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  1. how did you get into regina?

    I can see from the dates of all the previous posts on here that I'm more than a little late to the Regina party..... My all-time favourite TV show is the Good Wife - so much so that when it was coming to an end I couldn't bear for it to finish and so recorded the whole thing and have waited over a year to watch it. Having finally done so, I was surprised at how much 'Better' affected me. I assumed it was just the association with the series, but I've now listened to a lot more of Regina's material and have concluded that she is one of those artists that just gets to me in a way that very few do (Eva Cassidy being the prime example). I love her voice, her lyrics, her musicality, but most of all I love the fact that she has such a huge back-catalogue for me to 'discover' and enjoy. Best of all, she is coming to Edinburgh this August, so I will also get to see her live.