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  1. "Better" music video

    Just to clarify: I never meant to imply that Regina is a sell out! Not at all. I have nothing but total respect for her, her music, and the choices she makes. I was just speculating, and expressing an opinion about her newest singles.
  2. "Better" music video

    I totally agree with submergedcalamity. I can't believe WB butchered such a fantastic song. Are they trying to make Regina sound like Michelle Branch or what? I still think she's the most creative and talented living musician, and her live shows take my breath away, but I hope her recorded albums don't continue down this route. So far, the singles off this new album sound painfully overproduced. I've loved Regina since I saw her recital at SUNY Purchase in the late 90s, and I'll continue to love her, but I hope WB doesn't ruin her for those who never got the chance to know her music when it's just Regina and a piano producing the most beautiful and rich music anyone could imagine.
  3. you should play a show in...

    come play a show in philly! like maybe at the tin angel?
  4. philly

    i would love for you to come perform at my philly-area college, and i'm sure everyone would love you. unfortunately, concert attendance at my school is pitiful, and it seems no matter how wonderful the musicians we bring, people would rather study. so i'm afraid bringing you out to my school would be selfish on my part. but come to philly! definitely! venues worth checking out maybe (in addition to the 80+ area colleges) are the tin angel (www.tinangel.com) and the point (www.atthepoint.com), which is all ages. i've never been to the tin angel, but people who i know and like (who are in your vein of music but, alas, not as cool) perform there. i can give a thumbs up to the point, however, which manages to be an absolutely lovely venue for music-listening, BYOB policy and all.
  5. philly

    hey moira... are you on friendster?
  6. Tonic

    fantastic amazing beautiful performance at tonic
  7. Tahoe ski lift

    i cannot stand it when i have to stand by and watch parents mess up their kids. i have to bite my tongue, knowing that saying anything won't do a thing. there'll be a thousand other ski lifts and subways where i won't be there to speak up. i wish saying "don't treat your kid that way... sir" could actually change somebody's parenting strategies, but i don't think it does.