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  1. I have a joke!!

    Yes... please... I need to know! Later, Shawn
  2. I have a joke!!

    Orange who? Later days, Shawn
  3. Regina on Leno

    TheEngineer was right in regards to the way an album is recorded. As a new fan who hasn't seen her live he was just stating fact. Regina was nervous! She's played arenas before as a supporting act, but damn.... that's TV. Everyone and their mom is watching it. I probably would have blacked out halfway through performing the song. Later days Shawn
  4. and heroin boy

    In regards to Pound of Flesh.... we tossed the subject around here: As for Daniel I'll get back to ya. Later Days Shawn
  5. I have a joke!!

    Ummmmm, you got a point Stwongbad85. NYC city is a place of weird happenings though! I ran into a friend from Las Vegas I hadn't seen in forever in a small cafe and while recovering from heat exhaustion at the CMJ show I saw Mr. David from the Talking Heads..... I think he's a Regina fan though. My friend had seen him a few days before running in short shorts in Brooklyn. Well...... Later days Shawn
  6. I have a joke!!

    I'm not entirely sure which band opened Mr. JohnnyC. I saw her the show after that at the Cafe Du Nord. The Ditty Bops opened at that show. One of the members does have red hair! Later days, Shawn P.S. Since I was just recognized by my name and signature on a system of millions and millions of websites..... should I perhaps cutback on my internet usage? I've been located on myspace this way too! Later again-
  7. I have a joke!!

    Who's there? Later again to the third power, Shawn
  8. I have a joke!!

    Banana who? Later again... again, from the files of Mr. Shawn
  9. Soviet Kitsch Cover

    I believe it is a nautical Russian military hat. I think from the 1940's ???? Later Days Shawn
  10. I have a joke!!

    Who's there? Later again, from the files of Mr. Shawn
  11. Bear spektor ??

    You've got your own thread Bear. By the way I think he's a teen so the term "kid" may be ever-so-slightly unsulting to him. Later peeps Shawn
  12. I have a joke!!

    Banana who? Later, from the files of Mr. Shawn
  13. Just found this while aimlessly roaming the internet: Coming soon! "Uh-merica Live!" by Regina Spektor, recorded at Irving Plaza September 15, 2005. The song will be released as a B-side to the single for 'Carbon Monoxide' - Special UK Release Only! Source: I'll never tell. Later Days Shawn
  14. Website names

    He just started college so I figured the site had to be put on hold. Lster Shawn
  15. her birthday??

    Just so you know that email address may no longer work. You may want to send a B-day email to her manager. He will definitely pass them on to her. You can pull his address off the contact section of her main site. Later Shawn
  16. im a new member here

    Yo ho new peeps, Response and other activity has slowed down recently for sure. As for private messages.... I believe that option was removed when the website and forum had a makeover. Later peeps Shawn
  17. Regina's Hormonic Lure

    Her voice is definitely alluring, but I'd have to say personally it's...... At the moment I'm trying to think of something incredibly intelligent and clever. From a guys perspective she's; smart, elegant, a definite lady with a soulfull voice. From the other male fans I've met her music has hit them like a speeding truck. She has that right combination I suppose. Yet... she is universal to both sexes. I get more people asking me who's song is playing on my myspace page than friend requests. Normally it's a woman. For a song to make you ask a stranger on the other side of the world is pretty amazing to me. Later next year perhaps Shawn
  18. I don't know about the name Zeppo.... wasn't he the straight man in the Marx Brothers? I'd have to name my chimp Harpo Later peeps Shawn
  19. My props haven't come yet due to a really bad dial-up connection. Yes I am in caveman times and I type by candlelight. Props will come soon! Later Shawn
  20. I love the drama that can come when something you cherish is about to become big... less intimate. Does anyone remember the group Semisonic? When they had their hit Closing Time all my friends who had been fans prior to that were bummed out. They felt they lost that special thing that belonged to their little community. Should a day come when there is a person with the username Shawn256 I won't be too upset. Not at all. I've met nice people through this forum and had some interesting conversations that wouldn't have occurred elsewhere. As for the nastiness that can arise... She's gone through playing in front of drunken seedy crowds and played to over a thousand rock fans who had no clue who she was. She'll be okay. Later friends Shawn
  21. Link for Regina's Dec 1 BBC2 show

    Here ya go..... Later peeps Shawn
  22. Carbon Monoxide 7"

    With shipping it came to $16.98 USD. It's supposed to be limited to 10. Please..... feel free to envy me! Later Days Shawn (fan of Yuri Olesha)
  23. .

