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  1. The New Record

    The only classic song that I didn't care for in studio version was "no me quite pas". I loved the original recording...the full instrumentation was really poppy and it took away the beauty of the song. But that's not jus opinion. Idk how loveology would sound with full instrumentation but I think I'll love it anyways.
  2. Regina vinyl singles and 11:11 cd WANTED

    Thank you so much!
  3. The New Record

    I need a record with "Aquarius " or my all time favorite "loveology" on it!
  4. Regina vinyl singles and 11:11 cd WANTED

    Hello everyone, I am a huge Regi fan and record collector, I have almost all of her albums and singles on vinyl with the exception of these few that I am looking to purchase: Carbon monoxide 7" single Your Honor & The Flowers 7" single The survival guide to soviet kitsch promotional booklet with cd/DVD 11:11 hard copy If anyone is interested in selling any of these please contact me either via the forum or my personal email: Vincent.Jimenez88@gmail.com Thanks and Cheers!!!