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    The New Record

    Hi all; I bumped this topic up as I happened upon this article. I believe it is current as it is dated today... Let us hope! http://www.broadcastnewsroom.com/article/Producer-Greg-Wells-Chooses-PMC-Speakers-For-His-Private-Studio-4042598
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    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS NEW SONG IS AWESOME. "Someday you'll grow up And then you'll forget All of the pain you endured Until you walk by a sad pair of eyes And up will come back all the hurt And you'll see their pain as they look away And you want to help But there's just no way 'Cause you won the war so it's not your turn But everything inside still burns" very mainstream sounding yet it still has regina-esque vibes alll onn itt. omg, all new songs on this album!!! I CANNOT. I legit,. cant. THIS JUST DOES NOT HAPPEN. preordering! Can you tell I am excited?
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    bum bum bum

    Wee Rants

    I miss brumstix!
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    Posted by Shervin on his tumblr and instagram! From 2012!
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    Stepped On A Syringe

    The New Record

    From Jack's Facebook, posted today: "Last night Regina and I performed at the Littlest Tumor Foundation benefit with Judd Apatow, Zach Galafianakis and John Mulaney at Largo. It was a super fun show (they were all hilarious). Regina played a bunch of great new songs and we did a duet of "Space Oddity" in tribute to David Bowie."
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    The New Record

    Hello guys...not sure if anyone will remember me, but I used to be active here. Hope you all are doing great. I feel like I've rediscovered Regina! I joined this forum when I was 13...I've now graduated college and for now I'm working at a newspaper, and I decided on a whim to re-listen to 11:11 the other day. Now I'm obsessed with Regina all over again. Whatever she does on this next album, I'm so ready.
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    I can't come up with a short list so here's my train of thought for this: First of all I'm definitely hoping for new songs. I love many of these old ones and know them so well, have listened to them so many times over the years, in the versions we already know.. so at first thought I'm like: it's okay, leave them as they are. Especially when there are demo recordings available, like for Just Like The Movies, or A Cannon. It's weird, but I've noticed that once there is a studio version of a song, I'll listen to it much more often and will rarely seek out the live/demo version with just Regina and her piano, even if I like that early version better. Just a matter of convenience I guess. But I also love being surprised by the studio recordings. I remember being so overjoyed with Dance Anthem of The 80s, and Time Is All Around, and All The Rowboats, Patron Saint, Small Town Moon.. so why not make a list? I would love to hear a version of Rockland County that isn't cut off at the end. And that sounds like a song where you could add some interesting, disorienting sounds. 8th floor is so beautiful, and we only have live recordings of it, right? More people should get to know that song. I've wondered how a studio version of You sounds. I think the way she belts out you-ou-ou in the live recordings is so raw and haunting, it might be hard to beat, but I think it would be so awesome with beautiful classical instrumentation. I definitely want to a studio version of Party Upstairs! Whether it's on Jack's or Regina's next album I think there's a good chance it will get its release. No one has mentioned Soho or AB and I love them both. "It's surprising how little things we lose.." So good. Begin to hope is also a very long-time favorite of mine. OK, that's 7 songs, guess that leaves more room for new stuff..
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    Thought it was about time I uploaded a photo of my collection. I've worked hard to find some of these!!!
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    Regina is everywhere

    Here is one I haven't heard about.. Regina along with Jakob Dylan and Steven Stills (what a combination!) in the Everly Brothers classic at the Troubadour...
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    I wish I could go back and repeat this night over again! Two new songs + two songs I've never seen her play before + Regi hugs after the show = the most perfect night! I have had the Party Upstairs song stuck in my head ever since. I really really hope there is a new album next year!
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    Last night I dreamt that someone had emailed me a new Regina song. In the dream I woke up from sleeping and listened to it and it was amazing as expected! It was the middle of the night so I was going to save it in the morning when I woke up. Then I woke up this morning and was pretty bummed that my mind tried to trick me like that
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    I'll remember this for life

