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  1. Cant Make it to Irving :(

    Quite a fun show. The place was full, but not quite packed. Over 1000 people, I think. And they knew the music on the CDs. This was my first Regina Spektor show (I rarely go to concerts anymore), and I had a great time, even though it was (as Regina said) a school night. Regina said that she had never done a cover song until this week, and that she really loved doing it (the two Leonard Cohen songs, I guess). She also said that those songs were better than hers, which (of course) got a lot of boos. She really seemed overwhelmed by the size of crowd.
  2. Whos who!?

    I live in Brooklyn (NY) and Brookline (MA) this year. 33 years on this earth. Loving Ms Spektor's music. I'd love to hit a gig.