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  1. New Date(s): Fall US Tour

    quote: Originally posted by Django: Alright back on track: How do I know it’s all ages? I called Park West of course. They also said it was General Admission- mostly standing, with some seating, so get there early. No, they didn’t say how much, and it’s probably because I didn’t ask, but I’ll call them again I suppose. Park West has a little area for standing right before the stage and past that area there are seats and tables surrounding and as you go back they're slightly elevated. It's a nice venue...kinda odd, but that's because it's also used for business stuff, so it's very clean and slick. (this link has pictures... I always thought the tables were supposed to be reserved, but I never knew for sure. Maybe they're not? Anyway, the sound there is very good. And I'm so excited!
  2. Chicago Illinois; Metro, June 24

    There was a lot of cheering for her but after a couple songs people started to talk so it got a little harder to hear her. That's one thing I hate - people talking while someone is performing. But she did great. I'm sorry about your grandmother and missing the show, Django. I hope your grandmother is ok, too. As for the pictures, I took some but they turned out kind of blurry. I might post them later on.
  3. Chicago Illinois; Metro, June 24

    Yeah, I didn't really enjoy American Minor very much. They just weren't for me. Regina was so great and she was gorgeous. I loved when she came out and everyone cheered for a minute or two. She was great.
  4. Chicago Illinois; Metro, June 24

    I'll be the short girl (probably in the front) wearing a rilo kiley shirt or a red shirt that has shoes on it and says 'say anything.' So, if you see this in time, don't be afraid to say hi at the show!
  5. Chicago Illinois; Metro, June 24

    I'm going. I am extremely excited for this show. It'll be my first time seeing the glory that is Regina live. I can't wait! And such a cheap show, too, which is also great.
  6. Regina & Chicago & the blasted age limit

    i'm really sad/angry about this show. I'm 17 and I can't even go. I was so excited about this show and that whole week because there were some other great shows I'm going to and i wanted this one to be included. Too bad. I guess I'll have to wait.