you shouldnt be ingesting food thats basically pre-chewed when you're perfectly healthy.
  16. for a long time pixlr was my favorite tool, but few days ago my boyfriend showed me auto photo enhancer should to tell you - its really not bad
  17. beautiful review. took me forever to login here had to reset password haha but I always love your reviews. Thank you for sharing!!
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  19. Regarding Regina's show in Sweden Great review: Interview: There were a few bad reviews as well. People not getting it and saying she shouldn't play guitar (well those people clearly shouldn't be allowed to voice their opinion :P), but I decided to exclude them here beacuse reading them just made me sad. Hurray for just sharing good stuff and getting a false image of reality! And of course as always, if you want me to transalte, just say so!
  20. So I got to see Regina last Saturday! She came to the festival Way Out West in Gothenburg, Sweden. I was so completely unprepared for this concert. Had just come home from a vacation and had to repack to go away again. Forgot both camera and ear plugs. And additionally I had lost my phone on the vacation… So the pictures and videos I have are mostly taken by my husband on his phone. And there are not many because it was raining pretty hard … BUT I befriended two concert goers standing next to me and they agreed to send their photos and videos, so we’ll see. One of them were Russian and the other a Jewish New Yorker. What are the odds? Well… probabaly higher at a Regina concert than elsewhere now that I think about it… This was the first time I was not in the first row at a Reggie concert. I was in the second behind the New Yorker who was this short wonderful person that didn’t block my view at all (although she couldn’t see anything herself for the first three songs when the press took their photos ). Regina was (as always) enchanting, graceful and mesmerizingly good musically. The setlist was very approachable. It felt very suitable for a festival. Mostly upbeat, better known songs. It’s amazing how she can almost fill an entire show with only hits now. I was very happy to hear Tornadoland again (probably my favorite on RUTL), The Calculation was a welcome returner as well as Eet, That Time and Bobbin’ for Apples. I was surprised that she didn’t play On the Radio or Bleeding heart, but I can’t say I missed them terribly. She had a new cellist. She didn’t introduce the band, so I didn’t catch his name. But he was very… passionate. Hehe. Had a few funny expressions and was very vivid in his movements etc. He forgot how to play Blue Lips though. During the second verse he looked at the sheets, at the piano, back at the sheets, to Brady and so on while playing a few uncertain notes. But he did a good job otherwise! Courageous to bring an acoustic cello in that weather. Some anecdotes: She improvised a great deal at the end of Better this time too! I have a bit of it on video. High pitch ”juicy” x 3 on That Time. Before Ballad of a Politician she referred to the White House and said that the Statue of Liberty stood before them and will stand after them. It was very moving and brought down huge applause. During the outro of Small Bill$ she imitated a a wild animal, like scaring the crowd and then backing off looking hesitant. I thought of a bear because of the lyrics. During Ne Me Quitte Pas she added how she loved Göteborg in the rain (with a really good accent with a rolling R!). You guys. Samson this time. I have never ever sung along to that song. I sing it a lot by myself but I wouldn’t want to bother Regina or the people around me if they’re having a moment. I just think it’s too delicate. Haha. No one in the crowd agreed with me. Everyone sang along. Regina exclaimed ”You sing beautifully!” after the first verse. And then again after one more bit ”You’re gonna make me cry!”. So then I sang along. With Regina and everyone else. It was wonderful. At the end she actually sounded and looked like she was going to cry, she looked very moved. After she said ”You broke me heart! In the best possible way”. And she didn’t seem like she wanted to leave the stage. Many thank yous and blowing kisses plus an air hug. It was a wonderful concert. It could’ve felt impersonal because of the setlist and the setting, but it was an experience I wouldn’t have wanted to miss. I’m so glad I went. I’ll probably just post the videos in the facebook group, since they’re not good enough to put on youtube. Or maybe I'll find out how to attach them here... Folding Chair Eet Grand Hotel Tornadoland The Calculation Better Bobbin’ for Apples That Time Après Moi Ballad of a Politician Dance Anthem of the 80s’ Small Bill$ You’ve Got Time Blue Lips Ne Me Quitte Pas Us Fidelity Sailor Song Hotel Song Samson
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  23. I saw Regina in Edinburgh this week after what seemed like forever since I saw her last. The show was great as always, but especially noteworthy was her recital of The New Colossus to start the show. This was in response to there being 'a new asshole in The White House' who had dismissed the poem and its imortance as it was only added to the Statue of Liberty later. Obviously as an immigrant to New York it means a lot to Regina and her speech beforehand, and the recital itself was very moving. I wish I could have recorded it but the venue had a very strict no photo/video policy. (The show that followed was amazing too, and it was fun to see the guitar back!)
  24. Hi all, A friend dropped out after buying and now I need to get rid of this ticket! I am selling for exactly what I paid to Ticketmaster (face value + fees) H
  25. Hello there, I'm willing to sell 1 ticket (STALLS, row Y) for next sunday's show in Dublin (Bord Gais Energy Theatre). If anyone is interested, just let me know. Thanks!
  26. Yes, very disappointing when you shell out £20+ but can't get MP3s without paying again.
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