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  1. omg! if this is true then i'm so happy for them!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Regina!. thank you for everything u do, for being you, for sharing your music with us and making us happy. Enjoy your day with your loved ones! Best wishes for this year!
  3. Interviews & Appearances 2010

    Rolling Stone Interview maybe this one should be on a new thread: "interviews and appearances 2011" It was uploaded today, but it doesn't say the exact date of the interview...
  4. Brumstix Project!

    Folding Chair - lyrics on balloons =)
  5. Handwriting

    ok, my suggestion then folding chair / lyrics on balloons
  6. Handwriting

    suggestions: dance anthem of the 80's, wallet, folding chair
  7. Announcement about DVD :)

    Yes, they ship them separately. Don't worry quote: Please be aware that your items may have shipped in separate boxes and could possibly arrive on separate days. Posters and lithographs will generally ship separately from your other items in their own container.
  8. Regina on Jimmy Fallon Nov.23

    quote: Originally posted by Appt: the sing-along girl is fun but incredibly distracting I keep watching her instead of Regina... lol! the same happened to me
  9. Regina Song Showdown!

    Daniel Cowman vs Sailor Song
  10. Regina on Jimmy Fallon Nov.23

    i just watched it full HD here she was great!!!!!!!!! i love her!
  11. Regina Song Showdown!

    Consequence of Sounds vs Reading Time with Pickle
  12. Announcement about DVD :)

    I just got that e-mail too! i'm so excited!!
  13. Lets have a look...

    my pretty clean desktop (yeah, i have a special folder for reg )
  14. Funny things to share

    Where did that come from?
  15. Bulletin Posts

  16. Funny things to share

  17. aww they are so cute!, congratulations! =)
  18. this one? i give up
  19. quote: Originally posted by addiction to hands&feet: can ya'll help me find a photo? it's one taken of her singing "ain't no cover" i think, because she's tapping her mic with two's a shot taken from below, from the audience. if you were in the audience, the left side of her face would be more toward you, and it's nearly a full-body shot, i think. sorry for not being more specific, i don't know where it was taken or anything if any of you understand these vague ramblings, help a brother out? i don't think this is the one you're looking for, but according to your description it's a similar shot, is it?. So maybe it may serve as an example XD or maybe this one
  20. Regina Spektor en Cd. de Mexico 16 de Octubre. Quien va? Translation: to all of you who came today to see Regina Spektor, we're going to invite you to see Kate Nash! Let's see what she thinks about our piano So yeah, maybe it was just that... issues with the piano
  21. Regina Spektor en Cd. de Mexico 16 de Octubre. Quien va?

    Maybe there were some issues with the piano. Anyway, calling her racist, like the other guy did, is a ridiculous overreaction. I think nothing really bad happened, maybe there was just some kind of disagreement.
  22. This was cool! omg i never noticed that before. I checked the pics i took when she came to Argentina and she drew the heart too! u can see it clearly on these two pics =)
  23. What are you listening to right now?

    radiohead - sail to the moon