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    Black and White music vid bts

    I post too much but I couldn't pass up sharing these gems.. http://danielryanvideo.com/black_and_white_bts.html
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    Russian fairy tale read by Regina

    I also wonder it. And how it's been existed unnoticed. It's studio quality and I've never heard anything like that from Regina
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    Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind when I add more lyrics... I don’t really like how the chorus is divided now. I’ll fix it eventually. It really means alot to me that someone likes my site Thanks for adding those lyrics on Songs btw! If you or anyone else has suggestions please do tell me... I found this recording of Regina talking in Russian. It’s not an interview... I’m not really sure what it is. Does anyone have any info on it? http://m.zk.fm/song/4304729 - Jacob Prince / Reginasaurus.net
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    Hi! The album page looks very cool! It's great to have everything at once. Regarding lyrics: recently I've noticed lyrics on the official website. Just straight text, no division into verse, chorus. But it's a primary source comparing to popular lyrics websites which mess up from time to time. P.S. keep on developing your website! It already offers so many features and contains different kind of well-structured content. What it really lacks is the amount of users as passionate as you. Hope it changes in future!
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    Hi! Most of the links in this forum are dead... I need help gathering all the album art for her singles and live albums. Upload them to https://www.reginasaurus.net/gallery/category/3-album-art/ I need some stixers to write album descriptions for far and soviet kitsch for album pages on the site. I am working on a spektography and am starting with all albums. The spektography album pages will look like this: https://www.reginasaurus.net/albums/begin-to-hope/ Help by adding lyrics on this forum: https://www.reginasaurus.net/forums/forum/12-lyrics/