    Hi! I'm glad there are new members on Brumstix, this place has been a little lonely lately. I've never formally introduced myself.. so here it goes. My name is Jacob Prince, I live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and I'm probably the youngest Brumstix member there is. I am 15 years old. (pause for effect) I am a cellist and want to study the cello professionally. I am currently homeschooled & practice around 3-4 hours a day. I also code websites, compose music, and write poetry. I have listened to Regina for six years, ever since cheap seats was released, and I have been to one of her concerts. Brumstix users know me for creating reginasaurus.net, a Regina Spektor fansite where you can download regina's old recordings. Read my poetry on my personal website, jprince.net. I first found Regina when my nine-year-old-self was curious about the notorious iPod advertisement, which featured the Cheap Seats album art. The first song I heard was Don't Leave Me. After listening to Cheap Seats for a while, I progressed to Live in London. I learned to appreciate Regina's artistry and talent in that album. Next I listened to 11:11 then Begin to Hope, and eventually far. I didn't hear Songs until Remember us to Life was released. Since I discovered Regina I have listened to her for countless hours, admired her, and built my collection of her unreleased songs. I even have a Regina shrine in my room. I visited the Sidewalk Cafe last summer, and got a little postcard with a drawing of the cafe. I dream of Regina signing it. When I got my picture taken in front of the building the employees got a little freaked out. I've never once cried at Samson, neither do I think the song is emotional. I have cried at Sellers of Flowers, her cover of Moon River, and Dead of Night (From the beauty musical). I think Somedays, Braille, and obsolete are the most emotional songs. I never could have a favourite song or album, but there are moments in her music that I truly admire and that amaze me. One moment is in Daniel Cowman when she sings, "And he start remembering And remembering And remembering Remembering Remembering..." And when she refers to Shakesphere's the temptest in the same song "A man destined to drown can never burn A man destined to drown can never burn A man destined to drown can never ever burn" Another moment I admire, the same moment I knew I was absolutely obsessed with her, is the opening of better. I heard her play the song live on Saint Patricks day 2017. In the stage fog, she opened the concert with those first few chords of better. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. I never had listened to better much; I felt the song was over-produced, but I fell in love with it after the experience. Another moment that I love is the magestical sound of 20 Years of Snow, and the glissening guitar in Another Town. I also love the cello solo in Sellers of Flowers and orchestration in the song. I also love the marimba at the beginning of Don't Leave Me, but only because regina plays the marimba on the track. I imagine her being so cute playing it . The image of her lauging as she hits the wooden keys will never leave my brain. Recently I have been sad over Regina. It may be years before she releases any new music, and even longer before she tours again. She is taking time to be a great mother to her son, who may possibly be the greatest musician of our time. I am also sad for Regina. Her most popular songs like Fidelity & You've Got Time, don't feature her playing piano. It just shows how crappy mainstream music is. Even if those songs rock, I'd much rather hear the authenticity and talent of Regina soaring through her amazing piano ballads. I think I've somewhat introduced myself. I love you all, I only want the best for the community. I hope my website preserves Regina's music for years to come. I also hope we can find old missing recordings through contributions to the site. Already we have uncovered & shared the missing 2009 White Session. Recently user cmarez93 upoaded Regina's Amazon Music session, which was previously no where to be found. If you have any recordings that are not already on the site, please upload them! They may be missing! I had the 2009 White session sitting around on my computer, little did I know it was missing. Please check out the site! make an account! contribute to the community! reginasaurus.net Thanks, Regis Memory
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    So I got to see Regina last Saturday! She came to the festival Way Out West in Gothenburg, Sweden. I was so completely unprepared for this concert. Had just come home from a vacation and had to repack to go away again. Forgot both camera and ear plugs. And additionally I had lost my phone on the vacation… So the pictures and videos I have are mostly taken by my husband on his phone. And there are not many because it was raining pretty hard … BUT I befriended two concert goers standing next to me and they agreed to send their photos and videos, so we’ll see. One of them were Russian and the other a Jewish New Yorker. What are the odds? Well… probabaly higher at a Regina concert than elsewhere now that I think about it… This was the first time I was not in the first row at a Reggie concert. I was in the second behind the New Yorker who was this short wonderful person that didn’t block my view at all (although she couldn’t see anything herself for the first three songs when the press took their photos ). Regina was (as always) enchanting, graceful and mesmerizingly good musically. The setlist was very approachable. It felt very suitable for a festival. Mostly upbeat, better known songs. It’s amazing how she can almost fill an entire show with only hits now. I was very happy to hear Tornadoland again (probably my favorite on RUTL), The Calculation was a welcome returner as well as Eet, That Time and Bobbin’ for Apples. I was surprised that she didn’t play On the Radio or Bleeding heart, but I can’t say I missed them terribly. She had a new cellist. She didn’t introduce the band, so I didn’t catch his name. But he was very… passionate. Hehe. Had a few funny expressions and was very vivid in his movements etc. He forgot how to play Blue Lips though. During the second verse he looked at the sheets, at the piano, back at the sheets, to Brady and so on while playing a few uncertain notes. But he did a good job otherwise! Courageous to bring an acoustic cello in that weather. Some anecdotes: She improvised a great deal at the end of Better this time too! I have a bit of it on video. High pitch ”juicy” x 3 on That Time. Before Ballad of a Politician she referred to the White House and said that the Statue of Liberty stood before them and will stand after them. It was very moving and brought down huge applause. During the outro of Small Bill$ she imitated a a wild animal, like scaring the crowd and then backing off looking hesitant. I thought of a bear because of the lyrics. During Ne Me Quitte Pas she added how she loved Göteborg in the rain (with a really good accent with a rolling R!). You guys. Samson this time. I have never ever sung along to that song. I sing it a lot by myself but I wouldn’t want to bother Regina or the people around me if they’re having a moment. I just think it’s too delicate. Haha. No one in the crowd agreed with me. Everyone sang along. Regina exclaimed ”You sing beautifully!” after the first verse. And then again after one more bit ”You’re gonna make me cry!”. So then I sang along. With Regina and everyone else. It was wonderful. At the end she actually sounded and looked like she was going to cry, she looked very moved. After she said ”You broke me heart! In the best possible way”. And she didn’t seem like she wanted to leave the stage. Many thank yous and blowing kisses plus an air hug. It was a wonderful concert. It could’ve felt impersonal because of the setlist and the setting, but it was an experience I wouldn’t have wanted to miss. I’m so glad I went. I’ll probably just post the videos in the facebook group, since they’re not good enough to put on youtube. Or maybe I'll find out how to attach them here... Folding Chair Eet Grand Hotel Tornadoland The Calculation Better Bobbin’ for Apples That Time Après Moi Ballad of a Politician Dance Anthem of the 80s’ Small Bill$ You’ve Got Time Blue Lips Ne Me Quitte Pas Us Fidelity Sailor Song Hotel Song Samson
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    US Solo Tour Fall 2017!

