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  1. Just found it available to pre-order here:;-1;-1;-1&sku=443510 Hope this helps out all those who are outside the U.K.! Later Days Shawn
  2. "Uh-merica Live!" single from Irving Plaza

    Thanks harrymunk666, I didn't have the time to investigate further before I had to go out for a night filled vith Cranberry Vodkas. Just placed my order.... hopefully I did it in time. Later Days Shawn (with an "awn")
  3. "Uh-merica Live!" single from Irving Plaza

    Just found this while aimlessly roaming the internet: Coming soon! "Uh-merica Live!" by Regina Spektor, recorded at Irving Plaza September 15, 2005. The song will be released as a B-side to the single for 'Carbon Monoxide' - Special UK Release Only! Source: I'll never tell. Later Days Shawn
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    It was nice having the witty banter while it lasted Fuchsia/Muriel. Hope you find what you're looking for. As for me I'm left not knowing what to post. After a few days and what will admittedly be my first viewing of Buffalo 66 I should be able to form my personal responsa on things. Take care my oh-so-cool peeps of the forum. Later moments Shawn (the guy who looks like he's been speaking to himself on this thread
  5. You can vote as many times as you want by reloading the page. Have at it everybody! Later Days ma peeps Shawn
  6. Friday Nov. 11 = 11:11 Holiday

