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  1. Just now, Cheer Yourself Deaf said:

    Hi All,

    I am wondering if anyone here would be kind enough to help me. I appreciate I am new to the boards so I understand if it's a big ask but this seemed possible the best place to go?


    I am from England and am hoping to go to a couple of these shows near NY. I am subscribed to the newsletter but am figuring I haven't seen a presale code email becuase I am not from the US. Is there any chance anyone would be kind enough to PM a presale code so I can look at booking tomorrow?


    I am already seeing her here in the UK but these shows seem special and I don't want to miss out!


    Anyway thanks in advance and sorry to bother  you all.



    I'll message you (-:

  2. Hello, Respektors!

    In case you haven't heard, Regina is having a solo tour this fall!

    Here is the article that was posted on her official website :)

    "Hi dear friends!
    I am very happy to announce that in the fall, (October 20,2017-November 19th, 2017) I will go on a small and special tour around the USA! 
    I haven't done a tour like this in a long while, and it will be just me and a piano (and probably my little blue guitar too:-) 
    I'll be traveling and playing songs from all over the place and time, some have been recorded on records, and some never really out there except thanks to kind souls who recorded my shows (thanks, you know who y'all are:-) Will play some new and never before heard songs too probably, cause that'll be fun! I'll be stopping in cities the band and I didn't get to visit the first time around. 
    Tickets for most shows go on sale to the general public on July 14. 
    If you are in any of the cities below, or have friends and family you want to visit (road trip!!!) then please click on the links and get your tickets!

    10/20 - Tucson, AZ -  Rialto Theatre | TICKETS 
    10/22 - Anaheim, CA -  House of Blues | TICKETS

    10/23 -  San Diego, CA -  Balboa Theatre

    10/25 -  Phoenix, AZ -  Celebrity Theatre

    10/26 -  Albuquerque, NM -  Popejoy Hall

    10/29 -  Kansas City, MO -  Uptown Theater | TICKETS
    10/30 -  Des Moines, IA -  Hoyt Sherman Place | TICKETS

    11/1 -  Lincoln, NE -  Rococo Theatre

    11/2 -  Milwaukee, WI -  Riverside Theater | TICKETS
    11/4 -  Grand Rapids, MI -  20 Monroe Live | TICKETS
    11/5 -  Cincinnati, OH -  Taft Theatre | TICKETS
    11/7 -  Pittsburgh, PA -  Palace Theatre | TICKETS
    11/8 -  Reading, PA -  Santander Performing Arts Center | TICKETS
    11/10 -  Wilmington, DE -  The Queen | TICKETS

    11/11 -  Baltimore, MD -  The Hippodrome

    11/13 -  New Brunswick, NJ -  State Theatre | TICKETS
    11/14 -  Northampton, MA -  John M Greene Hall at Smith College | TICKETS
    11/16 -  Albany, NY -  Palace Theatre | TICKETS
    11/17 -  Englewood, NJ -  Bergen PAC | TICKETS
    11/19 -  New Haven, CT -  College Street Music Hall | TICKETS

    For now- I hope this letter finds you doing well, or if not super well, then at least on your way to well, you know?
    See you out there, and sending all best summer wishes,
    regina-pianina spektorina"

    If you subscribed to the newsletter, pre-sale is tomorrow at 10 AM local time.

    I am so excited for this! :lol::D

  3. On 6/20/2017 at 7:28 AM, chipmoll said:

    Thank you so much! Will it be within an album or available separately do you know?

    It will probably be both, I know at SheetMusicDirect you can get sheet music separately.

  4. 7 hours ago, theL said:



    on 19 of August Regina arrive to Israel. It says that there is a promo code for regina's newsletter - I didn;t get one - anyone knows where is it?


    Thanx for your help




    1 hour ago, Ofir Gold said:

    Same :)



    3 hours ago, Hana.tzivin said:

    Same here! waiting for the response:)

    It's "chaverim"


    Due to worries of being striked on YouTube for copyright infringement, I deleted the whole Far & some Begin to Hope instrumentals from my second YouTube channel. I do not have any plans to reupload them. I am very sorry.


    Hello, Respektors!

    I might be a year late (sorry :wacko:), but I uploaded some rare Regina songs, and instrumentals, and videos onto my YouTube channel! Check them out now!

    The Sword & The Pen (Acoustic Version)

    Carbon Monoxide (Live at Bull Moose)

    The Flowers (Live, Begin to Hope tour) 

    Uh-Merica (Live at Irving Plaza, NYC)

    One More Time With Feeling (Live in London Bonus Track)

    Folding Chair (iTunes Live From Soho)

    Laughing With (iTunes Live From Soho)

    One More Time With Feeling (iTunes Live From Soho)

    Blue Lips (iTunes Live From Soho)

    Man Of A Thousand Faces (iTunes Live From Soho)

    Après Moi (iTunes Live From Soho)

    More videos! (Thank "fnord23" at for having these!) I 

    VH1 "You Oughta Know" Segment (2006)

    "Begin To Hope" Sizzle Reel (2006)


  6. Does anyone know why the book keeps getting pushed back for publication? (Originally January, then April, then July, etc.)

    UPDATE: I contacted Hal Leonard Corp. and they gave me this response:

    "Thank you for your email. 

    We appreciate your interest in our publications.  Unfortunately, music books, like the Regina Spektor book, are very different than novels.  We have to wait for licensing permission and final approvals before we can print an Artist book.  We can plan for and being the creation process but cannot release or print anything without the Artist/Management approval.  That is why they take time to release.  We do not even have a current release date on Remember Us To Life because we have not yet received final approvals.  

    We are planning to publish this with hopes of continued sales which would mean the copies would be reprinted and stay in print.  We cannot, however, guarantee that in the future. 

    If you have not seen the publication available for purchase by the end of July or August, please feel free to contact us again and we will check to see if we have an updated status, or release date we can offer you.


    Hal Leonard Product Support"


    UPDATE #2: Apparently, this book will finally be released on July 15th, 2018 after a year in the making. (Now 25% off the original price!)


    If you would like to pre-order the songbook from Amazon, click here.

  7. On 3/17/2017 at 4:29 PM, elliot84 said:

    Does the CD/DVD version of "Live On Soundstage" come with a booklet?

    I just got mine in the mail (a brand-new, sealed copy) and there is a "pocket" seemingly for a booklet, but nothing inside.

    Just wondering if they are all like this, or if mine is missing something.  Thanks!

     I think all copies don't come with a booklet. :/


    13 hours ago, ATL said:

    It was an exquisite performance so if you were there consider yourself lucky.  I wish there was a live recording available.  Can anyone remember the title of the song she played (and then subsequently left before returning for the encore)?  It blew me away but for the life of me I can't remember the name a week later!  Thank you in advance for any help!

    I honestly wasn't at this particular show, but do you remember any of the lyrics?

  9. I'm sad because of this message from Newbury Comics:

    Thank you for your recent order. We regret to inform you that the autographed booklets from Regina Spektor have been delayed to arrive at our warehouse. We apologize for the delay and any inconvenience this may cause. We expect that these will arrive next week and we will be shipping out your order as soon as they do.
    If there is any further update with additional information, we will contact you as soon as possible."
    I'll try to be patient on this.