    I'll message you (-:
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    Post theories here. New website looks awesome! Love the animation. I am guessing new album and eventually new tour. Omgsh I wonder what will be on this album!!! SO exciting!
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    So I went to the show 6 days ago and wanted to share the story, some pics and videos WOT ahead. I was so happy when they added a show in Sweden. As you all can imagine... I dragged my now husband along. He has come with me once before for a Reggie concert, but the long wait was kinder then because it was summer. We arrived super early. Super. Ridiculously. But hey. If you're going to another city to see the best artist, musician and one of the top people in the world you might as well go all in. So we did. We were there at one. The doors would open at five. We thought. Turned out that it was seven. As we waited it got colder and colder. We actually went to buy some blankets to wrap around us. The people who walked by us thought we were homeless. But that's an interesting experience in its own. The next people who came and stayed in line with us arrived at four. They were four first-timers. Really fun to be able to tell them all about her concerts and songs and stuff! A very nice security guard let us in at like 5:30 and promised us we'd be first in line and would be able to hang our coats without falling back. So from then on everything was great She was a bit late out on stage, and I think she played like 90 minutes. People were so slow at filling their seats... They dropped in like 40 minutes after it was supposed to start. We had fun watching the stage crew set up reggie's water bottles and mugs and towels. They must've been out like 3-4 times each fixing the placing of things a cm at a time. I saw a guitar amplifier and realised we would be hearing You've Got Time (Jack wasn't there, it was someone else playing). She finally came out on stage and she was dressed up as a cat! Can you imagine? You haven't seen her in 3 years and expect a certain thing and out comes a cat-Regina. It was awesome though. The whole show was filled with jokes about her tail and ears. She was so talkative! And she had her eyes open more than she used to. Especially during the Trapper verses. It was so cool. I've known all of her little gestures and faces and sounds when playing the old songs. But I didn't have that information with the new songs. It was like watching someone totally new at some points. She looked up at the cieling, looked down with a thoughtful face at the keys (have a photo of that), did things with her feet and so on... So it was a very special show. I spent most of it just listening and watching. Didn't photograph that much either. It was a real treat hearing old songs like SECG and Sailor Song too. Like visiting old friends. She has kept the moves for SECG. And Better was a nice surprise. The audience clapped really well too. We kept the tempo for a very long time. I have never heard the ending that long. She really dragged it out, improvising singing while we clapped. So much fun... The highlights for me were Small Bill$, Sellers of Flowers, The Trapper and the Furrier, Obsolete (which was SO beautiful. I think it might be the song where she sings the prettiest. Not pretty as in boring. Pretty as in long clean notes and a lot of feeling)... And Après Moi. I had somehow forgotten about the song. It didn't occur to me that she might play it. It was marvellous. It was perfect. Some people I talked to afterwards said the same thing. Oh, how I would have liked to have it recorded...but maybe it's better that I don't. I wanna remember the feeling of that performance as it was. It was obvious he was having so much fun during this show! She was more vibrant than I have ever seen her. At one point I told her (I was right in front of her, and the audience was quiet) that we were having such a great time and she responded that she was too and I feel like she really connected to the audience. She was so open and honest and we all just loved being there. She also seemed very connected to her band. She and Yoed looked into eachothers' eyes during both the NMQP interludes. She seemed to joke with Brad when he forgot to start the same song. Laughed with Mattias when they didn't manage to start at the exact same beat... As you might have already seen on the brümstix facebook group she had some things to say about Karlsson på taket - a fictional character by Astrid Lindgren. That she - like all Russians - loved him and that she always tried to get some Karlson stuff when she was in Sweden, but that she couldn't find it anywhere. And she was asking us if anyone had any connections so that we could lift the copyright. It was very funny. But I actually don't think that there's something going on with the copyright. I just think he isn't that popular so that it's too expensive for the stores to get stuff in stock. I read someone had told her it was expensive in an interview I will be posting in that thread. It also says she wanted to buy the stuff for her