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  1. Ave Maria

    This song perplexes me to no end.
  2. Regina is everywhere

    Wow, Rosa! It's good to see you on here!! I hope all is well As far as your post, I understand where you are coming from, and I agree that cultural appropriation is a real thing. I just think applying terms like racist, cultural appropriation, etc are completely uncalled for when it comes to halloween costumes, specifically Regina's last year. The aim is to portray a new identity for a night, some people are witches, hopefully this is not an example of religious insensitivity. Others are police officers, and I would like to think that this does not descriminate against actual law officers. I would like to ask these "activists" how geishas or any other individual, of any race is at all affected by a costume? It is a nonsequiter in my mind. I think it's possible to have a tasteless halloween costume, but simply dressing as someone/something does not automatically translate to being offensive, otherwise we should outlaw halloween. Besides, to me it is clear Regina had no such intention. It's not her politics, her demeanor, or her typical behavior. It's fine for people to stick up against injustice, but in this case, there was none, so they just picked on regina with hashtags, it's nonsense imo.
  3. Regina is everywhere

    I am sick of these people who have no connection with a social/cultural group, taking upon themselves the task of speaking for that group. A halloween costume can be anything, that's the point of halloween. Do they honestly think someone dressing as a member of another culture is promoting some kind of racism? That is absurd. A costume is just a costume. There is no cultural context for "YELLOWFACE" and frankly as a black woman I am mildly offended by that suggestion. Blackface was actually a thing, but there is no ethnic group who has been openly mocked with GEISHA COSTUMES. These people need to find something productive and meaningful to do with their lives, rather than villanizing random people for random behavior and attacking innocent people's character. It makes me sick. The comments are annoying as well, they might was well say "I HATE WHEN ARTISTS GET THINGS SO WROOOONG," "CULTURAL APPROPRIATION IS THE SCARIEST THING I'M WITNESSING THIS HALLOWEEN" "WHO CALLS THEM GEISHAS? THAT'S HOMOPHOBIC" The level of willful ignorance these people display is vexing. Sorry for the rant, guys. I just hate when self-righteous ignorant people prey on the openness created by the internet. I think if people are going to express offense or hurt, it should have an ounce of genuine feature to it. Don't "be outraged" on someone else's behalf, because in the end it's just about having a hobby and making yourself look important to other political correctness nazis.
  4. Hey I dreamt about Regina!

    Omg, just recently i had a Regi dream! It was a concert, of course lol and she played a new song. I actually was able to remember it when i woke up! I was able to sing it and i swear i wrote down some lyrics. It was a duet with Jack. But who am i to say anything my brain would dream up would be worthy of the title of Regina? No chance in hell i could write something on her level, that's part of the magic of her work, and why we are all so eager for the next release!
  5. "stay"

    not that I don't appreciate the chance to brush up on my russian, but does the above post have anything to do with regi? Why the random clothing ad?
  6. Party Upstairs

    This song makes me think about the strange relationship between being an individual and conforming. There is an aspect of being fully yourself that includes being influenced, shaped, and tailored by a group, who are all having the same effect on one another. But that's never all of anyone, there is no such thing as simply being a face in a crowd, because each person is still, well, a person! So you shouldn't lose your past, your unique qualities, or your volition just because you've found a crowd. Anyway, I love the melody on this one, it's super catchy and fun to sing! I hope it makes its way onto an album someday soon!
  7. New songs posted on youtube

    I hear "delis," as well. "Stay" will grow on me over time, it's a captivating song, but right now, i am all about "Party Upstairs," I had it memorized before the day was out lol! Thanks for the tip, Robert! You always seem to find these little Regina tidbits around the internet that I never would have known about otherwise
  8. New songs posted on youtube

    thanks, guys! I was partial to the word "pack," but both interpretations seem to fit the song. I'll re-listen and see! ChooSum, I believe she says, "stop the meter, sir." I wonder how long ago "Stay" was written. She specifies that the song isn't necessarily new, but new to us. I love that there are so many gems just waiting their turn to surface from her repertoire.
  9. New songs posted on youtube

    I am wondering, in "Party Upstairs," does anyone know what the line is during the bridge: You can dance right through the danger ??? Wild strangers Doesn't even matter where you are I have no guesses myself, just curious if anyone else happens to have caught it. Thanks either way! Edit: PS, I'm obsessed with this song, can't get enough of it!
  10. Irving Plaza - 19 November 2014

    New song!!!!!!!!!!!! "Stay." it's really interesting, I liked hearing a lighter/more positive song referencing God. I am excited to hear what everyone thinks about it! Mandatory speculation: might this appear on a new album? And does that mean Lucky Penny could, too? I adore that song, a studio version would be so neat to hear!
  11. Love Me or Leave Me

