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    Hey Leaves. later days, Shawn
  2. Election (beginning to hope)

    I work as an assistant librarian and have been fortunate enough to help people register to vote. It is a very lovely thing to do.... and I'm happy to be doing so after escaping that small cell and creating a new identity. Don't even try to track me.... I've got mad covert internet skills. later days, Shawn
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    Thanks for making me smile at the end of a long day peeps! later days, Shawn
  4. how did you get into regina?

    I was extremely tired after work a few years back and wandered into a record store. After meandering for a hunk of time Soviet Kitsch caught my eye. Bought the album without hearing it first and spent a great deal of time obsessing over it. Ended up going to San Francisco and NYC for the first time and became an overtly dramatic fan. Now Regina is filed under my many musical inspirations. I've been out of touch with the Stixs and venture by every-so-often to gasp in wonder at all the new lovely handles. later days peeps, Shawn
  5. Where have they gone?

    Elusive Shawn here, This last December after spending some time in New York I was ready to move there permanently from Las Vegas. Several days before I was to leave my dad's cancer became terminal. I spent the next few months reading tons of books and taking care of my father. He passed away christmas day and I spent the next few months sorting out what I was going to do. After dealing with the fact my savings was gone for moving to NYC I decided to change my plans. 1. My girlfriend and I would buy non refundable tickets to Dublin, Ireland for January 2007. 2. Focus completely on music and use our honed skills to support ourselves as we travel the world. 3. Work countless hours to have enough money in reserve. This left me no internet time. Only some slight myspace time. Sorry for the lack of Shawn. Hope this mini summary of events and plans suffice. Maybe I'll see some of you in my travels. Take care, peace out, word to ya homies, and.... later days, Shawn
  6. You're SOO SOO welcome! later days, Shawn
  7. Here ya go: later days, Shawn
  8. .

    Well, I don't know why everyone has become so... the only word I can find is mean. Perhaps this is not what was meant, but in text without a smiling face or nudging elbow it's hard to take it any other way. I could go further into a high and mighty post of my own.... I just don't have enough of a feeling that someone I don't know and have never met owes me an explanation. Geogaddi - You don't owe anybody an explanation. And if this is all a form of fan fiction I don't mind. No need to prove yourself. Your style of writing is enjoyment enough for me. later days, Shawn
  9. quote: Originally posted by srg: quote: Originally posted by Steve B: And next time she may use less vulgar words to express her musical individualism to her fans. Fuck you and your condescending tone. SRG- I just love how you can sum up a good response to a negative tone in one short phrase. I personally cannot see how people who join a fan forum can be so critical and down right mean in regards to the artist they're a "respectful fan" of. Thanks again SRG..... and thanks again for helping me out at the Irving show! later days, Shawn
  10. new songs...

    You lose stable internet access for several months and bam!!! This forum has really changed. Not really, I just like to appear as though I have some seniority and have viewed an era's run. The tracks I think show what was being played in her head when she was playing them at shows. Fidelity changed from perfomance to performance. Last time I heard a live version I thought perhaps she was thinking strings and mucho plucking of them. Not entirely what I imagined, but loveable none the less. It's good to see so many critical lashing outs. People are pssionate and this is somewhat of a change. Not a big one for me. I too got used to her live performance and bootlegs. Going back to the albums they seem like from another universe. Our protective brumstixs peeps will get used to it. I'm looking foreward to hearing the rest of the album. Finally getting a chance to see what was playing along in her noggin while she was working them out through shows will be nice. later days, Shawn
  11. Im really upset

    Kicked in the nuts JohnnyC? Well, whatever floats your boat I suppose. I like being proactive. I understand it is now a form of acne treatment being endorsed by the likes of blah blah blah... I went to San Francisco and then New York to see her. Admittedly the New York one occurred while apartment hunting. If it's a financial issue get a credit card and do it like ripping off a bandage. Enter your credit card information and hit click before the consequences have a chance to fill your mind. Later days, Shawn
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    It has happened before. Ironically enough he posted a remark in regards to that other person's actions. Later days, Shawn P.S. I'm putting my handle to make you happy JohnnyC
  13. Happy birthday Regina

    Sorry for the belated shout out. My dishwasher blew up and I spent Regina's birthday running around. So.... Happy Birthday. Now begins the 4 months period of time when you are 3 years older than me. I like 26, although it is divisible by 13. 13 has always been pretty lucky for me though. My 22nd year was a bit better.... that may be as a result of it being divisible my 11. Not much I can do further in the wit department since the septic smell from the blown up dishwasher is making me loopy. (lets all pretend I was capable of posting a very profound and prolific statement in regards to Regina's birthday) Later days, Shawn
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    I've chatted with several posters who ended up leaving me with threads that now portray me as a madman speaking to myself. Once I post something I keep it up no matter what. Even if it now appears to be just me posting on a thread by my lonesome. Later days, Shawn
  15. Fan mail

    Sorry JohnnyC, but this Shawn must remain a free spirit. Anyways I proudly type my signature each time and take delite in it. Also I've used the adjusted handle before. I did a google search for "Later days, Shawn" and found my internet trail. I need to be more cautious. Later days peeps and peepettes, Shawn