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    Regina's Recurring Motifs

    Maybe that was the wrong title for this thread... But anyway, I think this could be interesting to discuss: Has anyone else noticed that several very specific objects, concepts, etc. are seen in multiple Regina songs? Just to keep it easier if this thread gets too long, here's a list of the motifs that have been mentioned so far, and the songs associated therewith: *Bed: 2.99 Cent Blues, A Cannon, Aching to Pupate, Carbon Monoxide, Dusseldorf, Hotel Song, Love You're a Whore, Pound of Flesh, Samson,Reading Time with Pickle, Silly Eye Color Generalizations, Virgin Queen, Wasteside, You *Birds: 8th Floor, I Want to Sing, Left Hand Song, Rejazz, Two Birds *Blue: Belt, Blue Lips, Ink Stains, My Man, One-String Blues, Silly Eye Color Generalizations, Wallet *Brother: Bear Spektor, Dog and Pony, Eet, Human of the Year, Scarecrow and Fungus, Ode to Divorce *Blood: 2.99 Cent Blues, AB, Apres Moi, Better, The Calculation, Consequence of Sounds, The Clocks were Asleep, The Devil Came to Bethlehem, I Cut off my Hair, The Man of a Thousand Faces, On the Radio, Sailor Song, Uncle Bobby, Your Honor *Cats: Braille, I Want to Sing, Lucky Penny, That Time, Time is All Around *Cinderella: Back of a Truck, Cinderella, Rockland County *City: Boababs, Dance Anthem of the 80s Dusseldorf, Field Below, Ne Me Quitte Pas, Summer in the City, Us (See also New York City *Death: Back of a Truck, Bartender, Carbon Monoxide, Consequence of Sounds, Daniel Cowman, Dead Rat, Ghost of Corporate Future, Firewood, Lacrimosa, Lounge, On the Radio, Pound of Flesh, Time is All Around, Wasteside *Dreams/Hallucinations: 2.99 Cent Blues, Chemo Limo, Folding Chair, Hotel Song, I Cut off my Hair, Love You're a Whore, Pavlov's Daughter, Riot Gear, That Time, Time is all Around *Drinking/Being Drunk: Aching to Pupate, Another Town, Back of a Truck, Bartender, Bobbin' for Apples, Buildings, Dance Anthem of the 80s, Daniel Cowman, Dusseldorf, Genius Next Door, Laughing With, Making Records, Pavlov's Daughter, Summer in the City, Wasteside see also Whiskey *Drugs: Daniel Cowman, Dusseldorf, Hotel Song, Mermaid, That Time *Eyes: 20 Years of Snow, A Cannon, Consequence of Sounds, Dulce et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori, Folding Chair, Happy Hooker, Hotel Song, Laughing With, Mermaid, Music Box, Ne Me Quitte Pas, Oedipus, One More Time with Feeling, One-String Blues, Patron Saint, Reading Time with Pickle, Silly Eye Color Generalizations, Summer in the City, Sunshine, Your Honor *False Rain: 8th Floor, Pavlov's Daughter (see also Rain) *Feet: A Cannon, Carbon Monoxide, Dance Anthem of the 80s, Eet, Flyin', Folding Chair, Mermaid, Ne Me Quitte Pas, Two Sisters *Finding/Discovery: Blue Lips, Lucky Penny, Mermaid, Reading Time with Pickle, School is Out, Soho, Wallet *Flesh (Human): Consequence of Sounds, Pound of Flesh, Secret Stash *Friendship: Better, Fidelity, On the Radio, Pound of Flesh *Fruit: Begin to Hope, Bobbin' for Apples, That Time *Future: Ghost of Corporate Future, Long Brown Hair, Lucky Penny, Machine, Marry Ann, The Virgin Queen, You *Gravedigger: BYOS, Consequence of Sounds, Pavlov's Daughter *Grocery Store: Love You're a Whore, Reading Time with Pickle *Hair: Back of a Truck, Buildings, BYOS, I Cut off my Hair, Ghost of Corporate Future, Long Brown Hair, Love Affair, Lounge, Marry Ann, Making Records, Oedipus, Samson, Wallet, Wasteside *Illness: Better, Chemo Limo, Laughing With On the Radio, One More Time With Feeling, Reginasaurus *Intercourse, pressure to engage in: A Cooler Version of Yourself, Dusseldorf, Flyin' (see also Prostitution, Masturbation, Love/Relationships) *Kissing/Lips: A Cannon, Aching to