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  1. I hope this thread wasn't already created, but I was just curious We all have periods we listen to a certain song over and over again - what song of Regina have you recently been listening to? Right now I'm really digging december
  2. Any opinions on the best recording of Small Town Moon?
  3. Mapping out Reginapolis

    This is still on my to-do list! And I believe the royal palace from 'Oedipus' hasn't been mentioned yet!
  4. Dusseldorf

    This song makes me feel like going to places and have cool experiences, instead of living my boring life...
  5. Regina is everywhere

    quote: Originally posted by Eline123: The calculation is used in a commercial here! Yeah I noticed that too!
  6. Is this reg?

    The link for the Hero demo doesn't work any more! Does anyone have it?
  7. Mental Images during songs.

    I love reading everyone's mental images. Keep them coming This is my visual image of Human of The Year: The cathedral is standing in between urban buildings, on a large and busy square in some city. Karl Projektorinski steps out of the cathedral which he visits every week to pray and feel at peace. He then gets approached by this Regina person, announcing he's won the title 'Human of the year'... And while all the people on this busy square keep walking past him and live their lives, it seems like a world is opening up before him, 'the icons' which in my mind look like some old monks or something, knowingly smile to him from the bench they're sitting on across the street, and all of a sudden he sees the square is filled with thousands of cars beeping for him... It's a surreal event, like in some way it's really happening and in some way it's not. Because when the song ends the Regina person will have suddenly disappeared, cars are driving around like they normally do and the icons on the bench seem to be just two ordinary old men... but something inside of Karl has changed. I love this song sooo much.
  8. Regina on Triple J

    She's seen pandas? Now I'm jealous
  9. Mental Images during songs.

    To me it's hard to describe what I think about when I hear one of Regina's songs, because some of them are so much more than just a mental image, for example when I hear that live version of Field Below it feels like I'm looking down on a large undefined space but it's somewhat yellow/gold-ish and feels like a cold but sunny winter's day, and like you are just floating there knowing there's a lot of space beneath your feet and closing your eyes and just listening to the sounds of a park...
  10. Gaga and Spektor

    What makes them so hard to compare is that whereas with Regina it's basically all about the music, Gaga is really a performer so for her the combination of theatrics, fashion and music is what makes her an artist. That's a very different thing. Both are very talented in what they do but it just isn't the same. I have a lot of respect for Gaga because she really works her ass off, I may not like all of her music (there are some good songs though) but I certainly enjoy her videos/performances/interviews/crazy outfits. She is a woman with a vision and also very inspirational, I mean if you want to wear a huge glittery lobster on your head you fucking can, haha. But that doesn't change the fact that I thing Regina's music is some of the best in the whole damn world.
  11. December

    God I can't get over how powerful this song is. It really is the perfect illustration of the emotion it is supposed to portray. The mental image I have for this song is someone standing inside a house saying "we are not evacuating this house" over and over again when the house has in fact been evacuated a long time ago. Also, I have always assumed that "won't you feel happier then?" was meant in a bitter way since the overall tone of the song is so bitter.
  12. Regina's Recurring Motifs

    ^ In Rockland Country she mentions the statue of Liberty and in All The Rowboats she mentions a sculpture... And I love that feeling too, there are still so much songs of Regina that I have yet to hear and that's very exciting. I like to take my time for every song because every single one is so special. Yay for Regina's productiveness!
  13. Grammys 2010

    I didn't see the whole thing but I saw Lady Gaga's and Elton John's performance on Youtube. Man that was amazing I really think Gaga deserved to win grammys, she is a very hard working woman. Her outfits were awesome too
  14. regina lyric chain game!

    I'm not my own, it's not my choice
  15. Regina Song Showdown!

    A Cannon vs. Wallet
  16. Regina's Recurring Motifs

    Haha yeah... it gets kind of old how people are always associating Amsterdam with drugs, but when it's done in a kick ass song you won't hear me complain.
  17. The thread of spontaneity.

    ...good explanation. I don't know where it's from, it's just one of those pics I randomly found on the internet...
  18. Regina's Recurring Motifs

    Oh, how could I forget that, that line's even about my own city! XD
  19. The Bjork Appreciation Thread

    I got her greatest hits CD this Christmas and I love every single song... sooo much. They're genius. I need more albums. What I also love about Björk are her photo shoots... they're so creative and imaginative! I'm in love with this:
  20. The thread of spontaneity.

    They forgot the most important saurus of all... yeah you know what I mean!
  21. Regina's Recurring Motifs

    A few mentions of drugs: Hotel Song and Mermaid mention cocaine, Daniel Cowman mentions heroin, That Time mentions some hallucinogenic drug.
  22. Mapping out Reginapolis

    Or the book store from Man of a 1000 faces... The local record store from Mermaid The subway platform from Ghost of Corporate Future The Blockbuster from Wallet And maybe the swimming pool from Rockland Country The list goes on and on!
  23. Mapping out Reginapolis

    Don't forget "the porridge"! Haha I love this idea.
  24. On friends and Regina Spektor

    I have never encountered a person who has heard of Regina before! It's frustrating Some of my friends have only heard 'Us' because I put that song on a CD we took with us on a vacation. Their responses were very positive, though. Some even said they thought it was the best song on the CD. But I haven't converted any of them to Reginaism... When I went to her concert I had to go alone. I also let another friend of mine listen to some of her songs, but she said she didn't like the way Regina changes from high pitched notes to low pitches notes, or something like that, and she didn't really like her voice (wtf?) I'm used to it though, pretty much everything I listen to is something my friends have never heard of or they just don't like it.
  25. Regina is everywhere

    I recently heard Dance Anthem Of The 80's in a H&M store... I thought that was pretty awesome since I NEVER hear Regina in public. Except for Samson, two years ago... that was how I came into contact with her music