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  1. Regina is everywhere

    I just heard Ne Me Quitte Pas 2.0 on Weeds! Almost the full song! I love Weeds, and Regina has been featured heavily before, she even sang the theme song, Little Boxes for season 2. This is officially the best show ever!
  2. Regina Song Showdown!

    Hotel Song w/Reggie Watts and Only Son Vs. On the Radio
  3. Regina Song Showdown!

    Dusseldorf Vs. Baobabs
  4. Regina Song Showdown!

    I Cut Off My Hair Vs. You
  5. Regina Song Showdown!

    Samson Vs. Loveology
  6. Regina Song Showdown!

    Open Vs. I Cut Off My Hair
  7. Regina Song Showdown!

    Daniel Cowman Vs. Oedipus
  8. Color recognition to songs

    Wow this is pretty interesting... I don't visualize colors for most songs, but some for some reason stick out. For me, The Calculation is orange, Machine is a dark purple, Loveology is a faded red, Fidelity is black and white, and 20 years of snow is a pinkish purple... weird.
  9. Name that Reg Tune... in other words

    "I thought I would do something nasty as well." -B.Y.O.S "You have no knowledge on the current subject, but in this case it's completely acceptable."
  10. Regina Song Showdown!

    Oh Marcello Oh Marcello Vs. Firewood
  11. New 3 Word Story

    of snow falling
  12. Build your own Regina album!

    That was surprisingly difficult, I had a hard time deciding between a finished version of Rockland County or Raindrops, however I liked having Belt after Raindrops more than having Belt after Rockland County. 1. I Cut Off My Hair 2. The Virgin Queen 3. Baby Jesus 4. Dog and Pony 5. Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori 6. Raindrops 7. Belt 8. 8th Floor 9. BYOS 10. Loveology
  13. New 3 Word Story

    that sing when
  14. Name that Reg Tune... in other words

    "Be like a cloud" -Be Like a Cloud "Let us venture to the cinema, I will exhale unto you a series of phrases from my lungs that are completely arbitrary."
  15. Regina on Iron Man 3 as Black Widow??!! (IMDB)

    quote: Originally posted by robertaxel: According to this piece, Regina was originally to be featured on CSI as a character, not just her music... I don't think that ever came about.. ) Sadly, Regina never did appear on CSI. However, the episode which she was supposed to be in was a really good one. They got A Fine Frenzy(Allison Sudol) to play the role. I wonder why Regina didn't end up doing it?
  16. quote: Originally posted by TC: Random fact about yourself: I'll be competing in the national debate tournament in two days and I'm so nervous I could vomit. Gahhh! Ahh! I probably would be vomiting while the debate was going on. I hope it went well. Welcome to the 'Stix!
  17. Regina on the Colbert Report June 7th

    Ahh! My two favorite celebrities coming together to create a most epic night of television! I cannot wait! Colbert always has the best musical guests, and I now like him even more(if that's even possible!) for having Regina on his show.
  18. If anyone needs sheet music...

    @Brianna Yeah, I've been gone a while, it's my junior year of High School and I've been Ultra-Mega busy. @Jimetics The song book was published, I know this because I bought a copy off Amazon a year ago, but the sheets were super low quality, arrangement wise. If you want GOOD far sheet music I think there is some in this thread or join the Spektography group on Yahoo.
  19. If anyone needs sheet music...

    quote: Originally posted by almostspotless: Would you guys find it helpful if I were to post videos on youtube that plays the recording along to the sheet music I've transcribed? Or is that stupid and redundant? Also, lovely and secretive mod, would you mind moving this topic somewhere besides the far section? It doesn't really pertain to far. That would actually be helpful to me if you would be up to it. Also, i've always kinda of imagined that Mod is really Regina's secret identity, and that she keeps her forums safe from evil doers always watching over us in the shadows... I <3 you Mod!
  20. Good News Thread!

