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  1. Review of "Far"

    quote: Originally posted by Eliana: I was too lazy to read this entire thread, so maybe someone already made the complaint that I am about to, but... "At moments Miss Spektor comes across as the female Ben Folds, and at others she could be Tori Amos. As repetition is meant to emphasize a point, I'd like to say again that she's better at the Ben Folds moments." Ugh! REGINA IS NOT TORI AMOS. REGINA IS NOT BEN FOLDS. She is so different from either of them in style, character, themes, etc...I don't even see the need for a comparison. Why can't she just be her?? Why can't she just be judged for her own merits rather than how she measures up to "similar" artists!?!? Yeah, but you gotta realize, these reviews aren't written for fans. In fact, they're usually written for people who've never heard of the artist, or at least never heard their music. Critics compare artists to other artists so often so they can ground the review for those who are new to the artists.
  2. Review of "Far"

    The Tune gave the album a B+... check it out!