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    Wow! I just listened to it for the first time. Kind of has this Bjork/M.I.A/Regina feel haha
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    Yeah I was just reading comments on her fb and some people seem to think it's really different than her past songs but it's totally still Regina lol I can't wait to see her play this live
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    It definitely is a new sound, but pure Regina if you concentrate on the lyrics "His destiny was just too big to spend So he broke it into smaller bills and change.. That is pure Regi!
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    Seriously cannot stop listening to this song! Already have it stuck in my head! It's so different, but still so much our same Regi
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    WOWOWOWOW WHAT!!!!!!!! rapping regina is back!
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    I'm really excited to see Regina for the first time in Düsseldorf. I wonder if "Düsseldorf" will be on the setlist, haha!