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  1. Bugs & Issues

    Let me know if it works for you now? it should be pulling in the 20 most recently posted items.
  2. Hi Everyone! Thanks for being patient with the spam issues and reporting wherever they pop up! We are actually working with the message board software folks as there has been a back-end issue that has allowed for some of this spam to hit the community. Unfortunately it's taking more time than they thought to remedy the situation. In the mean time, just keep on flagging the spam posts and we will work to clean it up/ block the user.
  3. Bugs & Issues

    update: you can now search for words with 3 characters like BBC, etc. Videos/ post have been upped to 3 videos as opposed to the 2!
  4. Bugs & Issues

    looking into this. the RSS feed requested is no in place. please find the RSS button at the bottom of the forum.
  5. Bugs & Issues

    so far, notifications occur via email. TBH i haven't messed with the mobile version very much so im not sure! RSS- let me work on that. i'll have to flip some switches on the back end. old forum- i JUST implemented a redirect. so that people that bookmarked the old forum will get sent here. we're moving everyone off of infopop for various reasons.
  6. New Brumstix Forum!

    that was a very important feature for us! happy to know you like it!
  7. Bugs & Issues

    i'll look into this! i might be able to fix. The reason why there is a limit is to keep people from posting 5 videos in a row basically taking up the whole first page of the post.
  8. Bugs & Issues

    Hello Everyone! Please post here if you see any bugs, issues, etc. If you can include links or a screenshot. i will get them addressed ASAP. Thank you for your help!
  9. How do I edit/enter my avatar? 1. My Controls 2. Edit Avatar Settings 3. In the line that is labeled Enter a URL to an online avatar image the direct link to the image you want to use. Do not put any image tags around the link. When you are done entering your URL, click on Update Avatar. How do I edit/enter my a personal photo? 1. My Controls 2. Change Personal Photo 3. In the line that is labeled Upload an image from your computer click on Browse and find the image on your computer that you want to use. (Make sure the image is no larger than 50 KB and is 100 X 100 pixels.) Click on the image and then the button labeled Open. 4. Update Photo If you want to change your personal photo, click on Remove Photo first, then follow the directions above to enter a new photo.
  10. The New Forum

    Hello! you can change your avatar by uploading a new photo. Just go into your user profile!
  11. The New Forum

    sorry about that- the stikcy section had a different permission set so it showed up for me but not regular members. I fixed it! Let me know if you have any other feedback regarding the tools that are available or if you see things missing..
  12. Hello! Welcome to the new Brümstix Forum! We hope you like the new platform! Unable to login? For security reasons, forum passwords were unable to be imported into the new platform. As a result, you will need to reset your password by clicking the below link: http://board.reginas...ection=lostpass See you around! The Regina Spektor Webcrew
  13. Issues with the new forum

    can you link me to one? i'll look into it!