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    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS NEW SONG IS AWESOME. "Someday you'll grow up And then you'll forget All of the pain you endured Until you walk by a sad pair of eyes And up will come back all the hurt And you'll see their pain as they look away And you want to help But there's just no way 'Cause you won the war so it's not your turn But everything inside still burns" very mainstream sounding yet it still has regina-esque vibes alll onn itt. omg, all new songs on this album!!! I CANNOT. I legit,. cant. THIS JUST DOES NOT HAPPEN. preordering! Can you tell I am excited?
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    I preordered that clear vinyl so fast lol. She wasn't kidding about all new songs on the album. Not even Stay or Party Upstairs. Is this the first time that's happened for a new Regi album since songs?