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    quote: Originally posted by 1953: I disagree with everything on this board... I thought it was a good performance, I didn't think she looked unhappy afterward - I honestly don't know what you guys are talking about. ): How did she look unhappy? I agree with you. These people have lost their mind. Maybe they are projecting the goings-on in their own lives onto Regina.
  2. Minnesota

    quote: Originally posted by drumstick_fever24: ok so i went to the concert on the 6th and we waited for her to come out after and we had 3 different bouncers and one sheriff come and tell us she had already left and the funny thing was that all of the stories were different. so we stuck around and sure enough she did come out. who was all out there? there was only like six people including me and a friend =] her show was awesome though! Are you in any of te pictures in this thread?
  3. Minnesota

    quote: Originally posted by Jasimo: Nonetheless, whenever she played a soft passage, the chatter, especially from the balcony, was noticeable and shocking. I think it's a tradition for her to complain about noise. I've been to 3 of her shows. She always says something to that effect with a smile and a STFU.
  4. Minnesota

    Dude, how could she not come out? Plus the fence was only about 8 feet from the bus door (see bus in pic#8?)
  5. Minnesota

    I took a few pics of the small gathering after the show.
  6. Regina On TRL 3-15-07!!!

    quote: March 15, 2007 MTV's 'TRL' is by far the last place you'd expect to ever find Regina, but they're airing her video for "Fidelity" on the show today March 15. Wow, TRL is really on the cutting edge!
  7. Regina On TRL 3-15-07!!!

    quote: Originally posted by JupiterCalling: According to Rockontv.com Regina is going to be on MTV's TRL on 3-15-07! Set your Tivo's! What is she promoting?
  8. Is Regina Pregnant?

    quote: Is Regina Pregnant? I did not have sexual relations with that woman....Regina Spektor.
  9. New Date(s): Fall US Tour

    PLEASE, more dates!!
  10. Warsaw show DOWNLOAD

    quote: Originally posted by xroziex: she just has the coolest fans in the world... You got that right, rosie!
  11. Tour in US

    quote: Originally posted by DjPrather: Does anyone have any suggestions? Don't use jamming and jams in the same sentence.