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    Marrying my nephew

    Cute headline and slightly provocative, but a rather straightforward story. My nephew was married yesterday and he and his new wife asked me to conduct the ceremony. I have no legal authority to do this, so they took care of the legal issues elsewhere, but I was so honored to be able to stand with bride and groom to essentially read a truly beautiful script they wrote. They also asked if I would insert some personal comments about them, such as when I knew they belonged together and the like, so I scratched a few sentences of that type together. When I finished writing my two paragraphs, though, I felt as if something was missing. And so I added this: “I am following their lead in how we are conducting this ceremony, but every wedding needs a little poetry, and the only poets that mean anything to me are lyricists. So, here is some poetry this is how it works You peer inside yourself You take the things you like Then try to love the things you took And then you take that love you made And stick it into some - Someone else's heart Pumping someone else's blood Later, I was asked by more than one person about the lyrics and I was proud to to identify her and to tell those who asked that I think she has something meaningful to say about every event one could imagine. I remain so proud to have been asked to do this and to have injected Regina into such a happy day, that I am willing to give up my secret identity to just link to some of the photos of the event: https://www.facebook...o_album_comment
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    The New Record

    Hi all; I bumped this topic up as I happened upon this article. I believe it is current as it is dated today... Let us hope! http://www.broadcastnewsroom.com/article/Producer-Greg-Wells-Chooses-PMC-Speakers-For-His-Private-Studio-4042598
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    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS NEW SONG IS AWESOME. "Someday you'll grow up And then you'll forget All of the pain you endured Until you walk by a sad pair of eyes And up will come back all the hurt And you'll see their pain as they look away And you want to help But there's just no way 'Cause you won the war so it's not your turn But everything inside still burns" very mainstream sounding yet it still has regina-esque vibes alll onn itt. omg, all new songs on this album!!! I CANNOT. I legit,. cant. THIS JUST DOES NOT HAPPEN. preordering! Can you tell I am excited?
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    bum bum bum

    Wee Rants

    I miss brumstix!
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    Posted by Shervin on his tumblr and instagram! From 2012!
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    It was five years ago. The first time I saw Regina live and in person. Many, many times since. But five years ago tonight was the first time. I was a Reginaholic before then, but incurably so after the event at Barnes & Noble five years ago right now, or so. Just thought I should mention a momentous occasion.
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    bum bum bum

    Regina is everywhere

    I walked to my local gas station to pick up some snacks after a rough morning. As soon as I walked in Fidelity started playing. Instantly put me in a much better mood. I browsed around just to hear the entire song.
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    Look what Shervin Lainez just posted on his Tumblr "some hitchhikers I picked up" <3
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    Regina in Amsterdam