Pupate, Aquarius, Baby Jesus, Belt, Blue Lips, The Bronx, Better, The Devil Come to Bethlehem, Dog and Pony, Dulce et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori, Fidelity, Flyin', Ghost of Corporate Future, Happy Hooker, I Cut off my Hair, Love You're a Whore, Loveology, Ne Me Quitte Pas, Ode to Divorce, Paris, One-String Blues, Poor Little Rich Boy, Sailor Song, Samson, Silly Eye Color Generalizations, That Time, The Virgin Queen, Uh-Merica, Your Honor *Knowledge Tree: Begin to Hope, Blue Lips *Languages, Foreign (sings in): 8th Floor, Apres Moi, Ave Maria, Dulce et Decorum Est Por Patria Mori, Dusseldorf, Lacrimosa, Making Records, Ne Me Quitte Pas *Languages, Foreign (mentioned): 8th Floor, All the Rowboats, Genius Next Door *Light: A Cannon, All the Rowboats, Ave Maria, Begin to Hope, Belt, Bobbin' for Apples, The Devil Come to Bethlehem, Lulliby, One More Time with Feeling, One-String Blues, Paris, Patron Saint, Reading Time with Pickle, Samson, Sunshine, Time is All Around, Wallet *Literature/Bible: 2.99 Cent Blues, Apres Moi, Braille, Daniel Cowman, The Devil Come to Bethlehem Long Brown Hair, Oedipus, Pound of Flesh, Samson, The Virgin Queen, Wasteside *Love/Relationships: 20 Years of Snow, 2.99 Cent Blues, Another Town, Bartender, Better, Belt, Bobbin' for Apples, Bon Idee, Braille, Buildings, The Calculation, Carbon Monoxide, Dance Anthem of the 80s, December, Fidelity, Field Below, The Flowers, Flyin', Folding Chair, I Want to Sing, Laughing With, Lounge, Love Affair, Love You're a Whore, Loveology, Lulliby, Marry Ann, Ode to Divorce, On the Radio, Pavlov's Daughter, Poor Little Rich Boy, Reading Time with Pickle, Raindrops, Rejazz, Sailor Song, Samson, The Sword and the Pen, Summer in the City, That Time, Time is All Around, Two Birds, Us, You, Your Honor *Lucky Pennies: Lucky Penny, School is Out *Masturbation: Chicken Song, Pavlov's Daughter *Mary Ann: Marry Ann, Sailor Song *Music (listening to, singing, etc.): All the Rowboats, Bobbin' for Apples, Dance Anthem of the 80s, Eet, Fidelity, Firewood, Mockingbird, Music Box, On the Radio, Raindrops *Musical Allusions (specific): BYOS, The Devil Come to Bethelehem, Ne Me Quitte Pas, On the Radio, Poor Little Rich Boy, Raindrops, Somedays *Moon: Braille, Man of a Thousand Faces, Sailor Song, Rejazz, Small Town Moon *New York City: Back of a Truck, The Bronx, Dusseldorf, I Cut Off My Hair, Ne Me Quitte Pas, One-String Blues, That Time, Soho, Woolen Gloves *Picket Fences: Blue Lips, Consequence of Sounds *Porcupines and Antlers: Loveology, Marry Ann *Prostitution: Dance Anthem of the 80s, Happy Hooker, Hotel Song *Rain: 8th Floor, Aquarius, Be Like a Cloud, Braille, Ghost of Corporate Future, Lacrimosa, Ne Me Quitte Pas, Pavlov's Daughter, Raindrops, Secret Stash, Silly Eye-Color Generalizations, Sunshine *'Regina' (name): Begin to Hope, The Flowers, One-String Blues, Pavlov's Daughter, Reginasaurus, Soho *Religion/Faith/Clergy: Baby Jesus, Bon Idee, Blue Lips, Genius Next Door, Human of the Year, Laughing With, Man of a Thousand Faces, Prisoners, Reginasaurus *Removal of Clothing: Daniel Cowman, I Want to Sing, Genius Next Door, Ghost of Corporate Future *Royalty: Oedipus, The Virgin Queen *Salivation: Daniel Cowman, Pavlov's Daughter, Wasteside *Shoes: Aching to Pupate, Cinderella, Daniel Cowman, Happy Hooker, I Cut off my Hair, I Want to Sing, Ghost of Corporate Future, Ne Me Quitte Pas, Riot Gear *Smoking/Cigarettes: Back of a Truck, Dusseldorf, Hotel Song, Lady, Mockingbird, Ne Me Quitte Pas, One-String Blues, Soho, That Time *Snow: 2.99 Cent Blues, 20 Years of Snow, 8th Floor, Lulliby, Ne Me Quitte Pas *Spoken Word, Power of: Better, Consequence of Sounds *Stairs: AB, Belt, The Bronx, Bobbin' for Apples, Pavlov's