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    Hello, and welcome to the Brümstix. Help yourself to some hot soup, and introduce yourself! Feel free to share whatever you feel safe or comfortable sharing and be as open or reserved as you want. All fields are optional. Feel free to omit or add categories or whatever. Feel free to be verbose or laconic. And if you're so inclined, feel free to introduce yourself in essay-format, but the list is encouraged and pretty comprehensive. I don't see any other threads of this type, so I guess this can be the official 'Introduce Yourself' thread. I tried to keep this as simple and non-intimidating as possible to get maximum participation, and hopefully everyone will fill this out. So come out of your shadows, those who lurk, and answer this survey. Just copy and paste this and fill it out!: [i]Stats[/i] [b]Name or nickname:[/b] [b]Age:[/b] [b]Gender:[/b] [b]Orientation:[/b] [b]Relationship status:[/b] [b]Location:[/b] [b]Languages:[/b] [i]Life[/i] [b]Occupation:[/b] [b]Hobbies:[/b] [b]Interests:[/b] [b]Political Views:[/b] [b]Religious Views:[/b] [i]Favorite Things[/i] [b]Foods:[/b] [b]Color:[/b] [b]Books:[/b] [b]TV:[/b] [b]Movies:[/b] [b]Music:[/b] [i]Misc[/i] [b]Origin or meaning of your Username:[/b] [b]First time you heard Regina:[/b] [b]Top 5 Regina Spektor songs:[/b] [b]Random fact about yourself:[/b] [b]Who/What inspires you:[/b] [b]Best thing about last year:[/b] [b]Looking forward to this year:[/b]
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    Got linked to this thread by RJLupin2 (thanks!) Hello Regina fanworld! New here, but I've been lurking a few times since Regina's Far album, when this board was still on infopop. :-) I probably won't be here very often (as I'll be busy listening to Regina), but will be if I got somethng to share. Cheers! Edit: dang, those formatting tags seem broken :-/ [i]Stats[/i] [b]Name or nickname:[/b]Jelle or Justamelodyinquartz [b]Age:[/b]30 [b]Gender:[/b]male [b]Orientation:[/b]sexual(?): hetrosexual [b]Relationship status:[/b]single [b]Location:[/b]Netherlands [b]Languages:[/b]Dutch, English, some French and German [i]Life[/i]Yes! [b]Occupation:[/b]looking for a job in chemistry [b]Hobbies:[/b]music, cycling, movies, games, parties, dancing [b]Interests:[/b]music, friendship, politics, relationships, human mind and body, life, language, sex, earth, space and information [b]Political Views:[/b]care for the planet and all its inhabitants and yourself, ban money, power and greed where they become problematic [b]Religious Views:[/b]seek truth and thou shall find [i]Favorite Things[/i]hmm I'm kind of against favoritism, there's something in everything, but will try to play ball :-) [b]Foods:[/b]yummy! [b]Color:[/b]can be appreciated if in the human spectrum [b]Books:[/b]I dont read enough, but I'm re-read the Hyperion sci-fi saga again and loving it. [b]TV:[/b]has been sold 5 years ago or so, I watch the news [b]Movies:[/b]so many good ones! Double Indemnity (1944), 2001: A Space Odyssey, Revolutionary Road (warning you'll feel bad), Three Colors trilogy, Dogville, Timecrimes, V For Vendetta, Children Of Men, La Meglio Gioventu, Amelie, Moon, Memento, Wall-E (sorry couldn't stop) [b]Music:[/b] instrumental: Regina, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie must be the most dominant ones. I like lyrics, their context and how they are delivered so these keep me coming back. electronic: goa trance, psy-trance, psychill, disco [i]Misc[/i] [b]Origin or meaning of your Username:[/b]Reggie's "Happy Hooker" - I think most lyrics online have got it wrong or maybe I did, but in the Brooklyn recording I'm quite sure she sings: But don't look at me that way baby, I can't help you, my life is just a melody in quads, quads, quartz. Don't look at me that way baby, I can't help you, my life is just a melody in quartz, quartz, quartz. [b]First time you heard Regina:[/b]Hero and Us in 500 Days Of Summer, instantly hooked. [b]Top 5 Regina Spektor songs:[/b]Woah.. (1 hour later): Ghost Of Corporate Future, Ne Me Quitte Pas (early), Consequence Of Sounds, Reading Time With Pickle; Back Of A Truck, bonus: Dance Anthem Of The 80s [b]Random fact about yourself:[/b]i have long dreadlocks [b]Who/What inspires you:[/b]humor, truth, passion [b]Best thing about last year:[/b]the weather (yeah last year sucked) [b]Looking forward to this year:[/b]finding a job
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    Regina is everywhere

    Was listening to Kimya Dawson's Thunder Thighs album, track 6 "Zero Or Zillion sports the following lyrics: As I sit and listen to a kid you clearly influenced I text and say I'm glad that you're my friend (yay!) Then leave another perfect time show, feeling inspired and powerful "The Ghost of Corporate Future" in my head (my fucking head!) And as I count the ways that I've said "fuck you" to the man I don't care who thinks that I've sold out or not Since going barefoot I feel better That Regina fucking Spektor is a name I'll never be ashamed to drop (Go Regina!) I saw that little weirdo walk into the open mic, sit down shyly at the piano and then start (Wow!) Singing songs we'll start to knowing, silly, sad and so mind blowing They were undeniably straight from the heart (Right from the heart!) P.S. I'm new here, is there some sort of an introduction topic? :-)
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    The New Record

    Hi all; I bumped this topic up as I happened upon this article. I believe it is current as it is dated today... Let us hope! http://www.broadcastnewsroom.com/article/Producer-Greg-Wells-Chooses-PMC-Speakers-For-His-Private-Studio-4042598
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    I didn't know there was two versions? So I think on soviet kitsch it's carbon monoxide [alt mix], right? and that's the only one but im not at home so i can't check right now. Unless the version on that 7" vinyl record is different than the one on soviet kitsch...wait...is it? I'm sorry that wasn't helpful at all. ha ha