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  1. DBT's music

    Well, gotta love inactivity Has anyone here heard of Marina and the Diamonds?
  2. DBT's music

    Hello there! It's been about a month since I uploaded anything... but I swear I have been working on stuff. So, here we have a Sia's cover: Natale's Song. I hope you enjoy it.
  3. DBT's music

    A Dream Theater cover. One of my favorite songs of all time. This is the closing song for the album "Knowledge Won't Suffice". I refused to record it before, given that... well, I just didn't feel ready to face what was coming with the song itself. It marks the end of a phase. The end of a beautiful journey that ended harshly, leaving everyone involved with deep, bleeding wounds. With tears of despair, as the one thing that mattered was dissolving in the air. Pretending to close the chapter, the singer attempts to move on, while leaving trails of blood in any path that he or she travels. However, implied, the thoughts of regret. The ungiven apologies while trying to keep the good memories; but enclosed deep enough to never stumble upon them by mistake. May this world fall apart, so a new one can begin. -DBT
  4. DBT's music

    Well. This time it's a cover from a Silent Hill song. It's a beautiful song... the original I mean. But I think my version is not that bad.
  5. DBT's music

    Some of those unspoken words. www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kHkO2lHoN8
  6. DBT's music

    Sometimes, the only way to survive, is to get away. To wake up from that dream that has kept you bound to the same feelings, good or bad ones. When truly leaving, while truly painful, one might find different paths, taking you to different worlds. It can turn into an adventure it wouldn't have been possible otherwise. However, there's always a big chance that this new paths will eventually cross with the old one. And that's not a bad thing. Sometimes you need to look back, but only when you're far away from heat of the fire. But until then, let's keep walking. Original song by Zero 7
  7. DBT's music

    Many times, the heat of a fight can lead you to think many things. Most of them are bad. Negative feelings that were kept for too long, and when the fire begins, then they burn too. And that's when you want to burn the world. And make things worse For a fight, two people are needed. But what happens when one just doesnt want that anymore? Then, one stays out. An original song by DBT
  8. DBT's music

    This week I could not finish recording the new song, so instead, Im uploading a song from the demo we as Hassiked recorded a million years ago I promise, next week it will be a totally new song. It's one I wrote very very recently, more material for the album "The lotus flower" Warning: Heavy-ish stuff, only for people into death metal or alike.
  9. DBT's music

    Its a beautiful anthem. It talks about the growth. It talks about how one learns. How one forgives. How one grows from the dark depths of hatred, sorrow, pain and anger. It talks about love. How love goes through it all and it flourishes. I recorded it because I felt it was possible. I felt it was true. For me it was. Too bad that I found out how much of a lie it was on the other side. Yeah... recording songs is my outlet for my real life drama.
  10. DBT's music

    Have you found yourself going on a path that will just take you to pain and fire? That doesnt make the jourey less beautiful. The opening song for the theoretical album "The Lotus Flower"
  11. DBT's music

    This song I recoded a couple months ago, but I was never conviced about it. I had to re-record the voice to finally upload it Is a Lykke Li song. I loved it since the first time I heard it.
  12. May all the pain make me wiser.

  13. DBT's music

    Hello everyone. For reasons unknown, after the forum was moved here, i could not restore my other account; however, I have already posted all my Regina Spektor covers in THIS LINK. That post has "Chemo Limo", "Machine", "Apres moi" and "All the rowboats". Beware that I have a more metal-ish style, yet I think it worked fairly well for the songs. Anyway, I havent recorded new Regina material (though I plan to do so), but I have recorded covers from other bands I like, and of course, I have recorded my own songs too. Unfortunately, real life has slapped me in the face real bad this week, as my engagement has been broken, and I suppose I dont really need to say that is extremely painful. The one good thing I get off that, is the inspiration to write again. So this brings me to the song I just recorded last night. Is called "It hurts" and is one of those songs I call "honest songs". No planning. No thinking about the lyrics. Play and write what comes to your mind. If you like it, or you like my other songs, I'd appreciate some likes and shares. Im a one man band trying to put my music out there.