son, which I had already guessed Some anecdotes: When she stood up to go to the mic for SB she was like "Aaah, she walks", because everyone clapped. "She's not just over there... Oh, and she's got a tail. Life is so much harder with a tail. Or well... I guess if you have a tail you're used to it and it isn't that hard...". When talking about Karlsson she asked to dim the lights and was like "Let's always play shows in the dark. I'm a cat anyway. You know what a cat looks like." She forgot the words for Us. She made the second line "and later say it's all our fault" and got lost. So we helped her quote the correct line and she was like "okok, then what?" and we ended up quoting the whole verse. She asked us to sing along, and when we did she shouted smiling "That helps a lot!" (Ah, she was so FUNNY!) After playing the intro to Samson (the last song) shew said: "Maybe I should take my ears of for this one..." Like this was the only serious song and then: "Without them I think I look like a mouse..." Afterwards only my husband and I waited by the back door. We still had to stand behind a security fence. The guards didn't want to answer if she had left, and I understood they weren't allowed. The bus was still there. And then she came out after we had only waited for 10 minutes! I had been so relaxed until then. Like it was just Regina. I have met her three times before. I had some irrational feeling of wanting to tell her how I had been, that I got married and is studying medicine now. But then I realised we hadn't met in 6 years, that she had no idea who I was and that I hadn't thought about what to say. I went all Poussey meets Judy King. She was walking towards us and all I could do was wave. And when she came up to us I rambled something about what a great show. The first thing she did was offer us fruit. Said they had plenty. So I had some Regina tour-fruit while my husband dug out the playlist we had gotten for her to sign. We got two pictures with a horrible flash. She joked about us being in jail like Karlsson because you could see the fence in the picture. I told her we had met before, and that the first time was in the same spot after the "polite Swedish psychic"-thing. And she remembered. That made me feel cool. At least she knows she's got a Swedish fan that's been with her since then. Then she said she needed to get back to the bus because of the cold. Probably didn't want to get ill. I asked her for a hug, she said of course, and then she was gone. And we alked off. Me questioning everything I had said, wishing I would have let her known how much her music has meant to me and how much it has shaped me. And congratulated her on the baby. --- The setlist is listed below. Links to youtube videos. The thing is they had told us that we absolutely were not allowed to tape. And to my face since I was in the front. They were really on about it. Like "If you take a photo - make it quick and then bring the camera down. Otherwise it might look like you're filming". So most of it is recorded from between me and my husbands elbows and sometimes I point the camera at different directions. And I didn't record much. Small Bill$ and The Trapper and the Furrier are really worth watching though. Cut the very low and very high frequiencies on your speakers...I will need to buy a new camera with a better mic for next time. On the Radio Grand Hotel Older and Taller Bleeding Heart Tornadoland Sailor Song Small Bill$ Sellers of Flowers Black and White You've Got Time Après Moi Silly Eye Color Generalizations Trapper and the Furrier Obsolete Blue Lips Better Ne Me Quitte Pas Us *encore* The Visit Fidelity Hotel Song Samson
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    It's true! Regina said this in an interview recently and I feel like it captures how a lot of people digest her music, and music in general, perfectly: “To me it’s a very breathing, living thing that someone invites into their house, kind of like a pet, and they can interact with the record when they’re in different moods, or different times of their lives. Maybe for months they can skip over one song as soon as it starts – something about it just annoys them – and then one day, when the time is right, that song just becomes the exact thing they need, and all of a sudden they’re like, ‘Wow, I never used to like this and now I love it.’ Another song they used to really like, maybe they never ever want to hear it again, you know; ‘I’ve taken all the nutrients from it and it’s got nothing left for me.’ I like that. That’s what music is to me, it’s almost like food – like a supplement or something. ”
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    I love the new song. Check out my reaction here! Will def post a video of me reacting to all the songs
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    I just love how she plopped all new songs on us. she's basically like, "brumstix people, not even you guys are gonna see this coming." its so surprising! How crazy is this? How do yall feel about this?
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    Hey I dreamt about Regina!

