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  1. I like the album - but do think that putting Fidelity and Better at the start was a mistake. She probably shouldn't have put those two on her Myspace page either, as they're what most people are moaning about. If, perhaps, Bartender or Blue Lips or Bobbin' for Apples (or any other song beginning with 'B') had been there, no one would be complaining. But the new versions of Samson and That Time are improvements. Interestingly, all the UK reviews I've read love the record for the quirkier stuff - so if there was a little bit of compromising going on for new listeners (and why shouldn't she?), then it probably wasn't necessary after all. I've seen Regina 8 or 9 times now, and I've never heard some of the songs (eg Lady), so I'm happy. And there's always the internet...
  2. T in the Park

    Going to see The Spinto Band in London tomorrow - saw them in January and thought they were going to do well. It's maybe not a bad thing that hype hasn't swept them away just yet. It's early days though - they're still playing smallish venues - but they're all about 18, so plenty of time on their side.
  3. track confussion

    It's 'Bobbin' for Apples' - don't think it's on any of her records, but there's any number of live versions out there.
  4. begin to hope album/song mystery/let-down

    I agree - I think 'I've forgotten how to play it' is just a polite way of saying 'Please don't interrupt me three songs into my performance, for which I've put together a perfectly good set list'! I thought a jet-lagged Regina was slightly overawed in front of what was quite a formal audience - several hundred people, sitting down in a 'grown-up' venue etc. We didn't get quite as much inter-song charming chitchat that we usually get, but she sounded great. I was also at Nottingham on Saturday. There the sound was not as good as QEH, but the atmosphere (and Regina) was much more relaxed, and it was the first time I'd heard an audience singing along to Regina's songs - 'MaryAnn's a BITCH'. She seemed to be enjoying herself much more (despite the heat and fainting), and looked good in her shorts.
  5. Brighton No-Show?

    Something to look forward to next month though, plus you get a mystery gift: Hmmm?
  6. Good long article: On the town
  7. Regina does Manhattan

    Good long article: On the town
  8. Regina. Us. TV Commercial.

    Anyone else seen the Sky 'Skateboarder' ad yet in UK cinemas? Not sure about a connection between 'Us' and skateboards, but it looks and sounds marvellous. Telecommunications & broadcasting ads seem to have a soft spot for solo women with great voices - I can think of Feist, Vashti Bunyan, Joanna Newsom and now Regina all currently doing the rounds, lending their sweet sound to shift product. Let's just hope Regina doesn't 'do a Moby'.
  9. Regina live in London this June

    Thanks for the tip, Simon. I saw Joanna Newsom at the RFH last year, and thought it only a matter of time before Regina did a show there. Great sound, as you'd expect. Doesn't even clash with the World Cup, which is nice.
  10. Myspace songs

    quote: Bah ha ha that would rock if she made a song to the casio demo tracks -dies in hurrahness- How about a DFA remix?!
  11. new songs...

    I really don't understand what all the fuss is about. A lot of people are acting like spoilt brats! But we are a spoilt group. We have a number of different versions of songs to listen to, by an artist who doesn't mind bootlegs and unofficial recordings being available on the internet. We live in the MP3 download world, so if you don't like the CD get off your butt and go online. There's also the small fact that Regina Spektor likes to tour - I've seen her 7 times in 2 years and each time she's that little bit different. Thank you Regina. I personally hope the version of Samson on the new CD is a little bit different, because then I can compare it to the version on 'Songs' and the times I've heard it live.
  12. Regina's also the subject of Levy's 'Rotten Love' [allegedly . . .]
  13. Colchester show

    At the Shepherd's Bush Empire there were signs up at the bar saying the 'artists request silence when they're performing', which I thought was a good (and unusual) thing. Shouldn't have to put signs up, mind you . . . What really annoys me is at loud gigs (ie not Regina's), you get people SHOUTING over the music because the music's LOUD! And don't get me started on people with their phones stuck in the air . . . . .
  14. There's a nice interview with the Russian chanteuse in today's Daily Telegraph, and it doesn't even mention The Strokes (like the lazier journos do):
  15. More press coverage . . .

    There's a nice interview with the Russian chanteuse in today's Daily Telegraph, and it doesn't even mention The Strokes (like the lazier journos do):