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  1. school = :(

    Yeah, school is out But I got a really bad grade in Law that I think is unfair but I don't know what to do about it. Aaargh, I hated that class anyway.
  2. favorite song from each album

    This is a great topic! Mine are: 11:11 - Buildings Songs - Ne Me Quitte Pas Soviet Kitsch - Somedays Begin to Hope - Summer in the City Begin to Hope Bonus CD - Baobabs Far - still waiting for it, so I can't say...
  3. internet, I'm sorry this happened to you! Something like this would make me really upset! Anyway, my guess on whether or not Regina actually read your e-mail would be no - and then the question is, how the person who read it actually interpreted it to her. I understand Regina needs security people around her at shows, but I would think that this was a reaction of her management, not her personally. Btw, I also find it incomprehensible that they wouldn't get in touch with you at all. I once wrote to 10 Downing Street with a seemingly stupid question, and got a reply nevertheless!
  4. Favorite Regina song at the moment?

    I have recently been loving Aquarius and 8th Floor, both of which I just downloaded, so that's probably the reason. And I love the Russian part in 8th Floor adn the way it makes me feel uneasy all over.
  5. What Have You Learned Today?

    Haha, I was just watching Maria Sharapova play the other day and she really makes a lot of noise Today I learned that americano in Starbucks isn't so good, but tomato bread sandwiches with ham and cheese are... I don't have school right now so I only learn silly things.
  6. Your Mood in Terms of Regina Songs

    This is a funny thread I am about 75% I Want to Sing, 10% Summer in the City and 5% Better, at the moment
  7. Help! Respektonline downloading...

    Hey, I just posted the exact same question in a new thread and then deleted it after I found this one. Thanks guys, I suck at computer things and you all are so smart!
  8. 3 11:11 songs that should be resurrected

    From 11:11, I'd love to hear Rejazz, Buildings and I Want to Sing, they're my favorites on that album. But other than that, I would die if she sang "The Virgin Queen" again
  9. Regina answers 5 Questions for VH1

    I thought the questions were a bit strange at first, but when she said she liked pandas, I started to like the whole thing! And, as usual, I loved her outfit. PS: Does anyone have the YouTube link to the video of Regina talking about democracy? I can't find it anymore... Thanks.
  10. Which is the better album?

    I preordered "Far" from Amazon and don't want to be mean and downlowad it for free before I get it, but I estimate that it will be better than Soviet Kitsch. Although... I didn't like it the first few times I listened to it (SK), but then I was listening to it for months in a row... But I'm going to vote when I get "Far".
  11. Name That reg Tune

    Is it "Woolen Gloves"? Cause if it is, it's the first time I got to post in this thread! Here's mine: "not meant for hardship"
  12. Hey I dreamt about Regina!

    I had another dream about Regina the other night! Well, actually, it didn't have much of a story, I just remember I was out in the inner yard of my building and Regina was there, sitting on some ledge and she was wearing a beret and a yellow skirt and I thought she looked so pretty and stylish... and that was it. It's not very dramatic but made me happy anyways.
  13. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    quote: Originally posted by Em Mitchell: quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: Also, did anyone notice the liner notes that 'mod' posted in the lyrics thread for BTH? "C2009 Sire Records. Made in CZ 517761-1" Is mod from the Czech Republic? I dunno.. My CD says "Manufactured in the EU", so it might just be referencing that. Hi, I'm sorry I'm coming back to this but I finally checked my copy of BTH and it has some nonsensical code in the place where CZ is in mod's post [something like TP, can't remember]. Plus the first three digits of the bar code aren't Czech either so I think it's just a coincidence and not a country code *More to the topic, it's a little disappointing there's no sure release date after all, but I keep my hopes up, and maybe the new CD will come out for our June b-days!?
  14. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    Wow, my birthday is in June too! I hope Rockland County and Pound of Flesh are on the album [although the new titles sound weird]! I guess sometime between June and July, I'll be in the music store every day, looking for the CD!!!
  15. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    Ha, I didn't know this! I will have to look at my copy of BTH when I get home. Anyway, in my experience, CDs in Europe are usually printed in the country/region that they will be sold in, so mod may not necessarily be from the Czech Republic, but maybe from central Europe...