    YOU GUYS I HAD ANOTHER REGINA CONCERT DREAM. It was tiny again, and she played a new song and I had to leave the room because it made me so emotional hahahaha. Why can't my Regina dreams be real?!
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    The New Record

    Also, in case anyone is having trouble viewing the page ('cause I did!) here's the article's text:
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    Dance Anthem Of The 80's

    It's a shame that there's no thread for that wonderfully bittersweet song, so here we go: Lyrics: You are so sweet Dancing to that beat There's a meat market down the street The boys and the girls watch each other eat You are so sweet, so sweet Dancing and moving to that beat, that beat There's a meat market down the street The boys and girls watch each other eat The boys and the girls watch each other eat When they really just wanna watch each other Sleep They want to watch, to watch each other Sleep, sleep sleep Sleep They want to watch, to watch each other Sleep, sleep, sleep You are so sweet You are so sweet I'm walking through the city Like a drunk, but not With my slip showing a little Like a drunk, but not And I am one of your people But the cars don't stop And I am one of your people But the cars don't stop And it's been a long time since before I've been touched Now I'm getting touched all the time And it's only a matter of whom And it's only a matter of when An addiction to hands and feet- There's a meat market down the street The boys and girls watch each other eat When they really just wanna watch each other sleep There's a meat market down the street The boys and girls watch each other eat When they really just wanna watch each other Sleep They want to watch, to watch each other Sleep, sleep, sleep Sleep They want to watch, to watch each other Sleep, sleep, sleep Sleep (They want to watch, to watch each other They want to be watched, they want to be washed They want to be touched, to touch each other They want to sleep, they want to be slept They want to watch, to watch each other They want to be watched, they want to be washed They want to be touched, to touch each other They want to sleep, they want to be slept They want to watch, to watch each other They want to be watched, they want to be washed They want to be touched, to touch each other They want to sleep, they want to be slept They want to watch, to watch each other They want to watch, they want to be watched To watch each other, to watch each other Watch each other Watch each other Watch each other Watch each other Watch each other...) Okay, here goes my interpretation: The narrator is a prostitute, the "meat market" is the brothel. "The boys and girls watch each other eat" = Usually you date before having sex and these dates often take place in restaurants (where you practically watch your partner eat). "When they really just wanna watch each other sleep" = Actually people don't like dating, they just want someone to love - someone they can wake up next to, someone they can watch sleep. (Could also mean, that they only want to have sex and the dating is only to justify it - I prefer the former, though.) "And it's been a long time since before I've been touched" = Maybe she's been raped, or she lost her virginity very early. "Now I'm getting touched all the time" = Now she's a prostitute, so it doesn't matter anyway. "An addiction to hands and feet" = First option: She's talking about drugs (heroine is often injected into hands or feet (between fingers/toes) because you can hide it more easily). Second option: She's talking about fetishes - BDSM (hands) and foot fetish (feet) for example. Makes sense as she's a prostitute. I "prefer" the latter. So, what do you think?
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    how did you get into regina?