    Sorry Stwongbad85, but my spelling mistake was not meant to convey something of an insightful nature. It conveys the fact my computer dies every few minutes so I have to type without hesitance. However, if this does make me appear to be lyrically deep... I'll run with it. Later Days Shawn (he who knows not the spelling errors of his ways)
  24. .

    That's probably what I like most about the songs. The imagery that arises in the middle of a song you didn't expect. We can go on for hours and try to find meaning of how it all fits together. Maybe that interesting line came as a result of passing by a butcher and it just somehow fit, it just tossed a nutty curve ball that made them laugh. That's what I like. The fact I could turn it around in my head for hours and not know exactly why it's there. I like creating vague statements myself. (albeit a bit moody and creepy lately, I'm for the melodrama as of late) Art, life and all the ways things can be viewed and altered with each perspective... just astounds me. It's funny this new wide-eyed view comes after 5 years in an art program. Being so confined to a curriculum and a course of study made me dislike what I was there for. Maybe it helped me to fully realize, now that I'm free, exactly all there is around. With quirky and sometimes eloquently phrased words reverberating in my ear all I want to do is travel. At this moment I want to visit all the locations in one of her songs.... and find all the ones that are to find themselves in mine. Plutonic love kicks major arse and I wish it could exist for all people. It must exist, many just don't want to say they actually love their friends dearly. Many want to just reserve that word for family. The idea of loving someone of the opposite sex who isn't a relative seems unlikely for most people, well in a plutonic way. I may want to back down a bit since my 23 years experience hasn't actually reflected the above. Plutonic love has to be there.... somewhere... even though I've not been blessed with it. Later ma homies Shawn
  25. .

    Especially low can be what is considered normalcy after a period of time. The pain is still there. That sadness in knowing that there is something that can be done. This just becomes accepted and you don't realize it is there. You could follow through and face rejection in person, or you could wait for an impersonal message that may never come. The letter was received. A shoebox rests with it firmly placed. I'd rather not know....not really true I'm not all people. I'm under something of knowledge, but I'm not entirely sure it's a tree. If the Hero exists I want to meet him. I want to ask him if he remembers who he was before. Does he know who he is now? His extremes I haven't met in myself. The extreme of what may be my opposite has introduced itself recently. Strangely in the form of fruit, perhaps grown from loss, from what I still cannot call the knowledge tree. This person defines me more than anyone. The nerve is there as always. Sometimes the presence of it appears too soon or altogether too late. Frantic Internet searches for last minute tickets. The nerve appeared with cause at the right moment on several occasions. Far from the Hero I suppose..... just normal.... just distant... less intimate. Thinking back the word plutonic never meant much. The thought conjured the idea of a sleazy male attempting to earn a woman’s trust. Reflecting back, that which the puritans would have crushed me with a rock for never crossed my mind. When someone is placed on an alter you can put them into an ideal state of no fault with an eternally angelic nature. The Songs are not in need of a back-story. All that matters is with what they are sung with each time. Fidelity seems different than before. That could be my own hopes though. The same hope that repeats with a persistent mantra that my hard work will pay off and I'll be made content. My inner desire will probably come with something I don't have my heart in fully. Be careful Geogaddi, your empty pitch could work and where would you be then? It could come, but not from your heart….. where you had always brought it from. Wish I had your patience in making more from the songs. My thoughts dwell on my own reaction rather than what caused her to write them......that's not true... I just want her to be happier than what I begin to hear in them. Should they all come from other peoples shoes I hope they have found their own way.