    I swear I have a 6th sense. It alerts me to new Regina material lol! I haven't been spending much time with her music, maybe the past year or so. But then, I began checking daily for updates about Regina for about a week before discovering this release, and then boom, there it was! Anyway, this is a great performance, I love that Love Me or Leave Me and My Man for Boardwalk Empire both have an authentic old-school, classic vocal style, without losing Regina's own flair. What a talent it takes to pull that off! I think she'll always be one of my favorite vocalists and songwriters, as long as I live haha Here's to a new record! I have been craving one from her lately. I've been spending time rediscovering old gems like the live Dance Anthem (with the winding-down ending) and Daniel Cowman. Or a produced version of Lacrimosa, can you imagine?! I have new hope for these songs since WWSFTCS brought us a new version of Ne Me Quitte Pas!
  12. Back of a Truck

    Lyrics, as originally posted to the Stix by the lovely Regina: 3. Back of a truck Posted: Sun Jan 05, 2003 1:31 am Post subject: Back of a truck -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Back of a truck She lifted the monument in her monumental arms She was the mother superior with carry-on luggage charms She was this androgynous powder nosed girl next door She had eaten her dog and he was back for more back for more Her gym teacher thought himself a sweat sock demi god Her geraniums thought themselves an alien pod Her front porch gave way beneath classified weight And when the ambulance came they said it's much too late oh it's much too late Now the people of New Guinea and the people of LA Have been pen pals for years cause they both hate ballet Only the pandas and bears have made a clean getaway But the news bulletin claims it's gonna be ok Now Miss Lucy had a sweatshop where the immigrants worked Problem was they all turned to pumpkins at the twelve o'clock stroke Promptly confiscated by police precinct number X That was when the alien geraniums demanded the facts No violence off course no violence off course hey no violence off course. Off course? Why yes, of course Here the story gets hazy and the hair gets too long The TV gets quiet as we hear a real bad song The mothers get whiskey and the girlfriends get tongue And there's a back of a truck selling smoke free lungs There's a back of a truck selling alien pods There's a back of a truck selling game show hosts There's a back of a truck selling the souls of the dead There's a back of a truck selling crumb free bread This is New York There's a back of a truck selling the back of a car There's a back of a car selling roadway maps There are roadway maps selling the back of a head Hey how much for that back of a head, man? Hey wait a minute that's my back of a head Hey you can't sell that man. That's mine. Hey sell it back to me man. Hey sell it back to me It's mine!' She lifted the monument in her monumental arms She was the mother superior with carry-on luggage charms She was this androgynous powder nosed girl next door She had eaten her dog and he was back for more... ------- I think this song is a mix of whimsy and realism on purpose: we have impossible, seemingly magical images painted right alongside glaringly realistic ones; everything from alien geraniums to new york maps selling the back of a person's head! This is just a representation of new york in so many words; magical on the one hand and impossible, yet gray, mundane, and everyday typical on the other. I've always loved regina's depictions of new york in her songs, and i think beteen this and soho, she does a fantastic job of conveying her impression of the city I'm interested in what you guys think of it! i thought there was already a discussion on the song, but i did a search and looked through. No other thread about it! Such a crime, this is one of the most distinctive songs i know! also, i think it's great how the roadway maps apprear to be giving the narrator a hard time about buying her head back, and that only a moment before the narrator was just realizing that it was missing! xD here the marrator was giving us this tour of the city and the people, and the world from a NYC perspective, and then was unpleasantly surprised that she wasn't above it all, and that it had stolen a part of her
  13. Just Like the Movies

    I know we're all still hooked on the new album, but I can't believe we don't have a discussion for this lovely song! It's just like the movies I eat from the trees If I do not open the curtains then I cannot see All the people run by... My heart eats beats (beets?) My heart eats love You are mistaken 'cause I do not bite Over the Williamsburg bridge on a bike And if he loves me, then why does he leave? Don't say goodbye like you're burying him 'Cause the world is round and he might return
  14. Dog and Pony

    This song is heartwrenching, and i have no idea what it's about. Thoughts?
  15. New Song - Blood Of Eden