    So, this seems like pretty good news. One of my friends did a Regina cover, check it out it's great!
  21. I've been gone awhile and I've missed all of you so much! I can't wait to see all the old(and new) peeps here on the 'stix. It's been almost a year, so I thought I would introduce myself. Stats Name or nickname:baby jesus Age: 17 Gender: Male Orientation: Gay Relationship status: Single Location: The Musuem, serving a maximum sentence. Languages: English, French(4 years of study) Life Occupation: Student Hobbies: Playing Piano, video games, being nerdy in general. Interests: Art, music, film, literature, politics, and theatre. Political Views:Lefty Religious Views:Agnostic Favorite Things Foods:Cheeseburger mmmmm. Color:Blue Books: The Picture of Dorian Gray, Beloved,Hugo, The Mysterious Benedict Socitey, Maximum Ride, Golden Compass TV: Futurama, Scrubs, Colbert Report, Daily Show, The Middle, Modern Family Movies: American Beauty, Black Swan, (500)Days of Summer, Chicago Music:Company of Thieves, Marina and the Diamonds, Amanda Palmer, Florence+The Machine, Lana Del Rey, Elizaveta, Garfunkle and Oates, Fun., Metric. Misc Origin or meaning of your Username:It's one of my favorite songs by Regina, and if you haven't heard it. Go listen! Go now! First time you heard Regina: Fidelity: Through a recommendation on an album review for Laura Marling's debut album. Top five Regina Spektor Songs: 1.) Loveology 2.) Virgin Queen 3.) Baby Jesus 4.) Apres Moi 5.)Daniel Cowman: Random fact about yourself: I'm Vice President of my high school's French Club : Who/What inspires you: Art, life Looking forward to this year: What We Saw From the Cheap Seats!!!
  22. Reading Time With Pickle

    I saw some people discussing that this song might be about sex.I was intrigued. I personally think it's about someone who loves pickles and reading with them. She might actually be falling in love with pickles. She has a favorite thing that she likes to escape with. And she loves it. Your Thoughts... I could be totally wrong. I don't have a super english degree or anything. Lyrics. Walking home from work Stop at the supermarket The condiment aisle A jar of pickles catches the eye Made eye contact with a solitary pickle—ah! Bought the jar, took it home Then made it up the stairs And made it through the doorway And waded through the floor Tried to head in the general direction of the bathroom The truest room In the whole damn House Sayin' love Is the answer To a question that I have forgotten And I know I've been asked So the answer has got to be Love Yeah So feeding time with TV Then sleeping time, not sleepy So reading time with pickle But where the bedside lamp had been Is now emanating soft, soft green Has it always been this way? Is it possible that all this magic went unnoticed? Maybe now things'll start to change And life will turn a better page No more rage Sayin' love Is the answer To a question that I Have forgotten But I know I've been asked And the answer's got to be love La-love, la-la-la, la-la-love Tomorrow, back to work again But run to the supermarket Running hopeful through the aisles Haven't been this happy in a long time But not a single jar was smiling After all Man, pickle jars are just Pickle jars And pickles are just pickles Ingredients: Water, salt, cucumbers Garlic and pickling spices But love Is the answer to a question that I Have forgotten And I know I've been asked And the answer's got to be Lo... love Is the answer to a question that I Have forgotten And I know I've been asked And the answer's got to be Love And the answer's got to be love And the answer's got to be love And the answer's got to be love
  23. school = :(

    quote: Originally posted by the monster in your closet: chem exam tomorrow. Blaaaahhhh! Walking to school freezes my brain. Oh and also I have to do my french exam after, because my french teacher is a smelly meanieface. Non! Ton prof est un Super Meanie! C'est terrible! Bonne Chance avec l'examen!
  24. school = :(

    Three words: Gym Class Sucks! I have to wrestler. It's not like I'm not socially awkward enough at school, let's just make my pain ten times worse. Lily, I hate presentations! Grit your teeth and get through it. We all believe in you! Tell us how it went.
  25. Let's go to the Movies...

    I just saw the King's Speech. It was really good! It was a really well made film. I disliked how it just seemed like I had already seen the film before. It definitely followed a pattern and was very predictable(almost blandly predictable, at times). Colin Firth was amazing(and I hope he wins best actor.) Good film, nothing I'd watch more than once, though.