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  1. Regina on PBS Soundstage

    Any update on this performance? I attended and would love to see it, but it's not playing in my area.
  2. Regina on PBS Soundstage

    Hm. I'm not seeing the performance on the schedule. Hope it shows up soon.
  3. Remember Us To Life (Album Coming Sep 30, 2016)

    *Purchasing tickets for the Rough Trade NYC show in Brooklyn will only be possible via a lottery system, due to the limited number of tickets available. This is so that everyone has a fair chance to purchase tickets. Also, please note the Rough Trade show is 21+. For all the details on the Rough Trade show, click here!
  4. Remember Us To Life (Album Coming Sep 30, 2016)

    Talking Kubo and the new album.
  5. The Chicago show!

    Ah, I should have waited afterwards! I ended up getting something to eat with a fellow Spektor fan I met prior to the show. I totally know of the girl with the shirt. Made a comment to her about it. Really cool. I said it elsewhere, but the show was really amazing - like, "top concerts that I'll carry with me to my grave" amazing.
  6. Remember Us To Life (Album Coming Sep 30, 2016)

    She played what felt like the entire album at the Chicago show. The songs are absolutely stellar. I mean, I knew I was going to be taken with new Spektor, but these songs really floored me, to the point of tears at some points. Also, one of the major highlights was a song that featured her beat-boxing. I can't wait to be able to hear it again. I had certain lyrics stuck in my head all day.
  7. Remember Us To Life (Album Coming Sep 30, 2016) Something else is coming. Here's hoping it's the tour dates.

    Oh my God. I may have to go up there. Curious how long of a show it'll be..
  9. The New Record

    So something is definitely brewing..
  10. The New Record

    I'm optimistic that we'll be getting an album announcement soon. This is longest she's gone without releasing an album. Granted, there are obvious reasons for this. I suppose I'm just anxious for new material/a tour..