    Alright, here we go! There are some videos on Youtube, I'll link to them in the post. Got on the train at about 3:30PM. Did I bring everything? Yes: I was wearing the right shirt, I brought a cute card with a cat cartoon to help decorate the tour bus a little bit, and in case I'd get to talk to Regina (wasn't counting on that, because I had to catch a train back home - spoiler: didn't see her) I brought last year's picture (Regina & me) so she could sign it. That didn't happen this time, better luck next time. I wrote a message for Regina, Jack and the band members on the card to wish them good luck and lots of fun for the remaining Europe tour. 5:30PM - A quick look at the queue. It was pretty much non-existant at this point, with like 10 people there. I was glad, and so was my mum because now we could eat peacefully (I got a little stressed out 4 years ago when there was quite a big group already). Doors were scheduled to open at 7PM, with Jack playing at 7:30 and Regina at 8:30. 6:40PM - Woah, hang on! Back at the venue, there was quite a crowd waiting in line now. It was raining and I wondered why I hadn't thought of an "I *heart* Paris in the rain"-umbrella before. We did bring a boring one though. 7:00PM - Some people from the venue checked out the line. One of them said she'd never seen anything like it before. I thought that was weird (maybe she hadn't worked there for very long yet), surely this wasn't the first gig to be sold out.. Anyway, they had some bad news for us; there were technical difficulties so they would open 15-20 minutes later than planned. Uh-oh. Got a little worried about that. 7:20PM - The queue was starting to move. We went inside and found two seats at the first balcony. I gotta say that it's a very relaxing way to experience a concert - sitting. The previous 3 Regina concerts, I was always standing close to the stage, but also close to a thousand other people with hardly any space to move around. And tall people are much more annoying when you stand. My instinct to go to the left side was right - the piano chair was facing us. Jack started playing around 7:45PM. It wasn't until he entered the stage that I realized what was going to happen tonight. Oh my, it's Jack! That's so cool! Oh wow, Regina's going to be here soon! Wow! I might have gotten a tear in my eye. Last year, his iPhone was introduced as his band, but he'd brought his real band this time. I'm sad to say this, but the sound wasn't great. Maybe this was part of the technical difficulties, maybe it was partly due to our place in the room, far to the left. Either way, I couldn't hear Jack's voice properly. Even when he said some stuff in-between songs, it was hard to hear what he was saying. He told an anecdote about his last time in Amsterdam, 11 years ago. He got stuck in an elevator. Despite the imperfect sound, I was glad to hear It's A Boy again, and My Museum, and Stamp Your Name On It.. I was really into it. Lots of people were talking. Get used to it, I know. What do you expect with him being the opening act. But it's still hard for me to completely ignore all the rude people. Especially during a quiet song like Kick 'Em Out, they didn't shut up. I was glad to hear that Jack would be at the merch stand after Regina's set, that would hopefully mean I could give him the card. Picture of Jack: During the preparation for Regina, a guy next to me asked me: So, are you here for the opening act, or for Regina? "Both!" I told him that I'd seen Jack and Regina in Paris last year. It was his first time seeing Regina live, after being a fan for 7 years! He was really excited about it, of course. The first song of hers that he heard was On The Radio. I felt like a spoiled brat when I told him this was my 4th concert.. I realized I'd become a part of the people that I used to be jealous of, you know? Those people that have met her, the people who keep a list of the concerts they've been to. Regina entered the stage at 8:50PM, I think. She opened with Ain't No Cover. The sound was great! There had been a lot of tech guys on stage and I think they must have used some of the Maaaaa-gic that Jack had sung about So beautiful to hear this a capella song fill the entire room. Great. I mean, it's worth going there just to see Only Son and then to hear this song. That alone would be a great night (but also slightly weird, haha). Then she sat down - it was a little difficult with the skirt she was wearing, so we laughed a little with her. And she started playing The Calculation. Even with the drums, her voice was loud and clear, so I wasn't really worried about that anymore. Her next song was On The Radio! Guy next to me super happy, of course. So fun to clap along at the end. The next song was Small Town Moon. "Whoo!" Again, everyone clapping to the rhythm of her feet. She introduced her next song: "The next song is called Ode to Divorce". This was basically the first time she said anything apart from the "thank you", "thank you for being here" stuff. Yay for Ode to Divorce! I was very happy to hear that again. The do-o-o-llar part (you guys know what I mean, right?) is so intense. I wrote the names of all the songs she played on a piece of paper, by the way. When I got home, I realized that she played these 5 songs in the same order last year. Coincidence? Or is that how each concert in-beween has also started? : I still don't like the drums. This was another favorite of the guy I'd talked to, he was really getting his money's worth Think it's also one of my favorites. The waltz part was really cool to see, though unfortunately we were just too far away to see her hands/the keys of the piano. But she had such a wide smile during that part - she was smiling and counting, smiling and counting. Another highlight for me. Then she played . Still awesome. The next song was , the crowd was really stoked about that. It's not that I dislike the song, I just don't understand why it gets so much more love than some other songs. After Blue Lips, she got up from her chair and kneeled down on the stage. At first I thought someone wanted to give her a present or something, but it turned out that someone had fainted (it was really hot). So the crew people got some water bottles, and I think the girl was okay (it was difficult to see what exactly was going on). Then Regina got up again and said From my angle, I couldn't see all the cuteness in the same way I could last year, but the way Jack looked at her - adorable. And now watching that video, she's super cute at the end! Oh, yeah, there were some people talking behind me. I did a loud SSSSSH that seemed to shut them up. Regina went back to her seat to play . Still beautiful, although I also hope I'll get to hear Old Jacket some time. I listen to that a lot while walking home from the train station. She introduced this song saying that it was a Russian song she really loved, and she can't translate it, but we always have Google. If you watch that video, you'll hear her say "Or should I say Google [something]" I don't know what she's saying there - is that the Russian word for Translate?Then she got up again for . Not as many people shouting SOLO as last year. But she still liked it that some of us did, I think (looking at her smile). The next song was Better. And I swear she looked at me during that song. At least the spotlight was on me (okay, and some people next to me too, probably.. ssshh) and she looked in my direction and she smiled and I smiled, and I'll just believe that it was for me, because why not? She then introduced the band, the same guys as last year, I think? Mathias Künzli, Yoed Nir and I forgot the last name, should have written this down too! Anyways, this brought us to Ne Me Quitte Pas. For me, no version is going to beat the one I heard last year, in Paris, in the rain, with the whole room singing along to that, and Regina being super super happy. She did manage to throw an "and Amsterdam" in this version though! So we liked that. And I also still love the cello solo. Then she asked if we knew about the Van Gogh Museum. She'd wanted to go there yesterday, but they had spent too much time in the Rijksmuseum (impossible to pronounce in English ). Did anyone want to go to the Van Gogh? Of course, many hands were raised. She handed a girl her tickets! That was a pretty awesome moment. - the first time around, she sang "you try to move your feet" instead of "...feel the beat". Big deal! But then at "Someone's deciding.." she first started with "It's like" - so it went "It's like - someone's deciding.." We noticed and she said: "I know the irony of the song!" and then picked it up just fine again. Well done!She introduced " ", but it didn't start the way that it usually does and was instead preceded by a beautiful cello&piano intro. I'm not sure whether she did that last year. But it's great. Then: ! Surprise. I know I have never heard that live. Great to have the cello there too. Okay, I'm just a big fan of the cello, apparently! And strings in general!The next song starts: "Sheeeeeeeeeeee".. ! Haha, that's another first-time-live one for me. So fun. The last "sheee" got a lot of cheers.The last song of the main set was . We didn't do the "round of applause" in Paris last year, but I'd read about that, I think from a concert report by Sweetness In My Lungs? So I decided to go for it this time and started to clap. Because who knows when, or if, I'm going to hear that song live again. More people joined in and Regina smiled, fortunately. After the best trumpet noises she left the stage. Wow, she got a huuuge applause and lots of feet stamping because everyone wanted her to come back. The encore: (!) The first song of hers that I heard - and she seemed to look at me again at the "take photographs" part, no, she definitely did, didn't she? Haha. In any case, she really took some time to open her eyes and give us all some big smiles. And then Fidelity and, of course, Samson. It went by sooo quickly. Maybe because I'd seen this before? Maybe because she didn't talk very much? Maybe because she played 21 songs this time, and 23 last year? I think the "technical difficulties" delay made her feel a little rushed, like she wanted to give us as much music as possible, but she still had to be in the bus on time for the busy tour ahead. I was a tiny bit disappointed that we didn't get You've Got Time. Going to check out the version she played on Monday soon.I still couldn't believe that it was already over, but I had a new mission - finding Jack. I could see him at the merch stand from the stairs, surrounded by a lot of people, but oh well, I'd get there eventually. I'd quickly written an update on the card to add that it was as great as expected. I got closer, some girls in front of me spotted him: "Are you Regina's husband?" I was wondering what he got out of this tour, you know? I hope he enjoys it. After his conversation with those girls, and taking pictures with them, and discussing their height ( ) I got to say hi and told him it was my second time seeing him, fourth time seeing Regina. One of the girls asked me if I'd travelled to Paris just to see Regina. "Oh, no, I was on holiday to France" which is the truth, but we did book that hotel that was so close to the venue, we did plan it that way. But oh well. I gave him the card, he found it cute and said Regina was really going to like it. "But it's for you too!" I emphasized, I didn't want him to feel like some messenger for Regina (like: hey, opener guy, can you give this to my idol..) But he knew that, he just said that he knew Regina would find it really cute; "It's right up her alley". And he imitated the way she'd react, doing an "awww"! That was really funny. He read my name on the card and asked my last name, which I then had to spell, and we had a little discussion about my name, haha. So odd. I thanked him again, said I was so glad to hear It's A Boy again, he put the card in his pocket and then it was time to leave. You know, I had a great time. I had tried so hard NOT to compare this to last year because that was Best-Night-Ever levels of greatness. But a night like this brings back memories of similar nights, obviously. And that night in Paris will still be more special to me. But it was great here too. When I got home, I read some tweets from someone who'd also talked to Jack. He had told her that Regina had been suffering a migraine, and the concert could have been cancelled. That explains the small amount of chatter, I think, and it's very impressive that she only had one tiny mix-up! Poor Regina. This Europe tour hasn't been very nice to her yet, with this and the Secret Garden Party incident. I hope she'll feel better for the rest of the tour. More pictures: This last picture is a youtube still, you can see a present that someone gave her/put on the stage for her on the right.
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    srg 10th Stix Anniversary