Daughter, Reading Time With Pickle, Rockland County, Woolen Gloves *Statue: All the Rowboats, Baby Jesus, Rockland County, Us *Summer:Love You're a Whore, Summer in the City, Sunshine *Time: All the Rowboats, Buildings, The Clocks Were Asleep, Daniel Cowman, Firewood, That Time, Time is All Around *Transportation: Ave Maria, Buildings, Chemo Limo, Ghost of Corporate Future, Loveology, One-String Blues, Scarecrow and Fungus *Whiskey: Back of a Truck, Bartender, Bobbin' for Apples, Pavlov's Daughter see also Drinking *Window: 8th Floor, Baby Jesus, Braille, Buildings, Chemo Limo, Dead Rat, Eet, Flyin', I Cut off my Hair, Love Affair, Lulliby, Mermaid, Open, Paris, Patron Saint See something missing? Curious as to how a song fits into a motif? Well then jump right into the discussion!
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    quote: Originally posted by PerksOfAWallflower: it keeps you guessing with words that sound very similar. using deux and de, and trois, and toi. also in un homme desertee she plays with une ame and un homme very similar sounding. also les ex has alot of word play. <3 PerksOfAWallflower you're definitely right : there is a lot of word play and they are sometimes well hidden. For example "Pourquoi tu m'appelles Ardèche alors que j'm'appelle corrèse ?" Ardèche and Corrèze are both french departments... but you can also hear "Pourquoi tu m'appelles art dèche ("bad art") alors que j'm'appelle corps aise (something like "well feeling in my body") ?". Another subtle example in the song Lumière (this song is part of the radio-gig) : Le jour n'existait pas et l'on ignorait l'or, Le monde était un puits, sombre, tel l'eau qui dort Une femme épuisée, sur les flancs de la ville, Accoucha d'un garçon. Mais que faire de ce fil ? Soudain elle refusa qu'il fût simple mortel qu'il vive dans le noir, comme moi, comme vous, comme elle. Au milieu du ciel, elle suspendit son fils. L'homme sans ombre est né. L'homme sans ombre est triste Instead of "Mais que faire de ce fil (wire) ?", one would be waiting for "Mais que faire de ce fils (son) ?". But maybe she wants to refer to the wire between a mother and her child (in a litteral or metaphoric meaning). And the same word play occurs later (but upside down) with "elle suspendit son fils." That means something like "she hanged her son (in the sky)" but there is a french idiom "le temps suspend son fil" that means "time stops". I find that this word play is particularly elegant. quote: Originally posted by mooebon: OK, Spektology, if you are willing...I am wondering how to translate the following. In some cases, I have an idea but think there's an idiom I don't get. I put the words that confuse me in bold. Mooebon, that's so interesting ! You pointed to the most subtle sentences ! You're right, there is a lot of idioms. quote: FROM AU PORT The main theme in this song (one can listen to it here ) seems to be the difficulty to travel from the children's world to the adults's one. Another theme is the theme of "huge lover" ("amant monument"), which one can find in Regina's "Ain't no cover". quote: "tu as beau avoir pied tu coules au port" "Avoir pied" means to be tall enough to touch the sea floor with your feets. However, the girl is drowning... Maybe Camille wants to mean that this girl (probably herself) is now adult in her body but not in her mind. quote: "il t'aurait fallu des epaules du corps" "Avoir des épaules" means to be strong. Camille wants probably to explain that this girl is not strong enough to cross the sea between child's age and adult's age. quote: "on est jamais deux a partir" (something like "two for the road"?) That means probably something like "In a couple, there's always one person who quits and one which is