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  1. 11:11 anyone?

    If you check their past posts you'll see they posted this exact same message in every category.... even the Soup section. Later ma peeps Shawn
  2. This is probably a very stupid question...

    Kristina, Thanks for the heads up on Moby's TEANY. I'll check it out. As for SOUNPY.... we can only dream! Later Shawn (with an awn)
  3. the virgin queen

    I just tryed it... well.... If you try really hard and keep the words you supplied in mind you can kinda hear it. I had to stop it after a bit of listening. It started to creap me out. Later ma peeps Shawn
  4. the virgin queen

    Maybe Black Sabbath is one of her lesser know influences. I dunno though...she would have to of memorized a line backwards. If I incorporated something like that into a song I'd probably bust out laughing and not keep a straight face. That's just me though. I'll light a candle and try it out. Later ma peeps Shawn
  5. Regina and the Avett Bros.

    Just downloaded Kind of Love off the Avett Bros. site. I definitely dig... I can't resist any composition with banjo! I'll check out Nicole Atkins once I regain my state of consciousness in the AM. Later ma Homies Shawn
  6. DOWNLOAD Regina 2005-08-23 Edinburgh w/Amanda Palmer

    Hey Delilah, Thanks for hosting them! Just so you know for some reason "Silly Eye Colour Generalizations" and "Baby Jesus" aren't available to download. It keeps saying file not found. Later Peeps and Peepettes Shawn
  7. Regina Dance remix on myspace

    Nice! It can be hard to separate the vocal from the intrumental portion. I'll tinker with my own remix. Later Peeps and Peepettes
  8. DOWNLOAD Regina 2005-08-23 Edinburgh w/Amanda Palmer

    You have to sign up with BitTorrent and then download software to be able to download the files. I just started downloading the actual audio files and it says it will take 59 hours on my dial-up connection. Later Peeps and Peepettes Shawn
  9. Demos

    I think they were recorded when the Songs album was being made. The Soviet Kitsch vinyl has "Scarecrow and Fungus" and "December" as bonus tracks and they're listed as being produced by Joe Mendelson. He produced the album Songs. So I guess about 2002! Later Peeps and Peepettes Shawn
  10. 92nd St Y - Sep. 13

    Awww man! Rook? Later Peeps and Peepettes (and maybe Mister Crimson ) Shawn
  11. Live at Bull Moose EP?

    Just found out that myself. I was counting the minutes till the end of my shift at work and raced to my local indie music hole. least my vinyl Soviet Kitsch arrived today in the mail. Later Peeps and Peepettes Shawn
  12. I heard Regina on NPR yesterday...

    The mystery song is called Fidelity/It Breaks My Heart. I believe she wrote it while watching the movie High Fidelity. Sounds weird, but I think it's true. Later Peeps and Peepettes Shawn
  13. Sir SRG I will join you in the search of the grail known as "Winning Girls Through Psychic Mind Control". Last time I saw it playing was about two months ago. I'll be keepin my eyes open. Later my Peeps Shawn
  14. I heard Regina on NPR yesterday...

    Most of the songs you can only get through live recordings on various sites. Pound of Flesh will be on her Bullmoose EP which should be out soon. Alot of the songs can be found on these sites: Later Peeps and Peepettes Shawn
  15. how many editions of Soviet Kitsch?

    Just so you know I received confirmation from Bullmoose on Friday that my vinyl Soviet Kitsch had been shipped. I just need to get a needle for my player....should have thought of that before ordering...oh well. Later Peeps and Peepettes Shawn
  16. The movie I've been trying to find for a few months now. I found it playing at a theatre in New York a few months ago, but being several thousand miles away makes it hard to make the matinee. I've seen where she mentioned it in an IM interview from a few years back. She recorded several songs for it. A think a few were actually lip synced to the lead actress. Regina's voice coming outta someone else. It's just not right! My info may be a little off with that fact. It was around 4am when I read the interview. Later Peeps and Peepettes Shawn
  17. Live at Bull Moose EP?

    Thanks for the heads-up. I haven't checked her website in awhile. If anyone gets the chance check out the video she did for the Ditty Bops. Later Peeps and Peepettes.
  18. "Soviet Kitsch" fanlisting...

    I don't know if it's my browser, but all the links on that page are unresponsive. Later Peeps and Peepettes Shawn
  19. have you guys heard about this?

    You see.... I told you I didn't listen to the Strokes. Oh, and thanks Kristina (with a k)! I'll look for it in the mail. Also I didn't mean anything negative about him sounding like Coldplay. Loved the song! Later Peeps and Peepettes
  20. Sometimes though people won't listen unless it comes with a ready-made image to create an impression off of. I know people who acquire new artists to listen to completely off their impression of a music video. Sadly if they hear a new artist on the radio they turn it and won't even give it a try. Many people who have found Regina's music have done so through her US video. Regina is extremely talented and a beautiful woman... I just think it's sad that some people need an image to create a like or dislike of any music in general. Later Peeps and Peepettes Shawn
  21. have you guys heard about this?

    Don't shoot me.....but...the first time I listened to the song I thought it sounded somewhat like Coldplay. I think its the vocals. As for the Strokes I've only listened to the song Last Night, Ride With Me, and Post Modern Girls of course. (I have limited CD money) Later Peeps and Peepettes Shawn
  22. I know what you're saying adamjk. If your trying to build a fansite it can be frustrating with limited graphics to work with....still...I'd rather see Regina as far away from Paris Hilton as possible. Hilton gives me the heebie jeebies. Later Peeps and Peepettes Shawn
  23. I heard Regina on NPR yesterday...

    Hey Charlene and Coy Cat, I ripped the show awhile back into mp3 format. If you'd like to hear all 3 songs from the show I zipped them into one zip file: Fidelity Pound of Flesh Genius Later Peeps and Peepettes Shawn
  24. Regina at the jewish music fest

    Hey Ijimeru, Just so you know there is a thread under "Shows" already about her performance...titled "92nd St Y - Sep. 13" Later peeps and peepettes Shawn
  25. I don't know Regina personally, but from interviews and when I saw her perform it doesn't seem like she's all about getting her face out there. She's a musician who loves what she does and most likely would pine away an evening in front of a piano rather than in front of a row of camera's. I may be wrong though and perhaps the delirium of hardly getting any sort of quality sleep is getting to me finally. If you need promotional photos all official ones can be found on: Later peeps and peepettes Shawn