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  1. What are you Eeting right now?

    If you are still in the Chicago area, they have the Ukrainian Days Festival coming up on August 21-22. I felt happily impregnated with food last time.
  2. A bit of Magic

    I've been trying to avoid listening to Regina lately 'cause I was asked to write a song for an amateur documentary movie a friend of mine was making for his film class and everything I wrote sounded like one of Regina's songs. Though sounding like Regina is not a bad thing I needed something original. I took a break from music all together for a bit and have always dabbled with magic tricks so I just made a quick little video clip, and tried to incorporate a few Spektor orientated things so check it out for some brief entertainment. Also the music in the backround is fairly low, so crank those speakers!
  3. Northwestern University's Dillo Day- May 29, 2010

    Awesome find, Jamie! I'm no Wildcat, but I went to Dillo Day back in 2007 with a small group and we didn't experience any problems even though none of us attended the school. We noticed people getting asked to show their student Wildcard when they were getting into drunken mischief, but otherwise it was pretty laid back. If you're traveling further distances I would definitely confirm it with the school, though.
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    Bowerbirds from Raleigh, NC Teeth (~ 0:42 it starts) Bright Future Check out the theyshootmusic channel as well, you are bound to find an awesome band to your liking.
  5. Wee Rants

    I'm by no means up to date with the happenings of this site but I've never seen this update: Is it new? How far behind am I? Is there any hope for me?
  6. Would you pay to get Regina to do a show for us?

    I don’t have money in the monetary definition, but in lieu of my payment I will wrestle Grumpy Bear of the Care Bears at intermission. His querulous behaviour has been bringing us all down for years and no one has taken a stand until now! I hope it all works out for you guys, sounds like an amazing night.
  7. Looking for someone

    Thanks Crispy', but brumstix deserves a less intermittent hero. "?????? I'm so beyond confused...." No more than I am. I’m beyond trying to decipher Volodya’s demeanor these days. Seeing that he combined little bits of written conversations we had at different times and stitched them together with a majority of his own added parts just creeped me out. Also, I have come to know Jack quite well from great post-concert experiences and hate to see Volodya’s embittered words fabricated as my own. Other than that, he can do as he pleases, and hopefully his strange behavior somehow proves to be key in his attempts to cure cancer. Lets end it there.
  8. New music we should all hear

    Check out The Dodos:
  9. Looking for someone

    Wow, my first free weekend in months, and upon trying to catch up on life outside of school, I find a flaming bag of crap at my desktop. Vladi, to be honest, I truly enjoyed the few conversations we had. You seemed very passionate about the Russian bards of old, and the messages they were attempting to spread to humanity. Suddenly, you disappear for well over a year, and after several attempts to contact you my life sifted back towards school and work. I didn’t and don’t know you well enough to feel obligated to your whereabouts, but I did wonder nonetheless. Now, out of the blue, my first half-assed attempt at contact from you is this garbage!?!? If I have the option, I’ll stick with the disappearing act, Thanks. It’s funny that when you only know somebody from the words they write that your mind creates an image isolated from conscious creation. The image that was created by my mind was a young man who had experienced a lot in his relatively short time on earth and so was split between his adolescent truth and beyond-his-years wisdom. The only way to live both is to make the mistakes, take the chances, and live the experiences while simultaneously imparting them as wisdom to others. It’s unfortunate that your mind apparently created a surfer image of me, whom is going for the world record for saying, "man" the most amount of times in a single conversation. This Frankenstein conversation you’ve created intrigues me on the level of a debate of the existence of God, and I have a feeling my attempts at concrete reasoning in this situation will be equally discouraging. I am satisfied with my lack of interest in you and your intentions. My dissatisfaction comes in the form of a single word, "wank". I do clearly remember that your number one definition of "wank" had a picture of Only Son beside it and though I know the "reason" you gave me, I could never agree with you because he has always been cool with me when I’ve met him outside concerts. For you to superimpose your nonsensical vendetta into my words and post it on here like it’s your last passing of wisdom to the world shows that you are going above and beyond to try and demean me and that doesn’t sit right with me. If you have a problem, you just had to say something to me, but I have no interest in anything concerning you as of now. Done.