abandonned" quote: "suis l'Au-delà si tu le trouves/le ramène pas au cardinal pour qu'il te l'ouvre encore" I think that this sentence is the most difficult in the song... "L'au-delà" is the world that exists (or not, it depends on your faith) after the death. A cardinal is a "Priest-boss" (I don't know the world in english). So maybe "Ouvrir l'au delà" means commit suicide ? That's a very dark interpretation and one can choose another... Maybe this girl (petite "nonne" : a very religious woman) is lost in her faith and her thoughts. It also reminds me of the myth of the pandora's box... Then it could symbolize (like the myth of the snake and the apple) women's culpability in the jewish-christian tradition. quote: FROM LA DOULEUR It's possible to listen to this great song here . quote: " La virer de la recree" It means litterally "to throw the pain out of the playground". The pain seems to play in the person's body and enjoy it. Camille wants her to go out ! quote: "Dans l'eau tiède de tes reins ? " The pain seems to be very confortable in the lukewarm water in the person's Kidneys and she doesn't want to go out. What a bastard ! quote: " Dites moi que fout la science " What the hell is doing science !? Why science can't cure this person !? The next sentence is interesting too : "A quand ce pont entre nos panses ?" ("When will exist a bridge between our bellies ?") When science will be able to transmit pain from a person to another (Camille wants to take it to cure the other person) ? But one can hear "A quand ce pont entre nos pensées" too ("When will exist a bridge between our thoughts ?") Since she can't act concretely, Camille is begining to hope that maybe her mind (or her song) can make something for the person who is suffering...) quote: "Le beurre ou l'argent du beurre " (the butter or the butter money??) That's a french idiom. It is the french equivalent of the "Have a cake and eat two" english one... Some rude people add sometimes "Le beurre, l'argent du beurre et le cul de la fermière " Maybe the pain is a sort of cancer. So it wants the person to suffer but it wants her (or him) to keep alive too (if the person disappear, the pain will disappear too), so she wants to have a cake and eat two. quote: "Ou qu'elle change de godasses " Godasses is just a rude word for "chaussures" (shoes). I apologize for my bad english. I hope that my sentences make sens but i'm affraid that some of them don't. Tell me about it and I will try to correct them
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    not to be persnickity... because i don't think she (camille) is much of a comparison to regina....BUT my friends and i have been talking and here's the similarities we've drawn! music via camille and music via regina 1.) breakdown of words/ seperation of syllables phrase: casque---tte bi---ke song:'Janine 1' 'Just Like The Movies' 2.) unusual use of instruments bangs on chast bangs on stool like king kong with stick 'Au Port' 'Poor Little Rich Boy' 3.) intense lyrics 'Pale Septembre' 'Blue Lips' 4.) improve noises with mouth 'Janine 3' 'All the Row Boats' 5.) Speak-sing style in certain songs 'Janine 1,2,3' 'One-String Blues' 6.) songs with repeatative phrasing 'Janine 1,2,3' 'That Time' 7.) mimicking objects noises carousel broken record 'Vertige' 'Dance Athem of the 80's' *i am only utilizing the 'Le Fil' album of camille so there are may repeating songs on this list, and i am very familiar with regina's music so i had more songs of hers to work with. this was a fun little list... but i suppose you can compare any two artists... i just think maybe the simmilarities help me to gradually come of my 6 month regina fix.. frequent relapsing comforts me to know i will never be bored with regina!
