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    We can officially have a topic about this now! Yay! We've already talked about it a lot, but it's really not official without posting here. This will definitely go down as one of the best evenings of my (albeit rather short) life. The show itself was incredible. Regina was in top form, and was more effortless and spectacular than ever. Then hanging out with you guys and presenting Regina with the book just tipped the whole experience right over the edge. So here are the pictures that I already posted on the old brumstix, but should probably be immortalized on the new brumstix too. (courtesy of Raph) Courtesy of Betsy courtesy of Betsy
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    My new favorite from this very site!
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    New Brümstix Forum!

    Hello! Welcome to the new Brümstix Forum! We hope you like the new platform! Unable to login? For security reasons, forum passwords were unable to be imported into the new platform. As a result, you will need to reset your password by clicking the below link: http://board.reginas...ection=lostpass See you around! The Regina Spektor Webcrew
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    Hello, and welcome to the Brümstix. Help yourself to some hot soup, and introduce yourself! Feel free to share whatever you feel safe or comfortable sharing and be as open or reserved as you want. All fields are optional. Feel free to omit or add categories or whatever. Feel free to be verbose or laconic. And if you're so inclined, feel free to introduce yourself in essay-format, but the list is encouraged and pretty comprehensive. I don't see any other threads of this type, so I guess this can be the official 'Introduce Yourself' thread. I tried to keep this as simple and non-intimidating as possible to get maximum participation, and hopefully everyone will fill this out. So come out of your shadows, those who lurk, and answer this survey. Just copy and paste this and fill it out!: [i]Stats[/i] [b]Name or nickname:[/b] [b]Age:[/b] [b]Gender:[/b] [b]Orientation:[/b] [b]Relationship status:[/b] [b]Location:[/b] [b]Languages:[/b] [i]Life[/i] [b]Occupation:[/b] [b]Hobbies:[/b] [b]Interests:[/b] [b]Political Views:[/b] [b]Religious Views:[/b] [i]Favorite Things[/i] [b]Foods:[/b] [b]Color:[/b] [b]Books:[/b] [b]TV:[/b] [b]Movies:[/b] [b]Music:[/b] [i]Misc[/i] [b]Origin or meaning of your Username:[/b] [b]First time you heard Regina:[/b] [b]Top 5 Regina Spektor songs:[/b] [b]Random fact about yourself:[/b] [b]Who/What inspires you:[/b] [b]Best thing about last year:[/b] [b]Looking forward to this year:[/b]
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    Hi! I've been registered for a couple years but never bothered to say hi. So, hi!
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    I have to agree, Mikaela, this will go down as one of the best evenings for me, too. It was honestly magical, as cliched as that is to say. After she left I was just like not able to think straight. I was in a fog, haha. A fog of awesomeness, that is! I actually had a funny story from my Dad that night that I've been wanting to post here, but obviously the forum change got in the way. Anyway. So, Jack was in the lobby after the show, and my Dad being a chatty guy decided he'd go up and talk to him. I guess he introduced himself like "Hi, I'm Raph's Dad!", and Jack replied with "Oh, so you're Mr Bingham!". My Dad, the rest of the night, just kept asking me how he knew his last name, and was just generally flabbergasted! It's been almost a week and he still talks about it, actually, haha.
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    The New Forum

    Oh wow, I don't really have any smart input for this conversation, I just needed to come and express my bewilderment. I liked how the old forum was so... old and looked so dated, I thought it was a cute time capsule in the internet. This new one does look sharp, though. Even with Regina's face and hands creeping to my screen unexpectedly... Maybe the new forum will inspire me to become an active stixer again, that would be nice!Edit: What is this "0 warning points" text under my amount of posts? (Apparently you're the only one who can see your warning points, cause I only see it in my own profile.) Do we get warnings for being naughty? Like in primary school when one of our teachers had our names on the blackboard and once you had a certain number of minus marks next to your name, you would get detention or a note to your parents... How scary/exciting, I'll have to start behaving myself!
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    As a contributor to the book, I'm sorry that I missed the presentation... perhaps being in a daze after the great show, and excitement of meeting Regina.. but I sure have no complaints!
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    The New Forum

    Look, and we don't have to make a line to separate our posts from our signatures! What is this magic?!
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    The New Forum

    Hi guys! Yeah we've travelled in time to a new brumstix age.. I really like Regina's new website (and the fact that there is some actual content again). Of course the new forum will take some time to get used to.. so many extra buttons! And I miss our old emoticons - I noticed that they're still there in the messages from the 'old' board.. But apart from that, cool! The future, it's here, it's bright, it's now!
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    Avatars (Profile Photos)

    How do I edit/enter my avatar? 1. My Controls 2. Edit Avatar Settings 3. In the line that is labeled Enter a URL to an online avatar image the direct link to the image you want to use. Do not put any image tags around the link. When you are done entering your URL, click on Update Avatar. How do I edit/enter my a personal photo? 1. My Controls 2. Change Personal Photo 3. In the line that is labeled Upload an image from your computer click on Browse and find the image on your computer that you want to use. (Make sure the image is no larger than 50 KB and is 100 X 100 pixels.) Click on the image and then the button labeled Open. 4. Update Photo If you want to change your personal photo, click on Remove Photo first, then follow the directions above to enter a new photo.
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    This is awesome! A new forum is up, and only one day until I get to see her again! I can't wait and I hope everyone that wanted a ticket, got one! I hope to see everyone there!
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    So I've been listening to Regina's song braille lately, and I'm really confused as to why Regina has not put it on a record yet. Not only is it a great emotional song but I think it could really be a hit single for Regina. Like I said it sounds great, has nice lyrics, and actually sounds like it could break into the mainstream like fidelity did. Actually and this might sound crazy, I feel as though if marketed correctly as an almost Taylor Swift esque ( but better obviously) country ballad, it could even be bigger than fidelity. Anyone else agree?
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    quote: Originally posted by Carlos Cordero: Dear Regina, Have you considered a cheeky-wee-trip to the antipodes (from an European perspective), aka eNZed & OZtralia, in order to rest, relax, enjoy yourself, detox from a long 2012 tour, and catch up with the faithful "down under"? Girls and Boys, any adhesions to the motion? Carlos this is like code to me lol! i can hardly understand it! xD