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  1. SF show tomorrow, who's going?

    I was taking pictures too, but mine came out bad as well. My digital camera unfortunately does not have manual focus. I suggest everyone stick with regular camera's for low light shows. Later Days
  2. When it comes to songs, I listen and pick the meaning that creates the strongest emotional response from me. One persons suicide song may be another persons song about rebirth! Later Days
  3. Cd Skips?

    I think it's your player. Are you using the same CD player you used with your previous copy? My copy has never had that problem. Sorry your having problems, the last two tracks are great.
  4. 4/21 LA Roxy Show - A Review!

    I have to agree with you that it was really not that negative. I think its just the assumption on the reviewers part that her shyness is an act is what angered most people.
  5. 4/21 LA Roxy Show - A Review!

    Critics rarely have a fresh view of anything. They have to classify everything by what has come before in music. They cannot recogonize something for what it is, original. I wouldn't put too much thought towards the writer and his critique. They'll jump on our side eventually.
  6. Tonight Show

    I can't spell, but it was "hallelujah".
  7. SF show tomorrow, who's going?

    Overall an awesome show. Well worth coming in from Vegas to see it. The show was about an and hour and ten minutes long. I'm just happy she sacrificed sleep before the Tonight Show to play. Also to hang out for as long as she did afterward for pictures and autographs. I saw many poeple turn into gigling kids as a result. For those of you who were in the back of the house I feel your pain. Maybe next time though you should show up early. Best regards
  8. SF show tomorrow, who's going?

    I'm happy to see other poeple are planning on going to the SF show. I flew in from Vegas just to see her. Went to the Cafe Du Nord last night for a storytelling evening. The location is small and very intimate. See ya there. Be sure to get there right when they open for a good spot. The place was packed last night.
  9. New Tour Dates - 9 more shows in June!..

    Was wondering if anybody else checked the ticketmaster page for the June 14th show in Orlando. It says it will be taped for broadcast on MTV
  10. Why?

    Thanks for the correction. Thats exactly why I need sleep.
  11. too many unreleased songs

    If your lookin for "Baby Jesus" head on over to
  12. Why?

    It means "super" in German I believe. Or my sleep depravation is creating an incoherent meaning of the word. Yeah, it means super.
  13. Whos who!?

    My name is, oh my God (drum roll) SHAWN! I'm nearly 23 and live in Las Vegas, NV. A small, calm, and relaxed town. I am a starving musician, journalist, and a freelance photographer. BOO YAH!
  14. 3 word story

    glee over what
  15. Conan O'Brian

    I regret not being able to post sooner. My heart truly went out to Regina last night. It may have been a taping, but it was to be shown to millions of people. She did her best and I'm happy to finally have seen her do a performance. Her being a little nervous is great. She's an artist and truly cares about her performance and appreciates where she's at. She will do even better on the Tonight Show. Just one last thing. Wasn't it great to hear the song done with just a solo piano? Later days