    Please join me in wishing one of the greatest regina fans on the planet a happy 10th anniversary on the stix. srg (Serge) is one of the kindest human beings around as anyone that has met him or interacted with him can attest. He shares his historical knowledge about reg with us. Not to mention all the media at reginaspektor.net. What sums him up best to me was after the Planned Parenthood show, in January of 2009, at the Bowery Ballroom a group of us were lucky enough to spend some real quality time with regina (as her parents slept in the car) after the show. Many topics were discussed. But the one that sticks out in my mind was she told us about being contacted by a producer that wanted to use Lucky Penny. At first she said she freaked out a bit because she couldn't remember the song. Then she said something to the effect of, thank God for that reginaspektor.net or I never would have found a recording of it. Not one to seek the limelight Serge said nothing. But we were sure to point out that it was his website. Then of course all the meetups over the years before and after shows and the genorosity he has shown to all of us. The tickets he has shared with many of us. The "upgraded tickets" he has shared. I could go on and on about this mans kindness and genorosity. He is by far THE greatest regina fan of all time. Happy Anniversary Serge...and many more.
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    Good News Thread!

    Yay, congrats! It's good to see an "old" member around here. My good news : This little girl has been abandonned and we rescued her! We called her Echo (because when you meow at her she always meows back). Isn't she adorable?
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    (Apologies for the length of this - in short Regina excelled!) At the Plenary in Melbourne on Friday 14 December 2012, the genius was no longer next door but fortunately for us on stage doing her stuff as only Regina Spektor can. After an impressive New York appetiser in the form of Jack Dishel aka Only Son, the way was left clear for the other member of the household to delight us with her musicianship, voice and inimitable turn of phrase. A quick hello to her audience and a moment to pick up a microphone were the only impediments to an unannounced launch into Ain’t No Cover, done a Capella just to show that the piano isn’t another body part. Having proven that the mezzo-soprano was in fine fettle, Regina then set the ivories on a carnival ride, beginning with The Calculation. The crowd which had gathered for a quality Friday night helping of art greeted this choice with a requisite level of enthusiasm, aware that the piano playing had hit the same high standard as the accompanying vocal. On The Radio belied its title by being presented live on stage, and in the space of just three songs Melbourne had received justification for its love affair with a charming chanteuse. Small Town Moon is track one from the latest Spektorial studio album and also became Regina’s first offering tonight from that creation, released earlier this year. The changes of pace in the song give it a clear edge and the benefit was more pronounced live. The backing band was appropriately understated throughout, but at times these quality musicians shared the spotlight, as with Ode To Divorce, where Regina sang like a cello, creating a harmony with the normally inanimate instrument. Next a sensational double hit with two 2012 singles - How immediately followed by All The Rowboats. The latter is lyrically masterful and I too worry for those violins. How is a beautifully crafted song and the often underrated vocal range of Regina Spektor allows for the aching ballad to be transported into our psyches in the most telling fashion – no more effective than tonight. Two more songs from the Far album were the next beneficiaries of a live performance, firstly the thought provoking Blue Lips and then the equally important The Sword & The Pen. Not for the first or last time, it became just Regina and her piano evoking the full scale of emotions and demanding intimate attention. The Prayer, a poem from François Villon, is written in Russian, but the melody and the passion with which it was sung almost discounts the language, and still further we were drawn into the growing Spektor tapestry. A break from the piano, and Only Son joined Regina on stage to sing their co-written Call Them Brothers. Something new for me, and refreshing to hear these two voices work so well together on what appears on first exposure to be another powerful track. On her way back to the piano, Regina stood a few valuable minutes at the keyboards to donate a favourite – Dance Theme Of The 80’s. Sure, this is safe territory, but every effort was made to give it something special, and it was appreciated. Better became the second sojourn to the Begin To Hope album, and it only required a couple of notes for fans to realise that another memorable reading of the radio friendly melody had begun, and kudos to input from the drums on this one. Until now, Regina had been careful to choose from a variety of her rich sources of material, but realising that Melbourne had not seen her since the recording of What We Saw From The Cheap Seats, she took care that most of that album be delivered live, six of the tracks in fact in the final eight, pre encore. During the evening, between songs, the more vocal fans were yelling requests which were politely ignored at the time, but in most instances eventually answered in the affirmative by singing them. One particularly popular ask was for Don't Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas), and it made its entrance to rapturous applause. Regina respectfully included Melbourne in the lyric, replacing Paris to give us “...I love Melbourne in the rain…” which was rather prophetic given the weather outside. One of the most meaningful songs which Regina sings live is Firewood, and it happens to be one of my very favourites, so when it showed up I had expectations I thought would be difficult to fill, yet I had nothing to fear. When you have created a lyric as poignant as Firewood, with a simple melody and room for piano interlude, all the stars align for a memorable concert rendition, which is precisely the outcome. This alone repaid my ticket several times over. How to follow? Change tack completely of course, and Oh Marcello is from a different postcode, maybe different galaxy altogether. This is Regina at her most playful, borrowing a classic 60s song and adding an Italian accent not to forget the beat boxing from her vocal bag of tricks. The fourth of what amounted to a Cheap Seats quartet was Ballad Of A Politician, a bluesy, satirical look at the road to success. It, and the other 6 tracks so far gleaned from the album had made successful Melbourne concert debuts and any could become regular features of Spektorculars in the future. The Chronicles Of Narnia - Prince Caspian