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    Anthony Minsky

    The New Record

    I get the same way when she performs. Not so much concerts, but, whatever show has TV cameras. She can get a little nervous at those (bless her heart). Too controlled an environment I think. She needs it free flowing. I also react like you when she kills it. I literally do punch the air. With a small jump up, included . Even if I'm by myself I do that. Quite embarrassing if anyone saw . It's like you want everyone to see how truly great she is. It's like showing off your kid or something. I don't know exactly how to explain it. But when you said you felt triumphant, I can tell you get it. It's weird her effect. I feel personally triumphant when she does good. It's like saying "I told you so", or "Didn't I tell you so", something like that. The studio versions of her songs are beauties too me. Live, Studio, Outtake, Demo, Just a Piano, I'll take it all from her. I'm not one to compare versions. I trust her no matter what. Negative talk about 'too many instruments' or, 'over produced', I say Phooey! I want that magic brain of her unswayed by criticism. She needs to Regina her music in any flippin' way she wants with 100% support from us. To me it takes a lot of nerve to scrutinize anything she does. Not that criticism is a bad thing in life, but not her. Not Regina. Too unique. Too special .
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    The New Record

    I remember watching this live on Later with such anticipation. Regina still didn't get a great deal of attention in the UK at the time and to get on Later is quite a big deal. I was almost holding my breath when she came on, willing her to do well. My heart was in my mouth at the slightly shaky start but by the end I could have punched the air, it felt like a triumph! Sounds a dramatic account of watching a TV show, I know, but that's how it felt