    I actually first heard her in the Prince Caspian movie with her song, "The Call". I really liked the song and decided to listen to more of her songs, and I instantly fell in love with all of them. "Folding Chair" was one of the first I heard, and it holds a special place in my heart, but "Apres Moi" probably is my favorite. "Oedipus" is really interesting as well. All in all, Regina is amazing and I can't wait to hear more from her!
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    ^ Love that one! I've been super obsessed with Virgin Queen for a couple months now. It will just pop into my head at random times and it'll be stuck for a few days. I wish that it would make it onto an album one of these days, but I think she only played it once before so the likelihood of that happening seems slim
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    A must see!.. Regina and her baby brother, from tumblr...
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    Regina is everywhere

    No doubt some of you are familiar with this, but a live unreleased recording of Dust to Dust has just been uploaded..
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    Regi and Christina Hendricks! There's a lot more pictures of her at the fashion show on this website
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    Regina is everywhere

    http://m.mysuncoast.com/news/local/make-a-wish-foundation-surprises-sarasota-teen-with-trip-to/article_ab40386c-a7f5-11e4-8809-6b68fb09c147.html Saw that Regina favorited a tweet with this three days ago... It mentioned that the musician the guy will meet is Regina! What a sweet story...
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    The New Record

    I've been thinking about the same thing a lot recently! I hope and wish that any day now will be the day that she'll announce the new album.
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    Hey I dreamt about Regina!

    I dreamt Regina assembled a bunch of Brumstixers in the "Brumstix HQ" (this cool lounge with a big sunken pit filled with chairs and stuff) and handed out these packets to everyone. Inside were handwritten notes and plane tickets to an exclusive Brumstix party in London! Then I was suddenly an Agent of SHIELD and something blew up. But I didn't care because I was GOING TO REGINA'S SECRET PARTY.
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    Irving Plaza - 19 November 2014

    I got my tickets today! Wish you could go, Raph I'm pretty sure Betsy is going so hopefully she will be recording!
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    Amazing! I hope she wins! Human of the year ...
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    Love Me or Leave Me

    This is sooo fucking good! I've got the biggest smile right now...Regina's such a rock star. (Don't pardon my enthusiasm. )
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    Regina is everywhere

    So my class has been working on our own musical, we wrote it and picked all the songs ourselves. It's almost finished and guess what, it ends with The Call! The weirdest thing is, I wasn't even there when they decided that it would be a nice song for the ending. Anyways, yesterday when I was at a cafe with a friend and we were talking about the musical, suddenly we noticed that they were playing The Call! And you guys know that she rarely gets played anywhere, so that was cool.
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    OH MY GOD ! Regina is a GENIUS ! Ok.. I just woke up and I'm very excited. Indeed, this night.. I had a revelation. Let me explain. My sister studies medicine and yesterday she told me that empathy is taught. That conversation totally reminds me of "Loveology". (empathyology ? Is it possible ?) I couldn't stop thinking about the sentence : "Sit down class, open up your textbooks to page 42." I didn't know why but this morning.. I had the revelation : "The number 42 is, in the novel The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, "The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything", and is calculated by an enormous supercomputer over a period of 7.5 million years to be 42. Unfortunately no one knows what the question is. Thus, to calculate the Ultimate Question, a special computer the size of a small planet and using organic components was created and named "Earth"." I hope it's not a coincidence because in my opinion, this makes a lot of sense. A genius. She is a genius. (ok.. I go back to bed)
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    Dude, this made me laugh so freakin' hard! I love it! Thing is, you don't get to choose your Regina. Your Regina chooses you.
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    I really like Older and Taller Is anyone else getting a bit of an 'Only Son' vibe from this one? Hard for me to explain why but for example when she sings "and that's all you need to know", that's something I can imagine Jack singing as well with that melody.
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    favorite song from each album

