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  1. 1. I'd take an email address just so I could be one of the lucky first 100-500 people signed up so I can hold it over the heads of the poor souls who are members 501-...! 2. Respekt is cool. I likes it alot. 3. Picture has been sent...I look like a complete bafoon, but I don't mind. Later Days Shawn
  2. New Songs on

    SRG dusted off the website that was last updated in May and has graced us with some new live recordings. Thanks SRG! Later Shawn
  3. New Songs on

    SRG dusted off the website that was last updated in May and has graced us with some new live recordings. Thanks SRG! Later Shawn
  4. New Pics On Regina's Website

    They posted new images from the film shoot of "US" on her site. Later Days people Shawn
  5. Hi im Icarus im falling.

    Well anyone who's watched Disney's animated series Hercules would know. However, with the Disney version Icarus hit the sun, was slightly fried, then landed back to the earth somewhat brain damaged. I think Disney lost the meaning of the story. That would create a weird meaning of the song if that's the only reference you had relating to Icarus. Later Days Shawn
  6. video clip

    Thanks for posting the video. My dial-up is taking forever, buts its worth it. Later Days Shawn
  7. I need YOUR help.

    I'll drop you a few later...I have to photoshop out my extremely red face..I blush easily. Later Days Shawn
  8. Least Favourite song on Soviet Kitch?

    Over exposure can destroy a song. I haven't had that yet with Regina, but I switched to the Dresden Dolls recently just in case. I'll probably only last a few days though before I switch back.... I'm weak! Later Days Shawn
  9. Regina fan art

    I'm glad I saved the original to my computer then....I think it's really cool. Keep postin them if your inspired to do more. Later Days Shawn
  10. Regina fan art

    I can see Regina in there... the eyebrows are just about right... and she kind of has that look that says "I dare ya to mess with me". Looks like she's about to kick someones arse. Kind of what she would look like as a comic superhero. Later Days Shawn
  11. Just in case you want to make a Regina shirt

    That's what did it. Transfers cling pretty well Mr. Ijimeru, but they tend to get thrashed by washing machines blades. (very similiar to that of an attack by an oversized venus fly trap) Try washing by hand next time and hang drying! Later Days Shawn
  12. Just in case you want to make a Regina shirt

    That can happen if you don't pre-soak and wash the shirt for shrinkage. When it shrinks while soaking the iron-on will peel off. Pre-soaking for shrinkage can suck since you have to buy a larger than what you normally wear shirt, but it does make it last longer..... .. also I never thought I would be posting T-shirt making techniques on Regina's forum. Later Days Shawn
  13. Wasn't Tonic frickin awesome!?

    Thanks for posting them. I was crushed having to miss the show. I had picked up an extra job to get money to fly to New York and then found out all the Tonic tickets were gone. All least now I can use the songs to imagine it. Later Days and thanks again! Shawn
  14. A bit of Magic

    I don't know why it wouldn't be workin Trop. You tried the second link Django posted? ...or is the video not playing? Later Moments Shawn
  15. Tori Amos

    THE TORI THREAD LIVES.... mmaawaahaha! I think I may have jynxed the thread back into existence yesterday. I was thinking "...with all the new people registering on the forum I'm suprised the Tori thread hasn't reared its head.." Sorry guys Later Days Shawn P.S. I don't think a Tori/ Regina tour will happen anytime soon Seer.
  16. A bit of Magic

    My visions starting to go in my old age. Haven't seen a Lotus before. I've also had to rig up some nearly falling apart guitars. By best sounding one is a Kay accoustic that's about 60 years old. The wood is completely dryed out so I don't have to worry about the hot weather here obliterating it. Hairline cracks are all over it, but is sounds better than any other guitar I've had. Later Days Shawn
  17. A bit of Magic

    I liked it. Honest!!! I just didn't get a chance to reply. How long have you been practicing? I also noticed your guitar happened to placed in the background. What kind of LP is that? Gibson? Epiphone?.. Later Days Shawn
  18. Just in case you want to make a Regina shirt

    The type of iron-on paper at Comp USA and other office stores looks really good at first, but begins to fade and crack quickly. It worsens incredibly fast if you make large iron-on designs. Plus they really don't flex well with the cloth. If it's just for a show though they look pretty cool. You might want to give cloth paint a try from a craft store. You can't by any means transfer photo's this way, but you can create your own artistic take on a Regi shirt. Later Days Shawn
  19. Regina at the CMJ Music Marathon

    I know exactly what you mean. I've gone to several festivals and your surrounded by people on their cell phones talking to others about how great they are. Or those with upper level passes who feel like they own the place and are above those with student passes. I'm not bitter or anything If single show tickets are available I'm definitely there. Later Days Shawn
  20. Regina at the CMJ Music Marathon

    They're all at this link: Later Days Shawn
  21. Regina at the CMJ Music Marathon

    Jeeeeesus that's alot of money. Guess I'll have to wait longer to see Regina perform again. Later Days Shawn (Poor Film Graduate)
  22. A bit of Magic

    The downloads working now. Thanks.... I'll watch it when I get home. (My work computer blocks video from playing) Later Days Shawn
  23. Regina at the CMJ Music Marathon

    I'm definitely going to make this one. I'm planning on moving to New York so I'll be in town!! Thanks for posting the info MarcB. Later Days Shawn
  24. A bit of Magic

    The site says it has already reached its limit It's only been about 30 minutes. Lookin forward to it! Later Days Shawn
  25. 11:11 for sale from anyone?

    You beat me to the response. I responded to the first post in Upon the New Year Coming and realized the posting rampage they went on. They are probably new to Regina and overly excited. Later Days Shawn