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  1. Regina in the Live Room (Warner Sound)

    On the "Patron Saint" vid, the official Warner Sound youtube channel responded, even more explicitly than that Phil Botti comment: "We can assure you that Regina's voice has not been manipulated with auto-tune or any other pitch correcting software in her Live Room performances. Make sure you're watching in full HD for the best audio quality." But it certainly sounds pitch-corrected to me, which is a shame. And also...who in the world would rid "Open" of all dynamics? What?!?!
  2. Unknown song from 2001?

    I mean, I would probably name it "Life is a Drag" or "Eternal Life is a Drag." That's the thing---it's so subjective! I'm sure we'll have a generally agreed-upon provisional title soon. For now it's "that new old song."
  3. The Complete Spektography - Every. Single. Song.

    I don't know if I'm the first to figure it out or not, but this performance was in March 2001! Via the amazing way-back machine (http://tinyurl.com/ReginaSites), I went to a 2002 version of reginaspektor.com, and in the "Photo Album" section, there are some Swiss newspaper cut-outs of Regina and Renate Hug at the Marabu which the captions say are from March 2001. And in two of them (photos of her playing "One String Blues" and "Braille") she is wearing the same outfit as the video! This video is such an amazing find!!!
  4. Announcement about DVD :)

    Maybe it's already been discussed, but does anyone know exactly what this is? Is it just footage of the concert, or with documentary/behind-the-scenes components? The latter would be fascinating (though it seems less likely), but either way...YAYYYYYYY!!!!!
  5. Crystal Geyser Commercial

    Nice find! I like how it's titled "Draw your own conclusion" and yet the conclusion drawn is not "Oh, I should buy that brand" but "They just freaking plagiarized Regina!" And I searched for the Maybeline ad; I think this is it: Both are too close for comfort, as though they aren't even remotely trying to hide it! A bit cheap for a company to do, if you ask me. They should have just used the songs!
  6. What are you listening to right now?

    Oh No!-Marina and the Diamonds I now know why several Stixers have recommended her music; for some reason i checked her out only now, and am now obsessed with this song, and although I intend to dig deeper when I'm more coherent, what else I've heard of hers is good too. <Sigh> Why does British music have to be so much better overall than American?
  7. Regina's Radiohead Cover on iTunes this tuesday!

    OMG!!!!!!! We did get lucky indeed! Thank you so much for that link, makingstuffup! This cover is so freaking amazing!
  8. Northwestern University's Dillo Day- May 29, 2010

    How come half the comments on that page are negative?! If Regina Freaking Spektor's coming to your campus, at least be a little grateful, goshdarnit!
  9. Genius Next Door

    This may or may not have been an inspiration for GND, just something that caught my eye... I was reading Shakespeare's play "Troilus and Cressida" for class and came across this line: "Some say the Genius so cries "come" to him that instantly must die" (Act 4 scene 4). It's probably not a source but still intriguing I thought. Genius (capitalized no less!), death, and crying "come" in the same sentence!
  10. What is "Falling Close?"

    With no sources at all, I'd say it's definitely a hoax. It doesn't make sense anyway that a new album "Falling Close" would fall so closely after Far when Far came so far after we'd begun to hope for a Begin to Hope follow-up.
  11. Interesting...

    Oh well. Makes sense, though; a brand new song called "Ass" sounded too good to be true. Those Japanese transliterations are quite fascinating. Reji-na Supekuta- is going international! Woo!
  12. Review of "Far"

    Someone's sure been having fun with the Wikipedia article. The critical reception part currently reads, "The critical reception has been generally better. So far so good. Sir Nigel Twit-Thornewaite of the Okeefenokee Bass Fishing Review perceptively called it 'so sweet and juicy'. Alfalfa Liverwurst of the Poughkeepsie Tiddleewinks Review commended its 'heavyness' specifying that it's 'not just cute'. Margery Greenswill of Butterfly Catcher Quarterly noted that 'it's like, out there, totally out there...the consequence of sounds', giving it a rating of 15 3/7 thumbs up on a scale of 17 5/8." [Edit: and the citation for all this is http://www.houghtonmifflinbook...storyhourinvite.pdf] lol!!! And thanks for the link, Soiram (the review is on the second page btw for those confused at first...or maybe it's just me)...and as for the "mainstream"-ness, I don't know either if it comes more from her or the label. I think the label wants it and she at least approves of it; I don't think she cares too much about commercial success though.
  13. Vote for Regina's Laughing With on the VH1 countdown!

    So, I was watching a repeat of the countdown this morning and, yeah, Regina wasn't on it, but there was a commercial for Far between #2 and #1 (yay!!!!). And she has been getting quite a bit of other promotion on VH1 lately, so that's great. Even if LW doesn't make it on the Top 20 (and I've been voting for it too), I'd be surprised if some video from Far doesn't at some point, and at least VH1 is helping promote the album more than I'd expect for a 'quirky' artist. I think it's cool she's even on the short list for the countdown, let alone at a thermometer...though fire would be cool too.
  14. Explain Your Name Here!!

    I'd wanted my username to be Regina song reference, but I was extremely paranoid that anything I chose would be too close to someone else's username...so I decided to reference a song I hadn't even heard yet, lol. I had heard the Amazon clip and liked it, so I decided to take a gamble of sorts and go with it. I've only heard "Machine" twice now, but I think I quite like it!
  15. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    quote: I'm sure the special edition will be in stores. And welcome! Wow, that was a quick response! Thanks Rosa; good to know.