    This speaks my heart perfectly about Regina's newer work. Before I go on, I want to give a disclaimer: they always were and always will be her songs. She can play and produce, ignore or exalt them at her discretion. I am not at all speaking of Regina's choices as an artist, whether she's still honest, creative, independent, and unique. I don't believe these qualities can truly be taken from a person; that's part of who she is. No, my trouble is, I don’t connect as much with her newer works. We all seem to see a change happening, but where, and how? Is it for the better? Will she ever again make something that grips my heart and makes my imagination dance? I have never understood what's so special about her music to me, but I think perhaps ChooSum has nailed it: her personality. It leaked, oozed, sobbed, lilted from her old work because personality is all she had to work with. It wasn't about the instruments used. Whoever complained of the drums on 8th Floor and AB? The strings behind You and Hero? What about the echo on Flyin’? Not me; I did not fall in love with her production, but with the artistry of its execution. Regina would render herself an instrument: the canvas was silence (or crowd chatter, sometimes!) and with her voice and musical instruments she became her own paint to produce a million tiny worlds, portraying both the subtleties and the broadest of strokes, of humans living life. Because her production studio was a ways off, she pressured herself to transcend. Those songs were performed with precision and class, staving off mockery and enriching those who listened closely enough to hear. And this brings me to my point: these newer releases lack that sweet balance between personality and mechanized processes that caused me to become a fan in the first place. Even her unparalleled melodies, when sung without her heart, become as much a computer's contribution to a track as autotune and drum machines. In other words, they contain nothing of Regina. There are few moments where I, personally, saw Regina, just Regina, on far. There were more of them on Cheap Seats. I bring this up because I am not trying to eulogize my fandom. I still believe I’ll fall for her work again; she's still herself, and she could never be anyone else. So why in the world would I not have a fair shot at loving what she makes down the road? What I hope to see from Regina is to remain a soul first, and a singer/producer/industry player second. No drumbeat or “gloss” could ruin my favorite fan recordings because production in those recordings is irrelevant: what grabs me about her work is her personality. The more personality that surfaces, the happier I am with the track, plain and simple. And I'm not hating on far or Cheap Seats: I do love both albums, but it's not the full brunt of the love I have for her work on the whole. Even a "throwaway" from Regina's songs beats the 'top-40' list by a mile! I'm not saying the new stuff stinks, I'm saying that in my experience it is lackluster for Regina, and by comparison makes me worry that, for me, her best years are behind her. Time will tell. This Blood of Eden cover is quite nice, and I believe it will grow on me; it does not showcase what I love about her work, but hey, it's still a solid performance of a great song. So props to Regi, even if it didn't change my life. How many artists have fans who would even dream of such a notion?
  16. Daniel Cowman

    I love what people have written so far about this song! I agree, it's full of stream-of-consciousness, and is not really about the plot. However, I have to disagree that Daniel dies in the end(?!?!) I read heroin boy as being different from Daniel, and even the narrator. I think they're supposed to be (at least to the narrator) three separate people. It's heroin boy who "goes swimming..." which, by the way, is not his term, but the narrator's, and possibly Daniel's. Heroin Boy simply wants to take a bath. Heroin Boy makes an important logical falacy: he says that, because a person has sentenced him to hang, it becomes physically impossible to drown. I don't think he does drown in the end, and that's the point. Everyone else is concerned with how he will die, but he just wants to enjoy the time he has left. I'd say heroin boy and Daniel Cowman are distinct, despite the fact that both apparently faced death sentences, because all of the bathtub drama is taking place in Daniel's memory. He's thinking back to experiences he had with someone the narrator calls "(the) heroin boy," so he is not the one who bathed, and certainly hasn't drowned, at least in my opinion! Either way, I think this song is just too awesome: the narrator constantly blurs past and present, self and other, and alternates between self-awareness and getting lost in reverie. The coolest thing about it is, it causes me to do the same thing as I listen. Another masterfully written song by Regi! One of my earliest loves from her catalogue, like many others here. kaoir, solipsism hits the nail on the head! Absolutely, that would explain the poor distinction between charater and narrator: they're all figments of his imagination, as far as he's concerned. Then he experiences reverse-solipsism when Daniel dies... now the narrator himself doesn't exist, becauase he is a figment of Daniel's imagination, since there is no actual "self" in solipsism, as it's been explained to me, at least xD I don't know, just a thought. I won't ramble any more!
  17. Folding Chair

