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  1. Regina Demographics

    Enjoy it while you can! I'm 23 and people used to think I looked 15. Now they all think I'm 16. Later Days Shawn
  2. Orlando! - 6/14/05

    Had yet another dead day at work and started googling. Happened to stumble upon some great pictures from this show. Thought you'd like to see: Later Days Shawn
  3. .

    Simpler times when it didn't seem like you were just another drop in the Regina pond of fans. (funny I say that since I wasn't aware of what I was missing until this last January) I got my membership to the old Brumstixs last week for the hell-of-it. Kinda suprised it accepted me. By the way you can't read other peoples private messages. Also I've been on here for a while now and I can't seem to PM. Any help? Later Days Shawn
  4. Happy New Year (Rosh Hashanah)

    I feel completely horrible right now. I've neglected to send out any Rosh Hashanah cards.'s did misspell misspelled by the way. I'm currently not of the Jewish faith (i'm kinda Kosher though), but as for me I'm sorry for maybe posting way too much. I look at my count and I can imagine people thinking all I do is exist within the confines of this forum. Actaully...maybe my resolution (if there are any resolutions to customarily be made for the Jewish new year, remember..I'm not Jewish) should be to become a moderator. Then I have an excuse. Regina... happy new year and keep kickin arse! Later peeps Shawn
  5. Me, my deaf boyfriend, and Regina Spektor.

    It’s really hard to say how her music connects with my own life. Her music fuels parts of my day…. I never really go a day without listening to 5 or 6 songs. I suppose knowing that someone puts so much heart and themselves into their passion is in a way inspirational. (I know…it sounds kinda corny) Moreover it’s who she is as a person rather than her songs that I “connect” with. Not too many people throw themselves head first into what they love. Many go the safe way and pursue goals that don’t move them and just seem secure. Friends of mine are that way and it’s saddening. Others can’t get past their nervous doubt in themselves. Regina has that nervousness, but works past it. Not too many people can do as much. Before I get overly blah…blah…blah I’ll end this by saying - She’s a good person and despite how crazy/ fanatical her fans get she’s always endearing… and above all else I connect with the awe, wonder, and love she has with music. Later days Shawn (sappiness is my middle name) P.S. Slickertm, the few friends in my life who have been deaf have always made me ponder the same thing as well. Life without music is unimaginable to me. If Regina’s music means so much to you, your football guy probably senses that…and maybe that’s enough!
  6. .

    It just occured to me that I've never met an Eskimo. Living where I'm at you wouldn't expect to, but still... in my life I've met so many walks of life. No Ekimos though . The posting on this thread doesn't match the Eskimo title, but I thought I had to throw a comment in here. Later days Shawn P.S. 11:11 and 42 seem to be popping up more and more lately. I always turn to a clock at 11:11 and I keep getting totals ending in 42 cents when I shop. P.P.S. I need to try the Carbon Monoxide trick next time my neighbor's dog starts barking at the wind.
  7. In About a Boy though I thought his actual "freedom" what just imaginary. I agree that the mother, thinking she had bestowed "freedom",in all actuality was forcing him to be like her. Like making him a vegetarian and then leading him to believe he was born to be a vegetarian. As the movie progressed she eventually realized that she had conditioned him to consistently emulate her. He had freedom, but he had been taught to follow her example. That's kinda what I made of it. I do believe though that letting kids go the other way, indefinitely, can be just as bad. Just let kids be kids and have their fantasy world. Just be honest with them when it comes to reality. Later days Shawn
  8. 92nd St Y - Sep. 13

    I'm so happy you like it. The sound system at the 92nd St. Y is what did it for sure. I can't take all the credit. The sound of the cello and bass came out great. Your cello performance and Chris K's performance on "Love Profusion" were the best. Wish I would have seen you after the show.... I think I was too distracted by the free cheese and wine. Best Regards buds Shawn
  9. 92nd St Y - Sep. 13

    I'm happy you all like the recordings. I have to say after that night I've become a Leonard Cohen Fan as well. Some money graced my pocket and I was able to get The Essential Leonard Cohen. However....I'll forever be partial to Regina's take on the songs! When she sang the whole audience fell silent. Even these two tots in the front row who had been making noise all night. Later days Shawn
  10. I heard Regina on NPR yesterday...

