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  1. Baltimore 11/11-- An 11:11 treat

    Full version
  2. Baltimore 11/11-- An 11:11 treat

    cool! how she does these percussion sounds?
  3. Loveology

    Thanks, the quality is really good! There are other rare songs on youtube and it's so cool. For example, I have found only 1 video for Mermaid:

    haha, God heard your prayers :D
  5. New live album? I have a suspicion!!

    How I hope you are right! A new album with unreleased songs would be so cool... I would also love to see the the official video for this tour, like Live In London 2009. Seeing Regina singing Braille is one of my many dreams related to her. P.S. I don't get why it's so hard for R.S. team to put a few cameras, record 1 show per tour and upload it. Instead, we watch fan recordings made with potato, like true hipsters