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    Song chronology

    Is there any timeline, or anything similar, noting approximately when Regina first performed various songs? If not, would anyone be interested in helping make one? If we could "compare notes" regarding the earliest performances or recordings of various songs, we could get a reasonably accurate idea of what sorts of themes, styles, and recurring elements have changed at different times over the last 6 years or so. Exact dates aren't needed--even if it's nothing more specific than "early 2001" and the like, and even though it'd surely be a work in progress as we gathered more fans' info and thus accumulated earlier and earlier attestations for various songs, I think it would be a very interesting and useful thing to make, to provide us (and especially newer fans) with a better idea of how Regina's songwriting has evolved and changed over the years. And to keep that interesting information recorded safely in case it's needed at a later date. After all, simply looking at when songs were officially released doesn't paint an accurate picture at all of Regina's changing styles: "20 Years of Snow", for example, was around back in 2001 or 2002 (EDIT: 1997 or 1998!), while "Fidelity" didn't show up until January 2005, yet a new fan might think that both songs were composed in 2006, when they were first officially released on "Begin to Hope". I think it'd be really cool to give at least a simple song timeline a try, if there's any interest. ___________________________________________________ EDIT - The current list (with confirmed debuts in bold, provisional "earliest" dates in non-bold, and songs not written by Regina in italics) is: 1998: 20 Years of Snow, Better, Lady, Samson May 2000: Mockingbird March 2001: 2.99 Cent Blues, Back of a Truck, Braille, Buildings, Flyin', I Want to Sing, Love Affair, One-String Blues, Rejazz, Mary Ann, Pavlov's Daughter, Sunshine, Wasteside Dec 25, 2001: Aching to Pupate, Bon Idee, Consequence of Sounds, Daniel Cowman, December, Lacrimosa, Lounge, Lulliby, Ne Me Quitte Pas, Oedipus, Prisoners, Reading Time with Pickle, Scarecrow and Fungus 2002: All is Love, Kids Mar 13, 2002: 8th Floor, A Lesson in How Fleeting Preservation Is, Baobabs, Soho, The Mustard Musketeers May 01, 2002: Belt May 04, 2002: AB, In the Studio, Poor Little Rich Boy Nov 30, 2002: Chemo Limo Dec 19, 2002: The Flowers 2003: Summer in the City Early 2003: The Big Towns Jan 28, 2003: Carbon Monoxide Feb 13, 2003: The Bronx Feb 15, 2003: Dance Anthem of the '80s May 05, 2003: Ave Maria, Dusseldorf, Happy Hooker, Making Records, Ode to Divorce, Sailor Song, Somedays, Your Honor May 31, 2003: Dust to Dust, Uh-Merica Aug 08, 2003: Folding Chair, Genius Next Door, Patron Saint, Secret Stash, The Devil Come to Bethlehem Aug 19, 2003: Ghost of Corporate Future, Us Oct 03, 2003: Stop Right Now Oct 29, 2003: Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men Dec 29, 2003: A Cannon, A Cooler Version of Yourself, Music Box, Time is All Around 2004: BYOS, Movies, Paris, Raindrops, Soup, The List Feb 14, 2004: Baby Jesus, Bobbing for Apples, Dog and Pony, Mermaid, My Man Jun 29, 2004: Aquarius Jul 10, 2004: Ain't No Cover, Apres Moi, Bartender, Definition of a Crazy Person, Hero, Lucky Penny, Reginasaurus, The Wallet Sep 09, 2004: Uncle Bobby Oct 15, 2004: Blue Lips, Edit, Long Brown Hair, Loveology, You Nov 15, 2004: The Virgin Queen 2005: Be Like a Cloud, Bear Spektor, By the Time You Read This Letter, Oh Marcello!, Rockland County, Sundown, The Floor Heard Everything, Woolen Gloves Jan 12, 2005: Fidelity Jan 21, 2005: Open, Pound of Flesh Jan 26, 2005: All the Rowboats Feb 04, 2005: That Time Mar 30, 2005: Begin to Hope, Hotel Song, Silly Eye Color Generalizations Jul 27, 2005: Field Below Jun 05, 2005: The Noise Jun 07, 2005: On The Radio Aug 23, 2005: Another Town Sep 13, 2005: Chelsea Hotel, Hallelujah, Love Profusion Feb 01, 2006: Small Town Moon Apr 08, 2006: Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori, Human of the Year Jun 01, 2006: Halikha LeKesariya Oct 16, 2006: Little Boxes Nov 20, 2006: Love You're a Whore