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  1. US Solo Tour Fall 2017!

    I think it's thevisit for all of them.
  2. US Solo Tour Fall 2017!

    Ticketmaster are right @#%£ . Couldn't get qotsa tickets as 'sold out' two seconds after going on sale. I feel your pain but at least you are in.
  3. US Solo Tour Fall 2017!

    Hi all.... been battling with ticketmaster for ages. Didn't work on any browser at all but finally did on my phone. Had to take the seats they offered me but just wanted to make sure I got in! Anyway for those needing help, phone app worked best but it depends if you want to pick your seat or not! Again I am just glad I got in. For anyone wanting to say hello to an English traveller making the journey across the pond I am now in for New Brusnwisk, Northampton, Albany and Englewood. Good luck everybody with your attempts for tickets!
  4. US Solo Tour Fall 2017!

    Anyone having problems with ticketmaster? It accepts the code but then keeps coming up with error when I try to book tickets!
  5. US Solo Tour Fall 2017!

    Thank you very much! I will be forever indebted!
  6. US Solo Tour Fall 2017!

    Hi All, I am wondering if anyone here would be kind enough to help me. I appreciate I am new to the boards so I understand if it's a big ask but this seemed possible the best place to go? I am from England and am hoping to go to a couple of these shows near NY. I am subscribed to the newsletter but am figuring I haven't seen a presale code email becuase I am not from the US. Is there any chance anyone would be kind enough to PM a presale code so I can look at booking tomorrow? I am already seeing her here in the UK but these shows seem special and I don't want to miss out! Anyway thanks in advance and sorry to bother you all. Simon