    Well, I celebrated my birthday with Jesus and... he added a gumdrop to his cake just to show he was better than me. Then as I cried in the corner he turned my tears to wine so that I could, "taste his victory". It's just a thing we do, we're great friends really. Thanks everyone, you guys/gals/gargoyles are awesome!!!

    Thank You! I haven't been able to write for a while but the drug like effects of this site have never worn off. I still read most of your posts, only now I have to hide in bathroom stalls in between lectures and snort your interesting lives off a laptop. I just realized why I could never be a school teacher with such analogies. Anyways, I'd like to say hello to everyone of old, and introduce myself to everyone new, even though weirdly enough I vicariously know more about most of you than members of my family. Hopefully I can meet some of you in January for the show I'm using Goonie-like tactics to be able to attend. пока
  12. for everyone eligible to vote..

    Grant Park was amazing last night! I know that kinda sounds like I made sweet love to Grant Park yester-night, but that's only partially true since it was a group effort. As soon as Obama was announced the winner it felt like the ground orgasmed and in effect spread its love all over the crowd; ahh, inappropriate personification's. Anyways, Obama's President(enough said), and I think many in the crowd set their own personal records for hugging random people within a mile radius...
  13. McCarren Park Pool August 15, 2008

    quote: originally posted by JohnnyC: I find myself wanting to go to this show more and more, since so many 'stixers are gonna be there! I’m with you there, bubbles. I’ve been meaning to see one of her shows in NYC for a while now, but have failed every time so far. I’m going to see if I can escape work/school/internship/play-doh architecture projects to finally make it. Let me know if you end up going; you can barrow Falcor and I’ll take Pete’s dragon. Then we can float down to the entrance by either burping out fizzy lifting drinks or sniping some umbrellas from old-woman Poppin’s.

    I think the key is to not vote on the other videos, even though your mind is in the right place by voting against the top percentiles. By voting against them you are still adding votes to other performers and the more people with low to mid percentiles the more it will affect the lower half of the top votes. The top vote, who has been at 72% forever now, has too high of a percent to be affected by these but look how Perks is currently in 5th with 59%, and yet down to the 20th vote the difference is no more than 4%. The standings between mid and mid-high are very close and affect each other on a much greater level, which actually benefits the top vote. The best chance is just to keep finding Jess’s video and voting for it, even though this is definitely the candy corn of voting systems (sorry to anyone who likes that wretched candy)
  15. Regina on Leno

    You would think the fact that since you listen to her album all the time now that you'de know she is in fact better than that performance and perhaps the idea of her being nervous playing for her first time on the Jay Leno show knowing thousands are watching her on t.v. would come to mind but apparently not. If I could slightly change the first one to; * You Blow, she did awesome considering the circumstances.
  16. In search of the Holy Grail...

    Nice job, squeakyclean! You picked the perfect person to contact, he seems very accomodating. It's funny how very few people seem to know of the movies current status, especially among those who were involved in making it, and the number one reason for it being revived is because of our love for Regina. Hahaha, Sugardrive, that is one of my favourite movies. Tim: There he is! King Arthur: Where? Tim: There! King Arthur: What? Behind the rabbit? Tim: It *is* the rabbit! King Arthur: You silly sod! Tim: What? King Arthur: You got us all worked up! Tim: Well, that's no ordinary rabbit. King Arthur: Ohh. Tim: That's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on! Sir Robin: You tit! I soiled my armor I was so scared! Tim: Look, that rabbit's got a vicious streak a mile wide! It's a killer! Sir Galahad: Get stuffed! Tim: He'll do you up a treat, mate. Sir Galahad: Oh, yeah? Sir Robin: You manky Scots git! Tim: I'm warning you! Sir Robin: What's he do? Nibble your bum? Tim: He's got huge, sharp... er... He can leap about. Look at the bones! King Arthur: Go on, Bors. Chop his head off! Sir Bors: Right! Silly little bleeder. One rabbit stew comin' right up!...
  17. Bulletin Posts