became the recipient of Regina's magic with a classy ballad, The Call, and it continued its run of concert engagements to as much acclaim as its follower Sailor Song, not quite as Disney as The Call but still a winner despite Mary Ann continuing to be a bitch. The next two songs again showcased Cheap Seats, but still no Patron Saint. A little disappointing as I rate it highly, but that is me being self indulgent. I missed Folding Chair and Man Of A Thousand Faces too but fortunately Regina recorded those as part of her Live In London for our enjoyment. What we did hear tonight were Open and The Party to finish the official programme. Open starts with a great coupling of lyric and piano and surprises upon initial hearing by maintaining a constant classic base of beautiful ballad with exquisite key changes but introducing Regina-esque vocal sound bytes in the second part to chilling effect. A worthy substitute for Patron Saint in the Plenary. The Party is another of Regina’s metaphors for the highs and lows of a personal relationship, with each descriptive verse building to an almost sing along chorus and before we were set to hear more, it was over, and Regina and her band had left the stage. The pleas for an encore were varied but unanimous and the desperate cries terminated with the reappearance of Regina and her band - the final 4 songs tapped into earlier recordings. Us from Soviet Kisch, and Fidelity, Hotel Song and Samson (all from Begin To Hope) formed a stirring finale to a magical evening. Even when forced to stop mid way through the delightful Samson because of a “ghostly” presence on stage, the professionalism and commitment of Regina Spektor gave us a “Samson – part two” which quite possibly comprised the vocal highlight of the concert. Whilst what I saw was not necessarily from the cheap seats, it would not matter from what vantage point this concert was viewed. The performance confirmed yet again the talent Regina Spektor is, and how generously she shares her gift with the world, Melbourne the latest beneficiary.
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    I know, I'm the slowest person on earth. Love me anyway? Of all the shows I planned to go to, I was probably most excited about this one. Regina shows at colleges are just awesome. There’s something about the atmosphere that’s a little more lax. It’s more fun and less “professional” (not in terms of her performance, but like the venue is just not as well-oiled a machine as a regular venue and college students are not, like, HIAS benefactors, if you get my drift) and regina talks a lot because she needs to impart wisdom on the young’ens. Plus it’s just really fun to go to colleges. After relaxing all day in Connecticut we gathered for a brumstix dinner in the slightly grey, but very pretty fall evening. As always, it was a pleasure getting together. Already so happy and the night was just beginning. After eating, we set off toward the venue and met up with a few more stixers, always a bonus. The Jorgensen was smaller and more rectangular than expected. As I took my seat in the second row, I couldn’t help but notice how exceptionally comfortable it was. Those suckers were green and thickly padded and even had cup holders. Huge thumbs up for this venue. Winner in the comfort department hands down. I fortuitously overheard the school reporter talking to some girls nearby. I truly love eavesdropping on journalist types to see what their angle is going to be. It’s almost guaranteed to be hilarious because they usually just wikipedia-ed regina 10 minutes ago and enjoy sharing their “wealth” of knowledge with people overexuberantly. This guy was just happy that he had a good seat in the 5th row and was getting PAID to be there. Sounds good to me. The best part was when he told the girls, “I’m not even a good writer.” He was cute. It made me miss college for a second. LOL You can see his review HERE. Jack came out alone, no band except the ipod at this show. Apparently it’s more affordable to transport than 5 guys, who knew? He was still getting used to being alone with the ipod, so his awkward rambling act between songs was extra funny. And yes, I’m a big fan the animal called crickets, especially if they get us Kick ‘em Out. I was quite excited to hear that one. The audience was pretty quiet and receptive of Jack. Although before playing his last song he made the requisite announcement that he was going to do one more song, and after that Regina would be coming out. Someone in the balcony shouted down, “Hurry Up!” Jack paused and then retorted, “I heard you, and I will break you.” Hahahahaha. perfect. There was that, and the girl in front of me, with a massive amount of blonde hair which she kept pushing back, leaning continuously to the right on the arm rest, like she was the most bored person on earth who just wanted to sleep. Odd, considering she had one of the best seats in the front row…hmm maybe regina would perk her up. Between sets we utilized the excessively wide floorspace between the stage and the front row for a brumstix gathering & unveiling of the new book. The book was as impressive as it was heartwarming, so much love for regina and for everyone who made pages. We’re a pretty creative bunch. =) I love these shows when a ton of you are there with me. It’s kind of incredible, like a hug that doesn’t end. <3 Anyway, back in my seat, I noticed the bored girl had now, thankfully, put her hair up, so no more blonde flyaways obscuring my sight. However, nobody had come to sit next to her and I seriously considered moving up there I decided against it since she clearly needed that seat to lean over into for her nap! I didn’t get it. Even when regina did come out she didn’t perk up all that much, it was strange. When regina made her appearance, she was wearing a knee-length dark blue dress trimmed with sequins (ohhhh how I’m a sucker for navy blue) belted with a black bow in the middle, plus the usual black tights and shoes. Her nails were freshly polished in red, hair curly and again pinned back! My excitement was out of control. Seeing her two nights in a row?! Crazy, the best kind. Staff was a little bipolar regarding cameras. Some people were yelling at audience members for using them, others TOLD us it was fine as long as no flash, I honestly couldn’t tell what the climate was, so after they yelled at someone near me I kept mine mostly hidden underneath a jacket so please forgive some of my horrible filming. After Ain’t No Cover regina went to the piano and discussed the Connecticut Repertory Theater whose members were missing her show to perform UNDERNEATH us (honestly whose idea was that? It just seemed slightly doomed). In addition, she pointed out that people who were students last time they played this venue would be considered superseniors if they were still there today. Nevertheless, she gave them props for delaying reality. lol As Regina continued on, playing rather