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  1. 92nd St Y - Sep. 13

    Thanks for letting us know Monterey. Best of luck, fun, and all that other stuff. Hope you are at the show yourself. The line-up of performers looks like it will be an awesome show. Later peeps and peepettes Shawn
  2. 92nd St Y - Sep. 13

    I've got my DAT recorder and my IPOD one as well. Hopefully they're not going to be on the prowl for recorders. If I manage to get it I'll let you know adamjk. I think this will definitely be a unique thing to have for posterity. Later peeps Shawn
  3. 92nd St Y - Sep. 13

    Thanks too SRG, I just got my ticket. I'm getting two shows in one week! I picked the right time to come into town. Regina's spin on Madonna is gonna interesting. Thanks again! Later peeps Shawn
  4. Not all storytellers write stories that are personally theirs. Some people write for the art and others as a way of emotional therapy. I think that's why alot of songs are about heartbreak and anger on the radio. As for the drugs thing.... I don't know about that...but I have been labeled a stoner on many occasions due to my often baggy eyes and tendancy to be scatter brained. Ecentricity is too often applied to drug use. Especially when people don't have a basis from where to understand you. Later peeps Shawn
  5. ooo regina spektor at Irving plaza

    Thanks for the advice Django. I may actually have lucked out with an apartment though. A friend of mine has a lease and found a better he needs someone to finish it. Hopefully I didn't jynx it by mentioning it. Are you going to NYC for the show? Later peeps Shawn
  6. Don't be too hard on her. People tend to not even listen to lyrics anymore. They listen for a moment and categorize it. Your mother may be viewing her through the pop music filter. If you have her listen to Songs you may be able to ease her into Regina's music. Soviet Kitsch is great, but it could be a little too much for her right now. If it doesn't work you at least have your Dad. Later peeps Shawn
  7. The few negative things I've gotten in response to Regina is from girls I know. When I was in college I tended to listen to Regina when walking around campus. Huge studio headphones were attached to my head at all times so people would ask me what I was listening to. Several of my friends said they thought she was an act and was just trying to ripoff other people. Later on I found out the girls were just annoyed because their boyfriends said they thought Regina was adorable. Since they had never used that word to describe their own girlfriends I think it made them jealous. I also agree with stwongbad85. People who are used to music that is considered mainstream haven't developed an ear for all styles. I remember being a 5 year old who couldn't stand anything other than Duran Duran. The moment "Kiss" would come on the radio by Prince I would yell for by brother to change the station. Now after exposure to a myriad of styles I love everything. If you had given me Regina's music when I was in high school I probably wouldn't have liked it. (I went through an N'Sync phase...that I am only as of late able to admit) Anyways if they don't like her they don't have to. Regina loves music and from what I can tell loves art in general....and from my perspective art isn't meant to please everyone. Later peeps Shawn
  8. Live at Bull Moose EP?

    You will be able to order it at this link soon: Buzz at their customer service email said it will be available to order within the week. Later peeps Shawn
  9. Download: October 17th 2004 - Tonic

    Thanks Mister Crimson and adamjk. I adore Blue Lips and have been looking for a good recording. I think my IPOD is now at 50% Regina capacity. Later peeps Shawn
  10. Regina Demographics

    23, but I'm usually mistaken for 15 or 16. I get carded everytime I go out. Later peeps Shawn
  11. Regina on WLIB. Anybody?

    I missed that completely. I was streaming it over my office computer and my boss appeared. I had to turn it off. I'll have to go back and listen to the mp3. Thanks for the heads-up Bartender! Later peeps Shawn
  12. Regina on WLIB. Anybody?

    stwongbad85, I've sworn off how about tea? ....and you're welcome. Also submergedcalamity I think they edited the heck out of the interview so it sounds like she kept butting in. The show was pre-recorded and probably lasted longer. Later peeps Shawn
  13. Regina on WLIB. Anybody?

    Alot of times they say 10 years old because they're rounding off 9 1/2 years. I also saw one article that stated 13 or 15. I think the article may have been in the Survival Guide Book... weird. Later peeps Shawn
  14. Regina on WLIB. Anybody?

    Also...she performed: Poor Little Rich Boy Summer in the City and here's the archive page where you can download it: Later peeps Shawn
  15. Regina on WLIB. Anybody?

    Awesome job on the show Regina! Hey submergedcalamity, if you check the archive section on the shows webpage they should post it there soon. Later peeps Shawn
  16. Regina's Bull Moose Show CD Release

    Regina did a show at a Bull Moose Music store and it was recorded to be released on CD. I contacted Bull Moose, but they had no information. I found the CD displayed on the following site: I emailed their customer support and Buzz emailed back saying it will be released on 8/23/05. Also that they should start accepting orders for it sometime this week. Here's the tracklist- 1 Ain't No Cover 2 Carbon Monoxide 3 Pound of Flesh 4 The Noise 5 My Man Later peeps Shawn
  17. ooo regina spektor at Irving plaza

    I feel so loved. Now comes several weeks of counting the days... what am I saying, minutes! Later peeps Shawn
  18. Check out the .com from the start

    I just remembered I found this site several months back while I was at work. The next day I found out our network had been wiped it clean so I lost the link. Thanks again. Also after going throught the site I've found an even greater amount of respekt for her. Everything she has she's earned fully. I'm totally inspired to get off my butt and make my dreams happen......geez that sounds incredibly korny...whateva! rock! Later Shawn
  19. Check out the .com from the start

    Carbonated Turtle you are beyond awesome. I've never seen this site before. Now I have something to kill time while I'm stuck at my desk at work. Thanks and Later Days Shawn
  20. ooo regina spektor at Irving plaza

    I just got my tickets too. I'm supposed to be apartment hunting in New York that week. Sweetness! To get a ticket check the news page of Later Shawn
  21. BAOBABS!

    When I picked up the book I didn't know what to expect. Actually I half thought it was going to be a real childish story. By the end of reading it I kinda felt ashamed of calling it childish or even using that word in a negative way. If you haven't read it please do. Thanks for the posting Blood_Roses! Later peeps Shawn
  22. New Pics On Regina's Website

    They posted new images from the film shoot of "US" on her site. Later Days people Shawn
  23. New Pics On Regina's Website

    Don't know why it's not working for you, but here are direct links to the pictures: Later Days Shawn
  24. No problem Ijimeru. I just wish it wasn't so dark. They hardly lit the set for the show. Later Days Shawn
  25. Here are new links for Regina on Subterranean... Here is a VCD version: and a WMV version: Later Days Shawn