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  1. Hi all, I can't make it to the radio city show I have 2x tickets in orch3 section - hate to see them go to waste so if anyone is interested please let me know - basically just make me an offer and they are yours!
  2. Any chance of NZ?

    I think she needs to play the real cities first (ie Melbourne) - before she does country town gigs
  3. Download Seattle show - 2005-04-14

    Ok, once again the show is up at http://regina.seconddesign.com Please be patient when downloading as a lot of people are trying to get at it at once.
  4. CSI?

    more emotionally? When I first heard the song i pictured an emotional movie scene in my head .... maybe i am just too much a product of culture
  5. Help - Piano Music

    I started this topic here http://reginaspektor.infopop.cc/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/454107688/m/3371092201 Thought that it would be eaiser to have them all together under one post.
  6. DOWNLOAD Boston 04-01-2005 show DOWNLOAD

    You know I listened to the whole thing twice through and I never hear the register until you mentioned it! hehe...it comes in a such dramatic places... i think its quite musical.
  7. DOWNLOAD Boston 04-01-2005 show DOWNLOAD

    ok. mp3's will be at http://regina.seconddesign.com/ in about 1hr..or whenever they are downloaded...
  8. How old is Regina?

    Shes 25. Its true. I read quite a few articals saying that she was 24 last year, and her birthday is in Feb I think... *edit* reads above....yes 18th!
  9. Regina and I shared a moment!

    I'm from Melb...Eastern Subs... How does someone in ballarat hear regina? crazy.. I'm refering to the dresden dolls - check them out - www.dresdendolls.com. They are a punk cabaret rock/pop sound. Hard to explain. I fell in love with there crazy music and thats where i heard about regina from. And I hear dresden dolls from good old Triple J!
  10. You heard Chemo Limo live?

    yes, she has been known to complain that its "too hard" or more regina like "tricky"
  11. Favorite song off of Soviet Kitsch?

    I'm a sucker for ballads. Somedays...
  12. HDTV Version of Tonight Show (Torrent)

    But there are no sources....!!! I don't think that torrent is really going to work with a comunity of this size. If you want I can host it for you - or I can after I get some sources to download from!
  13. Song

    "where turtles crawl and monkeys yaul..."
  14. She was super cute on Jay Leno.

    hey...theres a line you know! Get behind....
  15. The regina tab/chords post

    Hey all, This hasn't been discused really before, so I thought i'd post a new discussion. So post your tabs/chords for any regina songs that you have worked out...I know that some people have work some stuff out.