    Glad this is bumped up.. 11:11 Braille Soviet Kitsch - The Flowers Begin to Hope - Apres Moi Far - Calculation (or One More Time with Feeling) Cheap Seats - All the Rowboats
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    reg in the news

    I turn 36 in 48 minutes...I believe I might ask for plane tickets to Germany for my birthday.
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    Hello all, I'm new. I thought this may be a good place to introduce myself and pop my comment cherry. Today I'm mostly listening to 'Songs', enjoying "Reading Time With Pickle" - which makes me laugh. Also I have listened to 'How' a decent amount of times over the last few days, this doesn't make me laugh, it does that other thing, you know… I doubt I need to explain why. She has a way of endearing herself to my brain which I feel powerless to control. I love it when an artist does that. Stop by and say Hi sometime x
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    reg in the news

    Hey it's Regi's birthday, let's have a Party!
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    Regina is everywhere

    To be fair, an example of yellowface that I can think of offhand is when white actors portrayed Asian characters in old movies; I know that's not specifically a geisha costume, but yellowface did/does exist, and it took away opportunities for Asian actors to portray their own culture/history. And as a Mexican American I definitely get irritated when I see people wearing sombreros and ponchos when they're out drinking, etc. Ultimately I find it strange when anyone sees an aspect of someone else's culture as a costume rather than a real part of their ethnicity or culture/a stigma they live with, but some people absolutely take it too far when they condemn appropriation. To be honest I was disappointed when I saw Regina's costume last year, but she hardly deserved the criticism she received.
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    From Tumblr; Regina making a point:
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    1. Making Records 2. Loveology 3. 8th Floor 4. The Clocks Were Asleep 5. The Virgin Queen 6. Devil Come to Bethlehem 7. Dulce et Decorum 8. You 9. Dog and Pony (but only kind of...the recording we have now is so charming and sad and sweet...not sure a new recording/more live performances could ever top it.) This was hard. I'm so excited for a new CD! Edit Obviously Regina could always just record a quadruple album with ALL of these unreleased songs on it...
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    The New Record

    I don't want to give anyone false hope by bumping this thread.. but I just noticed that the first single of WWSFTCS, All The Rowboats, was released exactly three years ago today.. And since she releases new stuff every three years, well, I'm just gonna interpret that as a good sign that we don't have to wait too long
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    amfAR NYC

    The best I could do was to find this clip of her singing...
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    Regina with Macaulay! via her Facebook page
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    Regina is everywhere

    here's some pictures of Regi presenting These two wouldn't show up so here are the links: http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/musician-regina-spektor-speaks-onstage-at-the-t-j-martell-news-photo/457619528 http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/musician-regina-spektor-speaks-onstage-at-the-t-j-martell-news-photo/457619530
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    Regina is everywhere

    Not sure I missed this, but I didn't know what song she had been recording here until now - the Boardwalk Empire soundtrack Volume 3 is available for preorder and on the Amazon tracklist it says she covered 'Love Me or Leave Me'
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    Well I'm new here (hi!) so I figured I'd give this a shot! Stats Name or nickname: Jacob or Jake Age: 18 Gender: Male Orientation: Gay Relationship status: Single Location: Maryland, USA Languages: English Life Occupation: Student Hobbies: Playing piano Interests: Computer programming Political Views: Politics bore me I hear enough about it at home, I don't need to think about it all the time. Religious Views: Somewhere in between agnostic and Christian Favorite Things Foods: Pizza. Domino's Pizza. Color: Navy blue Books: Hunger Games Series, The Book Thief TV: Big Brother, Mythbusters, Pawn Stars Movies: Hunger Games series, Clue...there's more, I just can't think right now. Music: Regina, Tori Amos, Amanda Palmer/Dresden Dolls, Skylar Grey, Evanescence, Imogen Heap/Frou Frou, Serj Tankian, Lana Del Rey Misc Origin or meaning of your Username: Anagram of my last name First time you heard Regina: I was 9 or 10 and I heard Fidelity and loved it. Didn't really get into Regina until I heard the WWSFTCS version of Ne Me Quitte Pas. Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: Only five? Samson, Loveology, Lucky Penny, Ballad of a Politician, Pound of Flesh Random fact about yourself: I'm left handed. Who/What inspires you: Music is my muse. Best thing about last year: Good music. Looking forward to this year: Better music.