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  1. Exciting news for the Brumstix community!

    Me and Brumstix user Universal Edibility are now running the new site. We haven't uploaded all the recordings that were on the old site but we will soon. 

    The new site allows you to upload recordings from your own collectio. You can also upload pictures, and connect with other users on the forum page. 

    Please make an account and upload your recordings! 

    Illegal sharing of her music will not be tolerated. Only upload live recordings for now. I have already uploaded most unreleased studio recordings, Any new recordings uploaded to the studio category must be verified by me before going public.

    Go make an account, explore, and contribute!!!

  2. Thanks! 

    Does anyone remember When she played Moon River on New York Rhadsophy with Lang Lang? 

    I want to buy the dvd so I can rip and have the hi-fi version of it. 

    You can stream the actual PBS recording (exact thing as buying DVD) here :

    does anyone know how to maybe make a recording of the stream?? I’ve listened a couple times and cried my eyes out. She sings at around 58 mins on the recording :)

    The stream ends early 2018, and the quantities of the DVD's are low, they sell for I think 40 bucks but its definitely worth it.

  3. Hi! Thanks for sharing my site :) I'm sure it got shared to tons of people so thank you so much for that! 

    does anyone happen to have the 2009 WXRP Radio session?

    Maybe all these dead links & disappearing websites will teach us a lesson in how fleeting preservation is....

    I feel like I am posting too much.... please tell me if I need to chill out.

    --------- Update:

    All download links work on mobile to sync with your dropbox account. On a computer, the links download as a zip file automatically, no clicking. 

    The forums are now also accessible on mobile. 

    I uploaded the 2010 Bonaroo performance, which has not been previously shared. Its quite the setlist!  Also the WXRP Radio session but only "Left Hand Song" I am trying to find the whole recording (hence the question above)




    This article from a couple weeks ago mentioned my website and that the once missing 2009 Paris white session has been found! I posted the recordings on the site, Its been in my library forever I never knew it was missing! 

    I’m so exited I am crying rn :)

    Article where my site was shared:“White_Sessions”_(found_recordings;_2005-2009)

  5. Hi! I’m not sure if this is the right place for this... but I have a suggestion for

    I browse the forums on my iPhone almost everyday, and I’m sure over half of users are on mobile...

    The design of the site is already styled similar to an app and I love this, but there is one Thing I don’t really like about the mobile experience.

    The Searchbar.

    By adding a simple meta tag you can remove the searchbar and make the site look as if it were a native application.

    the searchbar would still be present for every user, it only dissapears if you press the box with an arrow and click “Add to homescreen” 

    I’m not really sure if the site is still maintenanced often, but this would be a super easy task that would please alot of stixers...

    here is the guide from apple

    Please look into it! All you would have to do is copy and paste!!




  6. There are some problems with the files currently on the site... I've made alot of progress as far as the design and am beginning the process of sharing a conglomerate of recordings new & old. I have five radio sessions featuring songs from Remember Us To Life, and recordings of every song from 2002 up (those which made it to a recording) I'm super exited and would like a partner going into this! I need you stix to make a decision for me: should I upload recordings to Dropbox, or on the server? There are benefits to dropbox & I am leaning towards using it. The server may give slow download speeds, and be less organized. Dropbox would preview recordings & have the whole regina collection availible in a single zip file. Uploading all songs to the server for preview abilities would be a great hassle for both me and you. 



  7. Hi again! I have made quite some progress on the site and am very exited! There is some music already on the site, I uploaded the White Session which has apparently gone missing from some sites. I think you'll love this one particular recording of "Love, You're a Whore". I need help for gathering recordings if anyone is up for the task! My email is on the page, please check it out!!! 

    For those who I am confusing: I am creating a database website of Regina's old music after similar sites have disappeared :(  



  8. As time goes on it seems some old recordings have been lost. has completely disappeared and I have no idea how to access the recordings.

    Afraid of the same thing happening to I am making another website with every recording of a performance available to download with one click. As of now, you have to download every song separately. Also I am adding recordings that have become lost over the years such as mockingbird and versions of loveology. If anyone wants to help grow the database I am creating it at There you can find my email with a chatroom to discuss the site. All the recordings will be uploaded to dropbox which should be there forever. If something ever happens to the site I will have all the files at hand and reupload them. I will also share new fan recordings and radio sessions so that'll be fun Please send me any recordings you have!!