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  1. My favorite as of right now is Tornadoland! I lovelovelove the sway of the song, and the way she smashes down that scale in octaves during the chorus... chills! That track is sonically very exciting. Yay regiinaaaaa
  2. It's so unreal! Suddenly she's just back with an album full of brand new tunes. Bleeding heart is awesoooome, the bridge is definitely my favorite part. Can't wait to hear all the other ones!
  3. How am I noticing this so late! So excited!! I can't wait to hear what kind of sounds she's exploring on this one.
  4. Anyone heard of Marika Hackman? She's half Finnish which obviously makes me very proud. This is an acoustic version of her song Bath is Black.
  5. I've been listening to Edit, the piano parts are always a delight!
  6. So happy to hear it again! Never get sick of this song.
  7. This is a few years old, but since I've been obsessing over Paul Simon's music lately and stumbled upon this article about Graceland, where Regina mentions her own experience, I wanted to share it here. I don't know if everyone has already seen this, but it made me happy!
  8. Happiest birthday to the best Regina of all time!
  9. I love to see her wearing a light dress! She looks happy and like herself...
  10. Saw that Regina favorited a tweet with this three days ago... It mentioned that the musician the guy will meet is Regina! What a sweet story...
  11. I'm just dying to hear some news regarding the new record... I miss her! I wonder if she has already recorded it and it's just a matter of weeks until she tells us. I like that thought. Yeah, pointless post but do you feel me?
  12. Can I just have that in my room, it's beautiful!
  13. I had the same experience with YFB, it sounded like nothing special at first but now I love it. An effect I've noticed on many of Regina's songs! No better is really good too, I wonder if it was an outtake from Pure Heroine.
  14. Yeah I heard it a few nights ago! I liked it. Lately I've been listening to this short snippet of the song "Hospital/Lost boys". She's apparently not releasing it but it sounds so good! Do you like Yellow Flicker Beat?
  15. I'll check that! Totally agree with Swingin Party, it's my least favorite. Ribs is really amazing though, probably like it the most. Biting Down is also cool, I always forget it. "The electronics of your heart, see how fast they fall apart." (phone acting up, sorry about the double post)