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  1. A Very Special Solo Performance Set List

    Hi all, Regina kicked off the Special Solo Tour last night in Tucson, AZ and I want to share the setlist from the show.She was amazing! She took some requests from the crowd and she was her usual foul-mouthed/adorable-self! She's battling bronchitis so she didn't sing as much as she would have liked, but she did not disappoint! She started promptly at 8:00pm; no opening band and no encore. It would be cool to see what songs she plays in other cities, please share! Folding Chair The One Who Stayed & The One Who Left Prisoners Grand Hotel The Light On the Radio Left Hand Song Bobbing for Apples That Time Ballad of A Politician Apres Moi Older and Taller Music Box Sailor Song Obsolete Blue Lips Ne Me Quitte Pas Samson