flawlessly, I was impressed by the sound in the venue, it was really very good. It made the songs feel huge, as if you were inside them. Difficult to describe and definitely unique. All the Rowboats, especially, sounded incredible and reverberous (is that even a word? If not blame JOY…). And as I physically vibrated in my seat I mused, “this is what the song FEELS like, WOW!” Intense. It was an experience. Regina thought so too, apparently, because afterward she commented about the hollowness of the stage and how the song “just vibrated the fuck” out of her foot. We were totally on the same wavelength. The crowd was generally respectful, but with zillions of shout outs. A guy in the balcony yelled down that he had shaved for her. She smiled, and then a GIRL also made the same comment. Regina responded wistfully, “Ah, college.” As she was readying for Call them Brothers, an onslaught of song requests began filing in (I heard at least Chemo Limo, Buildings, and several Samsons) and then some guy, of course, yelled, “play whatever YOU want!” She took a shine to that, and informed the audience that there’s always one nice person who says it. “Do you the rest of you feel guilty?” she asked with a mock pensive squint and the most perfectly coy tilt of her head. “It’s alright, I’m Jewish from New York; I’m allowed to make you feel guilty.” Jack came out, and nobody missed a beat when regina matter-of-factly introduced the song as “Call them Bros.” I had to laugh, because it was cute, and because nobody else responded. A short way into the song there came an abnormal pause as Jack’s hand took leave of strumming the guitar to adjust his microphone. Regina’s face transformed into a wide expectant smile, urging the next chord. Oh subtlety, how unbearably sweet. Back at the piano, some guy yelled a cringeworthy remark about returning to russia to spread their seed, and regina acknowledged it as convenient transition to the next song, The Prayer. She made some comments to the effect of how impressed she’d be if anyone there had actually learned Russian in school- she doesn’t “understand how you did that” because she wouldn’t know it if she wasn’t born there. So funny. And yeah, for the record, learning russian is freaking difficult. I work on it in my car all the time when I’m driving. Anyway, at some point during this song two random guys walked right up to the front and planted themselves in the center of the floor with an open mug of something I’m sure wasn’t water. After the song, the one kid decided to start up a conversation with regina about the water (Uconn labeled bottled water she was drinking), if it was good, if they [the school] were good. I’m sure it was a little strange, at least momentarily, for her to look down and have two boys just sitting on the floor in front of her in this grand theater. After a few tentative comments to them and another gulp of water, she leaned into the microphone firmly stating, “Yeah it’s FUCKIN’ good, it’s water!” Then she got up and walked to the keyboard. Meanwhile, security came over and shined a bright light into the kid’s face and gave him a stern talking to (which I believe consisted of, “be quiet or else”), but didn’t remove him from the floor. Since security failed to make an example of him, there was a mass exodus of other people flooding into the floorspace in front of the stage during Dance Anthem. Apparently Dance Anthem= free for all time at every show. It was all just a big question mark as to what was about to go down, I didn’t know and regina didn’t either as we each watched, from our respective sides, the space between us fill up with people during the course of the song. Roughly 40 people were there by the end of Dance Anthem, and more continued to trickle down for the rest of the show. Security didn’t seem to care as long as they stayed sitting down, which was fine with me too. Regina was amused, but made sure we were all ok before proceeding with Better. The whole scene was far from conventional, but it’s a college show that’s what makes it awesome. Random shit is bound to go down. Somewhere during The Party I was taken by the thought that I’d just heard Regina sing All the Rowboats, Folding Chair, Open, and now The Party- 4 songs with “weird” noises in them all at one show. To me it was nothing (well not nothing, but it wasn’t strange, it was just regina). But it was fun trying to imagine how overwhelmed some “quirky pop-chanteuse” writing journalist might be with that setlist. I guess it’s hard for some people to comprehend that sounds are just sounds. Just because something isn’t an English word that Taylor Swift or Justin Beiber would use doesn’t mean it’s a “quirk.” But, ehh, I digress. The Encore went into total breakdown when loads of people took over the front and remained standing. Funnily enough, the bored girl who’d been leaning over even during regina’s set perked right up and bolted out of her seat during the encore just to get several feet closer to the stage. I still have no idea what to make of her. Haha The original floor guy was at the very front, right by regina, clapping along very poorly and unnecessarily during Us, to the point of making regina mess up. Smiling with amusement she informed him that he was too tipsy to keep time and then finished the song. The rest of the Encore, I just had to go with it and have fun. People were dancing and walking around and I couldn’t help but be entertained and invigorated by the energy in the room. It was a blast. Afterwards we hung out in the lobby and talked to Jack for a bit. Killing time before heading out into the chilly night, we watched on the screens as the crew packed the piano into a humongous box (I’ve always wondered exactly how they did that). Luckily it wasn’t raining out, but there were a ton of people waiting for regina. We waited our turn, and the book hand off couldn’t have gone more perfectly. She was soooo happy. She hugged it. We took a group picture. The whole thing- it was truly the embodiment of love. I hugged her and told her I was bringing my dentist friends to the next show (in Cleveland). Her fist shot into the air and she cheered “Fight Cavities!” =D Every now and then something that seems too good to be true, can actually be true. This was one of those times. Walking back to the car I felt lighter, I felt like I was being lifted up, like I was being hugged. As I drove home the next day the feeling was still with me I didn’t ever want it to ever go away. Amazing, amazing weekend. Love to you all who were there and who were there in the book and who were just there in spirit. Can’t wait to do it again! Videos- Only Son ------------------- <----w/ intro talking <---w/ talking about vibrating the stage <---just watch it because I said so <--- w/ talking about russian <---yeah, it's fucking good it's water (intro only, but it's still awesome)
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    Stepped On A Syringe