    I'll do my best, but strangely enough I did most of those before I knew of Regina. This I refer to as "the dark ages". There may be some difficulty with "kiss the lamppost between 224th street and 225th". My town only goes up to 17th St. Later David Shawn
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    In my last post I was in somewhat of a crazed manic state. I'm supposed to be in NYC right now... barely making it by on tips thrown in a coffee cup and playing where they'll let me. In real life I'm here in my hometown morbidly waiting for my father to pass on. There’s no place I’d rather be. This may be why I was unintentionally referring to Sam as Benny. This may make my ramblings a bit more coherent. Strange are the things that come to the forefront of ones mind when things happen in the way you least expected. I’ll post more on Ricci and Turturro later, ma peeps Later Days Shawn
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    Benny is fortunate. He lives in a reality where romantic gestures and starched grilled cheese can exist without being labeled as pure insanity. If one were to profess their love through a sonnet to a girl in an upstairs apartment the Red Baron would fly in and take him down. Woodstock would understand though. Throughout literature you see epic gestures of love that are taken as something beautiful. Our reality labels people, mainly men, as jerks and perverts if they follow the same path. Has it always been this way? At one time in real history did people actually behave with such passion? Was it looked upon with loving eyes or with a cynical view? Don't really mean to change the subject.... just had this rolling around in my head. Do people recognize real passion nowadays or do we mostly write it off as purely being obsessed? I suppose you could also say that romantic ideals have stunted some people. This idea of true love and romantic sentimentality may be holding some back from finding any sort of happiness. where was I... oh.... Mr. Keaton. I had not remembered his grilled cheese concoction. Mr. Mom always reminds me of my security blanky that I held tight as a kid. As well as my own Dad's ill fated and disastrous attempt at dropping me off at school. Movies have saved me this year and my love for them has been saved as well. My T.V. watching ability has dwindled to nothing... I'm far from broken up about that. “I Love the 80’s" kept me sane during my Dave Attelesque moments when my bed just wasn't lumpy enough to sustain my slumber. I've gone cold turkey... it was rough. This took place during my week of wandering in NYC. No need for T.V. there. In its More Than A Hundred Acre Wood I found the sadness in two quarrelling Ivans and the Envy and social dogma which can tear apart a family. (a robot can aid in it as well) My thoughts seem to be meandering too much. I suppose stream of consciousness should be that way. No rhyme or reason should rule... people want to derive some I suppose... even when none was meant to have existed. The life of Benny seems pretty at the moment. As I attempt to dwell on the life I could lead as a budding Benny I'm also trying to think of a question worthy of Turturro. Without any real explanation my thoughts keep turning to Steve Buscemi. The Cohen brother's troop of regulars always tend to pile in when one is mentioned. Excuse me while I briefly examine IMDB for questionable inspiration. ... .... ... ..... I can't seem to muster a decent question. "How is it working with Benny?" "Does the Dude really abide?" Should better questions make its way forth I'll alert you. Whether this happens though is in the hands of the Whether Man unfortunately. At least not the hands of the Terrible Trivium. For if it were up to him we would spend far too much time tunneling through a rock side with a needle. My pick hand wouldn't be able to take the abuse! Later Days Shawn
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    I have yet to go forth and make oh-so cool grilled cheese with my iron. My stylish blazer has an appointment ahead of the bread and cheese though. As for miserable circumstances I feel ya! I've gone for the Finding Neverland method of viewing the world. I try and keep myself grounded outside of reality as much as possible. A netflix rotation of indie flicks set in Glasgow and my ancient guitar help too. I'm stuck in my pseudo childhood home for a wee bit longer before I can finally explore the world and bid farewell to my university existence. We may be miserable, but at least we have the music... as well as movies that inspire us to make culinary masterpieces! Also, somewhat of a strange coincidence, Julianne Moore was sited at the Regina/ Rufus show in NYC a few days back. The tollbooth has appeared yet again. Lessons have been learned and knowledge has been gained. I must take Milo’s example and bid farewell for the moment. Tah tah for now. Cheers and Later Days Shawn P.S. Geogaddi, where art thou?
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    The idea of anything being a set in stone fact depresses me. Especially when it's about....I guess about everything. I suppose that's why I shied away from my natural mathematical talents. Knowing that there are going to be definite answers takes a little excitement out of me being alive. A sunset, even if you do record it, can evoke something more than than a song. It can work the other way around as well. You can be feeling low and that one song makes you think of something from long ago and you feel reassured while that sunset out your car window is barely noticed. It's just amazing when you get down to it. This has been said many times before, but the way in which we each view things is incredible. My physics teacher in high school understood as well when he asked the class if we all interpreted colors the same way. People talk about being tired of certain things...for me though…. things always seem to change. My home has been my home for many years and becomes totally altered in my eyes after being away. In high school it was my sanctuary. Now it feels foreign and no longer apart of me. The sunset that I could never really see outside my window is adorned with more color than I ever really cared to notice. Love, sunsets, music, poetry, those little rubber frogs that jump, the glow of snow early in the morning.... to imagine that anyone of them could have more worth than the another is altogether scary. I'm happy to see you on here again Fuchsia. I don't mind you pulling a Houdini of sorts. I understand, but don't understand...and that's ok. Hope the silliness of Halloween found you. This Halloween I found myself crouched in a dark house in order to avoid little costumed tots (I regret missing it). Wish I could have been there to hand out candy or maybe in my current state of mind cherry cordials. Just have this itch to draw and feel artsy until the wee hours of the morning. If it wasn't for that pesky Tock I would still be sketching away...fancying myself as a male Joonesque artist without her Benny. Slowly I began to realize that amongst the cubicles my boss was lingering near. Quickly I managed to finish a line or two before… Later Days Shawn
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    “The inspiration for art is less important than art itself.” If anything I think it depends how you can enjoy music personally. The source behind a song can be appealing, but it can altogether ruin what originally drew you to it. I tend to muse over what a song might be about and where it came from while I drive early in the morning to work. (while singing slightly out of tune) To seriously sit down and try and sort out its “meaning” doesn’t seem necessary. Many times pieces I’ve written have been attributed to something in my life that doesn’t even correlate. A song that someone thinks is about the globalization of the planet may just simply be about the hot dog vender that’s opened up a second stand down the block. It’s nothing more than that…. To get into it though, if you were to say that someone can write totally from another’s perspective you wouldn’t be completely true. People may say that, but you always tend to put your own personal view on things. Even if you try there are always those assumed things that we apply and never realize they have been placed there. This is if you’re being extremely picky in regards to an objective view though. Overall they may not have to have some root meaning in the end. If you can derive a meaning that serves you and somehow emotionally affects you …why should it have meant anything rather than abstract phrases to the author? Also if it is the duty of an artist to accentuate the mundane into something meaningful I think you’re restraining them too much. Mundane can be mundane… tripe can be tripe. Art can just state the obvious without adding to it. A song can be felt without adding a glaze to bring it to another level. Simplistic events can somehow be interpreted into so many other things. A song can be seen as: ones traumatic move to a new town, leaving a lover in search of true love, discovering life can be crap when you run out of diet soda… all at the same time. Perhaps some songs are actually about extremely silly events. That song that makes you think of your first love is lyrically rooted in not getting a pet monkey. Suppose that song you believe is reaching out for a missed or refused love is about brushing off the affections of a stray dog. Knowing the “real” inspiration would wreck the song. The inspiration for art should go to the wayside when all is said and done. If a song doesn’t speak to you or evoke emotion it doesn’t matter if it came from someone in the throws of a lovelorn heart. As for Mr. Plato and Mozart….you’re right… circumstance is everything. So by that rule my above rambling can be defeated. A song dismissed one minute can be appreciated the next once the reasons behind it are known. I suppose that’s why I tend to use “shoulds”, “mays” and other non-affirmative words. Not exactly the best words to choose when making an argument. If the non-rules of art and meaning hold true though ….I’ve made no mistake. Art and its point of derivation can be equally important! (I tend to negate my argument towards the end of any “essay”) P.S. I’m keeping your story as well. Over time paranoia has set in from recent disappearing posts. Fuchsia’s story of Polarized seems to be lost. P.S. You can hold onto the story if you wish. Later days Shawn
  12. fun Instant messaging convbersations

