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  1. Whos who!?

    sarah from new zealand, but currently living in south London - 27.
  2. speed?

    might have been home town nerves?
  3. Have you seen the Oxfam website lately?
  4. Buy someone you love a goat for Christmas

    yay im glad you guys have got amongst it! Today I ordered my Pa some teacher training for a nomad teacher (he's a teacher you see),
  5. Buy someone you love a goat for Christmas

    Have you seen the Oxfam website lately?
  6. London date info?

    oh I found it: go into the NME website and search regina's name under 'tickets'
  7. London date info?

    I feel the same! Weirdness!! LOL! :wink: Does no one know nuffin?
  8. President?!!! *beams* I like the sound that. Perhaps they'll make a statue of me? I'll have to stock up on rust-guard for the ol' snoz.
  9. Hey kids!

    hi! pleased to make your acquiantence Jim.
  10. awwww Simon your lovely. I think Simon needs his own fan club.
  11. Barfly Gig

    hey when the gig goes on to xfm website can someone post the link....though I will keep on a lookin myself! gracias.
  12. Barfly Gig

    Regina, you know how to put on a great show and you totally already know how to make recordz!!! Was so funnee my friend Ben and I were giggling all the way thru The Earlies and then you! Come back to Camden soon, we likes ya.
  13. Barfly gig

    oh no! poor mike! so absou no door sales????
  14. Spitz gig ----

    I love those buses, they are so romantic looking and so cool cos you can run and fling yourself on to them as they drive off. I always wish i could grab the Oxford St No. 12 which goes past my stop as it is one of those.
  15. Spitz gig ----

    cool amanda - glad it was a good show. I'll see ya at Barfly with my porta-fan.
  16. Ex-poser?

    Ta for the info - seems that things are lookin up. I saw Dios a few months ago - they were superb. They opened for The Shins and The Stills at Shepards Bush - reviewed here:
  17. Ex-poser?

    oh you can have them if you want. Ive got an email ticket that I can forward you if you [i:0a233328cc]promise[/i:0a233328cc] you'll go and report back on here all about it. Let me know....
  18. Ex-poser?

    arrgh I am interested to hear about this Monarch bizzo. I am gutted. I bought tickets for the Spitz last week and have just discovered to my horrer that I have something else on that night that I cannot escape from. sob.

    it rocks. im so shite though. I would make a BAD BAD crane driver, so bad id need spankin from big boss crane driver.
  20. 3 word story

    So the Frog
  21. you should play a show in...

    same - that line was the best - shame about everything else. Oh the dance scene was great. The guy he did the dance off with looked like Har Mar..was it?
  22. Who would you like to see regina tour with

    beth orton...Ben Harper - the datsuns
  23. No French Festival

    hey Regina sorry to hear you aren't feeling too flash. I hope you get better soon. Keep up the soup intake. neena xx
  24. article in INTERVIEW Mag

    i agree - stylie dame!