    The New Record

    From Jack's Facebook, posted today: "Last night Regina and I performed at the Littlest Tumor Foundation benefit with Judd Apatow, Zach Galafianakis and John Mulaney at Largo. It was a super fun show (they were all hilarious). Regina played a bunch of great new songs and we did a duet of "Space Oddity" in tribute to David Bowie."
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    The New Record

    Hello guys...not sure if anyone will remember me, but I used to be active here. Hope you all are doing great. I feel like I've rediscovered Regina! I joined this forum when I was 13...I've now graduated college and for now I'm working at a newspaper, and I decided on a whim to re-listen to 11:11 the other day. Now I'm obsessed with Regina all over again. Whatever she does on this next album, I'm so ready.
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    I can't come up with a short list so here's my train of thought for this: First of all I'm definitely hoping for new songs. I love many of these old ones and know them so well, have listened to them so many times over the years, in the versions we already know.. so at first thought I'm like: it's okay, leave them as they are. Especially when there are demo recordings available, like for Just Like The Movies, or A Cannon. It's weird, but I've noticed that once there is a studio version of a song, I'll listen to it much more often and will rarely seek out the live/demo version with just Regina and her piano, even if I like that early version better. Just a matter of convenience I guess. But I also love being surprised by the studio recordings. I remember being so overjoyed with Dance Anthem of The 80s, and Time Is All Around, and All The Rowboats, Patron Saint, Small Town Moon.. so why not make a list? I would love to hear a version of Rockland County that isn't cut off at the end. And that sounds like a song where you could add some interesting, disorienting sounds. 8th floor is so beautiful, and we only have live recordings of it, right? More people should get to know that song. I've wondered how a studio version of You sounds. I think the way she belts out you-ou-ou in the live recordings is so raw and haunting, it might be hard to beat, but I think it would be so awesome with beautiful classical instrumentation. I definitely want to a studio version of Party Upstairs! Whether it's on Jack's or Regina's next album I think there's a good chance it will get its release. No one has mentioned Soho or AB and I love them both. "It's surprising how little things we lose.." So good. Begin to hope is also a very long-time favorite of mine. OK, that's 7 songs, guess that leaves more room for new stuff..
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    Thought it was about time I uploaded a photo of my collection. I've worked hard to find some of these!!!
  20. 4 points

