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    robeacero1 got a reaction from xapeddow in favorite song from each album   
    I can't choose 1, so I will choose my 2 favorites of each album:
    11:11: Buildings, Pavlov's Daughter
    Songs: Samson, Oedipus
    Soviet Kitsch (in this one, three): Chemo Limo, Poor Little Rich Boy, Ode to Divorce
    Begin to Hope (In this one, three): Uh-Merica, This Time, Hero
    Far: Human Of The Year, Laughing With
    What We Saw From The Cheap Seats: Don't Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas), How
    Unreleased: Bobbing For Apples, Silly Eye Color Generalizations
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    robeacero1 reacted to Tamx in American Idol   
    Since we are on the topic of guilty pleasures, I'll have to admit:
    I LOVE Panic at the Disco, their second album is good, very good actually. I'm glad I got that out!!
    As for American Idol, I don't real1y watch it, I don't watch much TV at all to be honest
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    robeacero1 reacted to Mrs.snuffelupagus....yeah! in senior quote: regina style!   
    "Good is better than perfect"
    I say that quite a bit ever since i first heard Man of 1000 faces
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    robeacero1 reacted to Reginaoverdose in senior quote: regina style!   
    THAT WAS GOING TO BE MINE! It's one of my favorite Regina lines
    it was between that and the one I ended up choosing from The Twilight Zone...
    "Being the Same as everybody is the same as being nobody"
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    robeacero1 reacted to dentistgirl in senior quote: regina style!   
    Today we're younger than we ever gonna be.