    I totally get the humor, but......did you happen to notice you posted this at 4:20? Later Days Shawn
  13. Favourite Regina Album?

    Songs ranks up there for me too. It's not an official album collection, but I like my CD with all the demos especially. 20 Years of Snow, Movies, Raindrops, etc... Later, The monster in your closet (I must admit I prefer a monster over an evil monkey residing in there any day) Shawn
  14. other cool Jewish musicians

    Hey Ijimeru, Were you actually at the opening night one when Regina played? I was there and it was really amazing. I thought Pharoh's Daughter did some good Carly Simon covers as well. Later Days Shawn
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    Fuchsia- I'm at a loss for what happened to your posts. The past week I've been absent from the forum and don't know when this occured. My father is about to join Jim Henson in that big Fraggle Rock in the sky so my computer has become dusty from neglect. Wish I would have been able to respond to your last post. Hope all is well... hope all is well with everyone. Later days all Shawn
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    As this sad fellow read he felt a form of kinship with David. By no means a life of paralleled events, but of clustered similarities. The girl took commonplace. This sad fellow struggled with what life would offer..what it could offer. Music was a user and abuser and continued to behave cruelly towards him. Driven away he fled into the welcoming arms of the Cineplex. College was different now. Behind the camera he shaped lives that he knew should be, lives that captured what he missed. Life in this simple form endured and left him wanting. Unknown to him this perhaps rang true to a person elsewhere. As a young boy he fantasized extravagant adventures. Adorned with dog’s named tock and bunny’s named Roger. At the same time a sweet being was being lifted to his Kingdom with the same bunny reflected in blue pools. He long had forgotten these tails and was sad. As sometime happens he stumbled upon what was missed. What had always been apart of him, but too far away to see. The sweet person was now in his mind. She was so far away yet so near that it tore him inside. Maybe she was wiser and always knew he was there. Time and whim had them meet and words were lost far before they met his lips. Bashfulness was so strong. This man was a boy back in his young adventures and this princess humbled him into silence. Regret ran supreme within his mind. His swift way back ran with sadness and longing. People nearest the sad fellow worried and implored him to explain what was wrong. Nothing passed from him that gave great significance. So those near him continued to wonder. Time passed on and people came to understand. They said “send her a letter, let her know”. In many hours time it had been composed. Every attempt however had turned into a sonnet. It varied from respectful court official to its silliest of jesters. With eyes closed and heart beating the parchment was sent. Time passed and nothing was heard. The heart can sometimes be the weakest of parts, but it always seems hopeful. Time passed even further along and an unexpected visit to her part of the kingdom loomed near. Would he see her? Would a humbled jester or a silly child take control and ruin what could be? The night came and her warm glow was encompassing many in awe. They all wanted something, but all were looking for just a return. None were knowing of what they were in the presence of. A kindly old man loomed close. He was familiar in a strange way. His actions did not speak of his kindness…it was the way he looked at everyone. Surprisingly the boy approached him without the slightest of hesitation. The man was her father and in the boys eyes he held his highest esteem. After a moment there was a side mention of where he was from and the man immediately knew the boy’s name. The phrase “the one who wrote the letter” came from the father’s lips. All in one instant the boy wanted to run away while another part of him was overjoyed. People cleared away and for a moment he was with the girl. With composure lost he began to mumble nonsensically and lost any control or memory of what he was saying. The one he had yearned for from afar was being subjected to his insecure demeanor. Her kindness and grace were more than anything he could have created and the moment was gone. Returning home he was worse than before. What was he to do? Was this strange assortment of places and events just nothing or was it serendipity?…… He knows less of her than the one who he considers to be another heartsick soul …it may hurt just as much.
  17. Purchase College film project

