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  1. hello! i have been lurking through this website for a couple of weeks and only now signed up. for school, I have to write an extended essay (EE) which is basically me writing up to 4,000 words about any topic of my choosing. I chose Regina as my general topic. Since my EE will fall under the subject/course of "English" (which im studying as a second language), i thought of analyzing her songs or overall work based on four-ish approaches: 1) Literary references (example The Twelve Chairs by Ilf and Petrov in wasteside) 3) rhetorical devices (example personification in "The world's got a nosebleed" 3) Influence of a being born in russia but growing up in the bronx and having to learn english / bicultural childhood (i cant really think of concrete exampels here so i think i would rely on this too much) 4) phonetic quirks/ her weird ways of pronouncing/saying some stuff (like the br-eak in prisoners, or the gasp in reading time with pickle) im still not sure whether this will work. i had to select a sort of corpus to work with, and i thought of choosing the album Songs, but then a lot of songs with very "analyze-able" content would be left out (like marry ann). I think instead, i should choose one specific topic (for example, something like "her view on sexuality" or "the ordinary as extraordinary") and work from there to see which songs i can use for that. can anyone help me think of themes that are overreaching in her work, found throughtou many albums and songs?? i am sort of entering into a crisis because of time pressures and the like. thank you to anyone who can possibly help !!!!!