    Sorry....major brain fart on my part. The show was from January 28th of 2005. Later Shawn
  11. It's saldy the way we today tend to solve "problems". Children who are unique, individual, eclectic, parents fear have some sort of problem. Kids are kids and I'm happy my family didn't resort to things like that with me. It's a cliche, but too many parents worry that their kids aren't normal. They should instead look at them as being future artist. Not too often do you hear a proud parent praising their child for deciding to become a poet over a lawyer. Perhaps just uncertainty over what their child's future has is what makes people go in that direction. Later... Shawn
  12. Cant Make it to Irving :(

    Thanks Patty! Wish my office computer wasn't blocking them. Oh well, I'll download them once I get home. I saw you at the show....should have said hi. Talk to you next time I make it to an East coast show. Later buds and budettes Shawn
  13. Morning Sedition 9/14/05

    Hey gparker546 , I was just wondering where your comment came from. By no means do I want to sound like a shmuck, but maybe you should stick to the topic. If you didn't like her Leno performance comment under that thread. Later bud Shawn
  14. 92nd St Y - Sep. 13

    I just finished getting the tracks done. I've emailed them to Delilah so hopefully they'll be up soon. If anyone wants to post them elsewhere they have my permission. Just give me a shout out on your page. Later Days Shawn
  15. Cant Make it to Irving :(

    Hey Delilah, I just sent the first four songs from the Irving show to you. As well as her performance at the Jewish Heritage Festival. Later friends Shawn
  16. Cant Make it to Irving :(

    Thanks for the sympathy friends. It all amounts to my own stupidity. As for my recording....I have the first three songs . The fourth is all buggy because of the losing consciousness thing. I'll email them to delilah once they're well as the ones from her appearance at the 92nd St. Y. Later good people! Shawn
  17. Cant Make it to Irving :(

    Don't feel bad Django. Looking back I have to laugh myself. I walked around in a hoody in 120 degree Las Vegas weather and it takes a little bit of humidity and a cramped space to finally bring me down. The guards did bring me a bottle of water. At least they didn't charge me for it. I thought for sure I was going to receive a bill before I left. I did manage to get to the balcony and hear the show. Hard to hear, however, over the noisy bar up there. ..also I have to publicly thank SRG and Stwongbad. After the show they made sure I got some food and water down before I headed home. The people on this board are good people. Not too many forums you can say that about. Thanks again. Later ma peeps Shawn Current Location - Couch on the Upper Westside, NY
  18. Cant Make it to Irving :(

    Hey Kristina (with a k), Sorry again about the show. I missed a great deal of it myself. I hadn't had enough water before the show and I ended up drenched from head to toe from the humidity and heat in the theater. Regina's set wasn't until I became extremely dehydrated. Four songs into her set I almost fell over and had to make my way through the crowded theater. Sorry to all the people I had to pass through. I could hear your cussing through my hearing that was starting to go hazy. Once I got to the hallway I passed out for half a song against a wall. Security thought I was on something so I wasn't allowed back in. I can't complain too much since I saw her perform at the 92nd St. Y. Overall I'm just happy I didn't pass out while right in front of the stage. I can see the forum headline: SHAWN PASSES OUT FROM EXCITEMENT I could never have lived that down. Also I did manage an apartment. I've found a comfy couch to reside on at a friends place. When your feeling even better Kristina (with a k) a group of us needs to get together. Later my friends Shawn
  19. 11:11 anyone?

    I registered with the Dolls board, but there's too many people messaging back and forth. Eventually we may be in the same boat here. Anyone realize we just again strayed from the topic in a topic that is wrongly classified? Later Days Shawn
  20. 92nd St Y - Sep. 13

    I'll be home in a few days and I'll post Regina's performance on the board. I have to say quality-wise its my best recording. The sound system at the 92nd St. Y was excellent. Later ma peeps Shawn
  21. Cant Make it to Irving :(

    Hey Kristina with a "K", I managed the first few songs, but couldn't get the rest. For anybody new to New York who is not used to the humidity please drink lots of water. Heat exhaustion really sucks. SRG's recording should be pretty good. SRG is also completely dead-on about the surrealness of the evening. A house full of people singing the words to "US" was a bit trippy. As for Chelsea Hotel and Halleujah I recorded them several nights before when she played at the 92nd St Y. I'll post them once I'm back in Vegas. Later Kristina with a "k" and hope your doing better. Shawn with an "awn"
  22. Cant Make it to Irving :(

    I'm incredibly sorry to hear that Kristina. I hope you feel better! If I manage a recording you'll be the first to know. Later Miss Kristina with a "K" Shawn
  23. 92nd St Y - Sep. 13

    The show was worth it in every respect Mr. SRG! Her set I think was the show stopper of the night. There were swarms of people buying her CD and hovering around her after the show. It's always nice to see when people discover new music..... especially when they show such unabashed enthusiasm for it. Oh....almost forgot (not really).... with my cat like reflexes and mastery of stealth I managed to record her set. Right now I'm in a friends apartment without my computer to transfer it. As soon as I get home I'll upload it for you all. Love and God bless and all that good stuff. Shawn P.S. Hope to see alot of you at the show on Thursday. Location: Couch- Upper Westside, NY
  24. I heard Regina on NPR yesterday...

    The interview is from early last year. Sometime in January or February I think. Later ma peeps Shawn
  25. loveology

    I dunno people... I think porcupineology is where it's at. Later ma peeps Shawn