    I found his website several months ago where he still had the file posted. (Sorry, I forgot to share the wealth) Thanks Django Later Days Shawn
  18. Just blogged from Reg my peeps: "just to answer a bit of confusion that has emerged from my previous (sp?... previos? ok, i give up, it all looks wierd) post... The compilation in the U.K. will have 3 songs from 11:11, 5 songs from Songs, and 4 songs from Soviet Kitsch... so there you have it- 12 songs total, and they will be little stories i chose to sit together in a CD... I don't think it will come out till january, and it's my own fault- i missed a bunch of deadlines because of working in the studio and since i approve every tiny little thing that happens with my music, well- we all just gotta wait now...hmmm." Later days Shawn
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    As I readily read about Polarized last night, in a haze of sleep deprevation, I managed to unfortunately not retain any information from sentence to sentence. This morning, without the lovely sound of rain fall on my imaginary tin roof, I read it again. Polarized, with his life that is outside Pooh's advisory grap, looks to have a soul that is welcoming. His life has been neither her nor there. He..... I really am unable to fathom anything more. If there's more in you I'd welcome it. Right now I have an image of a sedate Droopy like character in an endearing frilly yet fury Eskimo suit. Hope they can stay clear of any phone booths or for that matter any towns with a fixation on numbers and letters. The number places give me the heebee jeebies. It could be said this is a result of AP calculus from many years before. However, I can be forgiving of at least one number...42! Hurrah hurray, I unfortunately cannot stay. On obtuse but obtruse figure lingers near. He looks quite confused, cause my works been abused... from a posting that's coasting at an end Later for now Shawn
  20. Rizwan Shafqat?

    If it is an alias....lets just leave it be. Privacy can be desperately fleeting so lets try and kill this thread my peeps. Later Days Shawn
  21. Requests

    I've never been left wanting from a Regina set. However, if I had the chance to make a request of sorts it would be: -Düsseldorf -Long Brown Hair -Making Records (and in the off chance she is unable to do one, any piece of classical music she likes to play would cool) Later Days Shawn
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    I personally prefer the open-air acoustics of Kermits swamp. The sound is carried further, but I'm sure the humidity would mess with a pretty red piano's sound. My Eeyore has left me though. I left my Gonzo the Great phase awhile back and have sauntered into a Kermit phase. It's not easy being green....or a cubicle monkey. As for representing the Reg I feel honored to direct the lovely new members of this humble Hundred Acre Wood. Some may take it as a repetitive nuisance, but I don't mind informing the uninformed with my informed formitude. Is formitude a word? This is the Hundred Acre Wood so I deem it an official word as My Reg shirt doesn't make the street at all. It's that one that remains stationed in my modestly bare closet waiting for the right time. Never really feel like wearing it to my cubicle. The others in the zoo don't understand a cubicle monkey's love for the music. I suppose my crank music box would be better recepted. Oh well! As for the Eskimo of you intellect, feel free to post it. Eskimos are too foreign to me in any form including prose. As for Mr. Ruff, I'll give the book a glance. Later Days Shawn
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    That twinge of "just saw her play last night" jealousy rears its head for me contantly. I saw her twice in a week last month and became kermit the frog over the NYU show. Shouldn't be...just always will have that feeling of missin out. Truth be told I think that large percentage of "registered" users who don't post turn their faces from their monitors with every posting about the awsome show last night. Regina is just one person friends. Amends do not need to be made in this place and this conversation can continue to reign supreme. I'll try to ruin it myself, but I don't think it's possible.... I could ask where I can purchase 11:11 in cd form. Later Days Shawn (friend to a cool person known as Fuchsia)
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    I understood the loveology tie-in. Still don't undersand the Eskimo reference. It will have to remain one of those tidbits of material I cannot fathom. Like when I try to imagine if existence didn't exist and the universe was nothing of nothing. Ouch....headache. From Brumstix I've learned how much the internet is devalued and how it can connect those who ReSpekt a certain musician/person. Especially when I see a locale like Chile or Australia next to that imposing registration date. Later Days Shawn
  25. could i interview you by email regina?

    Hey Tommy, Drop her manager Ron Shapiro an email. His address is in the contact section of her site. That would be the best way to go about getting an interview. Good luck home-slice! Later Days Shawn