    Alright, I was leading somewhere with my original question, but I had to leave abruptly and lost everything. As a second resort, having moved more times than a circus, I can tell you that I have had to leave many people - friends, family and more - that I love greatly and what I have realized over the many times is that no matter the positive anticipation you build up as to how the move will benefit your life, you always wish something profound would happen to make you stay. It sounds crazy/illogical, and it is such a deeply rooted feeling that she may not even realize it, but it is true. If you look at the situation, it seems apparent that her love for her current boyfriend doesn’t reach that deep, and so her final ounce of hope and reason to stay is faded on the surface of things, leaving way to the seemingly positive outlook of returning to her home town. All I’m saying is that she left her home town for a reason, and now it is almost like she is testing where she feels she belongs, and you sir, if you feel, or can find out for sure that the love is mutual, could possibly be her resolution and happy ending. In the end, like others have said, do what you think is best for her first, and then the both of you if things unravel that way. You know the situation better than any of us and your judgment is well trusted. Either way, nothing less than a long-lasting friendship can come of this (be it long-distance or not) so try to stay positive regardless, and enjoy yourself. *Donates one pair of Canadian-made synthetic Cajones* They’re just like the real ones, except there fake.
  18. Bulletin Posts

    Is her boyfriend planning to go with her?
  19. I'm alone but I'm not scared

    Jackronym is the man. Sleepyface is the face. Remember(?): *Guy walks out, and begins to tune the acoustic guitar on stage. “Yeah, tune that guitar!!!” *Said guy laughs, and moments later begins playing (Thus blowing our minds!) “Oh shit, he’s the opening act!” haha How we've become accustomed to musicians not tuning their own instruments. ..."Use your pen to draw a sword"
  20. New music we should all hear

    quote: Ladies and gentlemen I present, Jaymay. Thanks, George! I saw her on Conan O'Brien some time back, and completely forgot about her. I'm not sure if 'The Reduction Agents' have been mentioned, but I looked them up after watching Eagle vs. Shark and they have some good songs. 'The Pool' and '80's celebration' are my favourites.
  21. Handed-ness

    quote: do you write it like this siht ekil neht dna? or... do you write like this this like then and? Neither of those, but the top one would work just as well. I do it just like the top one except even the letters themselves are reversed. So the long stick on an 'h' or 'n' would be on the right side instead. A 'd' would look like a 'b' when reversed. You'll be amazed by how quickly you get used to reading words and especially the individual letters backwards. When I set up my scanner I'll give you an example.
  22. language nerds !!!!

    quote: Oh i think i know that book. it is about a guy's day in the life isn't it? Leo Bloom or something? My dad read it and its considered a classic here. Yeah, it touches on the experience of Jewish people in Ireland within the story as well. It is very interesting, but time and patience is much needed. Random note: A Jewish person speaking Hebrew in an Irish accent is something every language nerd should hear!
  23. Handed-ness

    quote: i can write from almost any angle, even if the paper is shifted 90 degrees i can still write perfectly. can righty's do that? Haha, I just tried it and things didn't go so well. It's legible in that 2nd grade teacher reading his/her students' journals kind of way. As far as I can remember I've been able to write backwards without any problems. I'm not even sure what situation brought out the curiosity of such a realization, but I do like writing forwards left-to-right and then backwards right-to left. When you read it, you can follow it like a zig-zag without having to scan back to the left every line. I just tried it with Russian because of the different alphabet text, and it still comes easy. And I found a possible cause for my left-handed cereal eating! I was talking to my mom about an hour ago and this thread made me think to ask her about it. She remembers that I would always love to hold on to the box while I was eating for some reason. Maybe because I had 4 other savage siblings, but anyways I would naturally grab the box with my right hand, leaving the left to eat the cereal! I feel like I just went through therapy writing that. *goes and eats cereal*
  24. Handed-ness

    quote: From what I can recall I don't see any strong correlation with leftys leaning over more Yeah, I definitely haven't seen enough left-handed people write to make any definite conclusions; just random observations. Either way, personal style probably has more to do with that than handed-ness. How about the desks in your school? This last semester I sat next to a lefty and the class was in an auditorium where they have those desks that are open on the left side with an arm-rest/partial desk top on the right. I was miserable just having to watch the poor kid get in the most awkward positions to write notes.
  25. Handed-ness

    quote: so irrelevant, but yeah No, that's very relevent. I wasn't even thinking about how it would technically be more effective for left-handed people to write right-to-left, though unconventional. Instead of writing and covering their tracks with their hand they would be leaving a visible trail like right-handed people experience. I've also noticed the arching of the wrist, as well as angling the neck sideways or leaning there body over more than usual. Any left-handed people want to clarify?