    Regina is everywhere

    Here is one I haven't heard about.. Regina along with Jakob Dylan and Steven Stills (what a combination!) in the Everly Brothers classic at the Troubadour...
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    From her official Facebook page: "Hi there friends! I was so happy to be nominated for my first Grammy! I would have definitely gone to LA for all the fun, in a party dress and with bells on, if I wasn't so super pregnant at the moment. (!!!!!!!!!!). Jack and I are very excited to be expecting a brand new human together!!! I've been spending most of my time writing songs, dreaming up the new record, cooking soup, eating soup, and being very grateful for the people in my life- family, friends, and you… So I'm glad to share the news, and I wish everyone who is going to the Grammys an amazing night! Thank you to the Grammy peeps for nominating "You've Got Time!" I'll see you from the couch regi"
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    I wish I could go back and repeat this night over again! Two new songs + two songs I've never seen her play before + Regi hugs after the show = the most perfect night! I have had the Party Upstairs song stuck in my head ever since. I really really hope there is a new album next year!
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    Last night I dreamt that someone had emailed me a new Regina song. In the dream I woke up from sleeping and listened to it and it was amazing as expected! It was the middle of the night so I was going to save it in the morning when I woke up. Then I woke up this morning and was pretty bummed that my mind tried to trick me like that
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    Regina is everywhere

    About pianos once again... I have my own one now, that is an actual real piano! Not just an electric one. I've been playing a lot of Regina on it!
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    Jack Dishel just posted on facebook that Regina has been nominated for a Grammy for Orange is the New Black's theme "You've Got Time" in the category "Best Song Written For Visual Media"! Link! It's about damn time, don't you think?!
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    source: http://blog.bowers-wilkins.com/music/stars-cover-peter-gabriel-tracks-on-new-album/attachment/olympus-digital-camera-28/
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    Hey I dreamt about Regina!

    Last night I had a dream that Regina was putting out a new movie! It wasn't exactly a tour movie but more a combination of lots of little scenes. It was so cool! The movie was being shown in this theatre in NY and they would show a different segment every day for a weekend and then on the last day Regi was going to perform after the movie. The only part I really remember from this movie was she was all dressed up in this big poofy cream colored dress with black swirls and she had her makeup done and everything and her hair was in hair rollers! She was walking around this fancy hotel doing funny things while she was getting ready. She was also wearing this head band:
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    The New Record

    I read the thingy too and got really excited! If she really is making a new record I really hope she records songs like You or Loveology.. but hey, new songs are always more than welcome I'm still high on Regina because I saw her last month in Tallinn which was the best experience ever. I didn't think I could love her more than I did, but somehow I do! Now I'm just rambling, but yay, let's all hope she is making one!
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    "Fun night downtown; pianos living happily out and about in the street!"- from Regina's facebook
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    post your favorite photos of regina

    Is there a way to upload a photo directly from your hard drive? I took a screen cap from a photo on the Sidewalk website because it wouldnt let me copy the image. These are from http://www.lippemanufacturing.org/
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    Argentina! April 6th 2013

    Well, Argentina is already psyched about Regina! http://i1275.photobucket.com/albums/y444/robertaxel/reginainargentina_zps26af2f97.jpg[/img]"]http://
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    Via Twitter and Facebook "Sydney Opera House part deux!!!! I'm so excited! Thank you everyone for last night!!!!!"
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    Maybe I am going crazy but I can't recall if I've seen this one or not...Either way it is super adorable especially with the hair piece thingy!
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    US Solo Tour Fall 2017!

    I'll message you (-:
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    I love the new song. Check out my reaction here! Will def post a video of me reacting to all the songs
  38. 3 points

    The New Record

    I've been thinking about the same thing a lot recently! I hope and wish that any day now will be the day that she'll announce the new album.
  39. 3 points

    Love Me or Leave Me

    This is sooo fucking good! I've got the biggest smile right now...Regina's such a rock star. (Don't pardon my enthusiasm. )
  40. 3 points

    The New Record

    I get that all the time! I'll go through a period of time where I don't really listen to much of her music and then suddenly it's all I can listen to.
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    Regina is everywhere

    Totally off topic, but I had a piano recital yesterday and I was playing on a Steinway Grand! Made me feel really fancy and gave me confidence because of how Steinway remind me of Regina, naturally. And Regina makes me happy.
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    Soviet Kitsch hat!

