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  1. Pit at my location ended up costing me $300 on the resale market... So disappointed.
  2. It won't do you any good... Ticketmaster is doing their typical "here's some random seats that you dont want, oh also, the site isn't working at all now and all of our 2 operators are busy, but go to our automated line which is of no help at all."
  3. I JUST posted the code...
  4. Presale code, for that that are wondering, is "thevisit". I don't know why this is being kept hush hush. The scalpers are just going to get them all if we don't...
  5. Yes. This is a complete shitshow. It wouldn't let me select where I wanted to sit, in addition I didn't buy the seats that it did offer me. Now I'm angry and disappointed because I probably won't get tickets for this.
  6. I'm in the same boat... literally freaking out.