    I love this song. it's one of my first hardcore Regina loves! Yet, ever since i started reading into Regina's lyrics, Folding Chair has left me with a question mark over my head. On the surface, it's a skippy story-song, but there's more to it than that. The main character is on the brink of suicide, the beach isn't bright and sunny. instead there's a shadow so heavy you can't read her eyes. The beach is abandoned. In fact, i remember right off the bat, i assumed that she had buried her feet for the purpose of holding herself down once the water came close enough to drown her, just in case she had second thoughts. There's just always been an ominous undertone to this song for me. At the same time, we're being invited to pull up a chair next to her, and then to rent/buy a trailer by the beach and have a kid together (not your typical parenting vision, but hey...). And then there're the dolphin noises. I always just took them to be a random answer to the "oo-oo-oo" part earlier in the song lol "maybe one day, you will understand that i want nothing from you but to sweetly hold your hand until that day, just please don't be so down don't make frowns you silly clown." Could this song be more of a two-person dialogue, rather than just one lonely woman on a beach? If so, who exactly is the other person? Because surely the suicidal woman isn't the one saying, "please don't be so sad. Cheer up!" i guess the main conflict i have with this song is that 1. it sounds happy. Very telling in a Regina song (happy-sounding usually means sad/depressing/dangerous). and 2. there seem to be some very different views going on in this song. If you want a family, you want others to be happy, you have a perfect body simply because it's working properly, then why the attempted suicide? Why have you spent several years on a dreary, abandoned beach? Last thought (sorry this is so long!): Could there be some undertones of marraige? the tide she's been afraid of for all these years represents settling down. Now she's sitting here alone. She still has feelings for him (that's the part where she's /still/ sitting on the beach), but won't throw herself into the relationship, or, rather, won't let marriage overcome her (like the ocean waves: "but every time the tide come in to take me home/ i get scared"). So, rather than being suicidal, she's a "free spirit", afraid to limit herself to being a wife. As a result, he left her. ("... now i'm sittin her alone, dreaming of the dolphin song") So she'd rather rent a trailer, and raise the kids there! let's just live together all alone by the beach and have a baby boy! (hence the happy vibe on that part of the album version, and the enthusiasm Regina sings with on the live rec.), but that's not enough for her. So i guess the song is sung from her end of things, to the man who left her because he wanted to get hitched and she refused. BAM! i believe they call that an epiphany. So what do you guys think of Folding Chair?
  18. Early fan Recordings

    hey, josefgabriel, It sounds like you're facing some tough times, I'm really sorry to hear that. I hope things turn around for you! God bless, keep your chin up, as they say!
  19. Oops! Google Chrome could not find

    Hey, Aaron! (I hope it's okay to call you by your first name!) I'm making headway with transcribing the lyrics. What's the most convenient way to get them to you? Posting here? E-mail? Submit somewhere on RSO?
  20. Oops! Google Chrome could not find

    I'm all about this, Mr Eshbach! Anything i can do to help, I'd be pleased to do so. Which songs need lyrics?
  21. Wee Rants

    That comment always gets to me. I think regi uses the OOooOo's rather tastefully, so they shouldn't cause confusion about which song is which. So when someone complains about her use of them, I assume that they're lazy listeners, or have written regina off. Bad news either way. Good luck with your son! I hope he falls under the sway of regina's magic :-)
  22. What are you listening to right now?

    ^^Wow, that's so great! I've been hoping to stumble across some VSQ Regi covers! Thanks for sharing that. Next time i get some cash, i'll be buying that album for sure Currently listening: I don't think this is upbeat enough to run to, but i'd recommend it to anyone!
  23. What are you listening to right now?

    Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast. He's one of the best standups working today, and listening to the podcast you can hear he's not just great on stage, but is genuinely a funny guy. I recommend him to anyone who needs a laugh! Language gets a little salty, but i figure Regi's crowd could handle it ;-) p.s. Bill will be guest starring on New Girl sometime soon!!! One of my favorite comics on one of my favorite shows! I hope it goes well!
  24. Sexuality

    rainna, i can totally relate! I had a giant crush on a guy who turned out to be gay, as well. He's sweet, attractive, charming, helpful, and talented. I was crushed when i found out i could never stand a chance. I don't still have feelings for him, i just wish him the best. It took about a year or so to completely move on. I'm like you, in that i don't get interested in guys too often, so it was extra hard to move on for me. I regret not trying to become closer friends with him now, cause he's a great guy. But who knows, maybe it would've been too weird to try getting close when i liked him i don't know. Either way, i'm sorry for your situation, and i hope that things work out well for you. It's good that you found out about his boyfriend before working up the nerve to make a move, at least. That's one thing i'm glad about with my situation: he never knew how i felt, which made it easier to make a clean break, so to speak. Good luck! I'm sorry it didn't work out with this one guy, but i'm sure you'll find someone who is just as crazy about you as you will be about them! Don't give up, just wait it out; that's all you can do. Sorry i don't have more than a couple of cliches to offer you, but i don't know much about this love stuff lol Maybe someone with a richer romantic background can jump in and help us both out!
  25. Regina Song Showdown!

    Aquarius vs. The Noise