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    My Review of One Fantastic Night In spite of it being my first gig ever, I felt I half-knew what to expect from the endless amount of Youtube videos I get through of Regina's wonderful performances - it was indeed everything I'd expected and hoped, and perhaps a little more. It was quite a small theatre, with seating above the standing area. At the time, I didn't really think it that small, but looking at other venues she has performed in, especially the stunning Albert Hall in London where she performed last year (which is quite close to me), the theatre was very small in comparison, adding to a lovely, intimate feel. As me and my friend had seats, I was one of the first to hit the merch stand, finally buying myself a vinyl copy of Cheap Seats, Only Son's Searchlight album and a lovely poster, which unfortunetly didn't come in a roll (it stayed in good shape as we had a kind of ledge behind our seats where we could rest our things, but it recieved a finger-dent due to the high sea winds afterwards - it's a lovely blue one of Regi holding out her dress on A2 card with her name in red Cheap Seats font). I'm glad I had the security of seating, as on the way out, the merch stand was completely mobbed with standers hurring to get a look in with what was avalible to buy. Anyway, on to the performance! Of course, the wonderful Jack opened, performing with Regina's band - he played around seven or eight tracks, sipping whisky inbetween songs. At this time, there was a good crowd down below the seats, but a third or so of the balcony seating was empty, which I really thought unfitting for him, as well as the chatter I noticed during a few of his quieter songs. I know some people might avoid the opening act, arriving later, but still, full seats and no disrepectful chatter would have been nicer backdrop for his fantastic performance - it's just plain rude to chat away when there's someone up on stage, even if they're not performing as brilliantly as he did. All the way up in the seats, I felt a little detatched from the performance area, but by the time Regina graced the stage in a floor-length red and white number, slit down the leg and belted with a black sash, all those feelings seemed to melt away. She opened with 'Ain't No Cover', bobbing her shoulders and shuffling her feet as she hunched over the mic in song, then sat herself down at the piano for 'The Calculation'. After that came 'On the Radio', and from that point on really, I forget the set order, having slipped into the most wonderful kind of musical blur, still absorbing every song, every lyric, but concentrating more on the moment and enjoying myself rather than documenting every single little thing. She had to restart Eet, as there were a minor technical difficulty which had to be fixed, and for the second time ever, performed 'You've Got Time' live, with Jack on guitar - I'm proud to think that she debuted the song the night before in the UK, but think it unfortunate that she did so during Garden Party, which as we all know resulted in all that misguided mess. My stand-out songs would be 'The Party' which she closed her set with, launching us all into a good ten minutes of applause (and some foot-stamping and wolf-whistling) as she disapeared backstage with a brilliantly-wide smile, returning after all our noise to play a four-song encore - each of which were especially brillant and special, being (probably) my all-time favorite 'Us', best-known 'Fidelity', 'Hotel Song' and the beautiful 'Samson', perfomed under a simple white light, just Regi and the piano, closing the show - breath-takingly moving. It was also very entertaining and lovely, as well as so brilliantly honest of her, when she announced how "Fucking Awsome" our ever-building applause had been as she had waited in the wings, having just emerged back on stage for the encore - you gotta love her! Hearing 'You've Got Time' live also felt like an extra privilege, and her few 'adorable piano mishaps', which would have all gone unnoticed by the casual listener, made the music so much more human and real, unglossed but wonderful, as we should be in life. I left the venue on a high with my best friend in the cold night air, and waited for my two lovely Aunties who had driven us to Bexhill, and had dined and found a pub afterwards whilst we were at the gig. All afternoon, we had walked around Bexhill, me noticing the advertising posters for Regina in shop windows, commenting how much I'd like one - I was suprised and pleased to find they had managed to get me one off a pub notice board after getting pally with the barman, and now both the posters from that special night face me, secured proudly above my fireplace. I did think about heading to the stagedoor - we had seen her tour bus, parked very prominantly behind a low hedge at the side of the Pavillion, a big black thing with an accompanying truck, a roaring Lion-type motif and the words 'born to be wild' on the back of it, earlier in the day. We had to get back however, and it being gone eleven, with an hour and a halfs drive ahead of us, as well as my Auntie at the wheel having to get up at 5.00am for work the next day, I decided against doing so, as it wouldn't have been practical or fair, and the night had been great enough as it was. I've heard you often have to wait two hours +, and even then, there mightn't be a chance of meeting her - we passed a crowd of 20 or so at the gate, but I've seen one bitter fan criticising her for not meeting fans that night - they could be wrong, they could have waited for a while, then left, only for her to then show later, but I'd like to know if she or Jack really did meet fans that night. I find it very unfair however, for this fan to get so worked-up about it, as it's not in Regina's job-description, and if she so chooses to show her face at the stagedoor, she's going above and beyond for fans, which is brilliant of course, but she doesn't have to do so, and shouldn't be expected to do so either. On a whole, it was a fantastic night, a brilliant performance, and hopefully the first of many times I get to see her perform live - I hoped she enjoyed her time perfoming at De La Warr Pavillion as much as all us fans did. There are videos of the most prominant performances filmed by other's on Youtube which are well worth checking out - just search 'Regina Spektor Bexhill'. Dan
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    Regina rocks Jumpin' Jack Flash!

    sorry, I feel like I am monopolizing things, but this is WAY too cool not to post
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    Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest most talented people I know! Thank you for everything. Hope your day is wonderful and this year is the best yet! Much love always! -Jamie
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    Regina is everywhere

    On the front page of Spotify.
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    Did anyone go to the show at the opera house tonight (10th of December)? Ahh it was awesome!! Regina was so cute. I think she might have been sick, at least her voice sounded a bit high but I don't know? When she left the crowd was cheering like crazy for ten minutes, and Regina was behind he screen and talked over the mic that she was 'the ghost of Sydney opera house...ooo! Regina's not coming back!' And played the sword on the pen on the organ :') then came out and did a four more songs I think.
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    From BBC Breakfast. So pretty and so regina.
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    sweetness in my lungs


    I just wanted to point out that it was spelled "stikcy?" and not "stickcy?". Yep.
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    This section can be used to discuss a great mystery in Brümstix history - Stikcy?