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  1. The Calculation

    I get it. It's kind of Poppy Beatle-y. Like 'She Love's You', which is great. And that warms them up for deeper Beatle Regina with 'Tomorrow Never Knows' or, '20 years of Snow' She's very Beatle like that.
  2. Wanting Regina to be successful...

    This subject has always been a poser. If everyone is like me, it's thrilling to see her high in the charts, get good reviews, be appreciated by more and more people discovering her. But we also want her to stay accessable. Even at concerts we can see the loss of that somewhat. I guess we can't have both. She's one human no matter how great she is. She can spread herself only so thin. But, with her greater popularity I don't think we'll ever lose her to conformity or not being herself. We all know she's too grounded for that. But our little smokey cafe girl is pretty much gone to the masses. I blame her art for that. She's just too good. Even people with bad taste in music eventually see what's going on with her. They can't help themselves. She ends up appealling to everyone to some degree. Even the ones who say otherwise at first finally succumb. She's an aqcuired taste and undeniable both at the same time. She's unique that way. So between successful less successful, I pick successful. First of all for her sake financially and freedoms to create, and then for the faith it revives in me that people truly do appreciate quality music.
  3. New Zealand and Australia Tour anyone?

    Interview from Sydney people:
  4. Regina at KCRW - entire show

    Though from September, is this the first we've been able to watch it?
  5. 11/10/12- Atlanta- The Tabernacle

    does she take these floating paper thingy's everywhere she goes? Is that HER stage sit up? Must be, they're at every concert.
  6. 2012.11.05 Bass Concert Hall Austin, TX

    Pre show thing: Then Niceness after (of course):
  7. 11/7 Music Hall Kansas City

    Found this:
  8. New Zealand and Australia Tour anyone?

    New Zealand loves her :
  9. 2012.10.13- The Fillmore; Detroit, MI

    Nice little article about this show: Love the quotable part of what Regina says about non-existence.
  10. 2012-10-20 Riverside Theater | Milwaukee, WI

    Some really nice things said in this article:
  11. Best Introductory Record?

    I third 'Begin To Hope'. While all her albums have a lot of variety, 'Begin To Hope' has it with normallness and oddness. As an avid Regina fan that's not my favorite way to articulate that but with how you're all talking I think you know what I mean. For instance I don't think it's best to convert a person by starting them out with 'Pavlov's Daughter' or 'Poor Little Rich Boy'. But, it is songs just like that that you want them to eventually appreciate. 'Begin To Hope' gives them all of it. With 'Better' & 'Fidelity' & 'On The Radio' for example, but then they get 'Apres Moi' and '20 Years Of Snow' and 'Music Box'. It helps them ween into her genius. My opinion. The question, if I understand it right, is not which album do WE like best, or, it's not about saying loyal things about personal favorites, it's about conversion of the non-acclamated Regina newbie. Begin to Hope is it. Hands Down!!
  12. a little bit of old info

    But 'Quarters' & 'Canvass'? Sometimes it's exhausting trying to keep up with her.
  13. Carson Daly 2012

    He's covering her and others at the Greek Theater:
  14. Carson Daly 2012

    Looks like somethings happening this Tuesday the 25th.:
  15. Regina is everywhere

    Russian girl dancing to Regina:
  16. Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire

    My wording was combative. Sorry. I was in a mood. I have this thing about me. I get obsessed with things. I love defending things and people that are maybe a little behind the bat. Didn't happen for me so I pick out someone in life that my heart attaches to somewhat and do it for them. I know the site is innocent. It's all Regina lovers not saying any song sucks. I know it's just for fun. I know. Who was the person defending me a little. That was really nice. I get far too emotional sometimes. And let it show. I still don't like that thread though. I love talking about why she wows me. That's what I come on here for. Why a particular song is better than another is just not fun to me. Every time I see it it makes me go eh. And it's popular. That I don't understand. Must be me. 'Ode to Divorce' or 'Samson'? Is that really fun for anybody? Horses for courses. Whoever enjoys it it's there deal and I should keep my critical mouth shut.
  17. Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire

    Top 5 Regina songs is a terrible question. Love that. There is a page on here that pits Regina songs against other Regina songs. to me it shouldn't exist. It doesn't fit with the flavor of this whole site. I hate it and don't even click on it. It is so discouraging. There is a reason to love all Regina songs. Regina Spektor is a Beatle and a Mozart all in one. She is weird and melodic all at once. The Beatles did Revolution no. 9, and it's weird and stupid and I'm so glad they did it. Regina does everything like they did. I love her, I love her, I love her. I love all music. Mozart the Beatles and Pink Floyd I have always viewed as top of the list. I never thought any one could fit them. Until Regina. Tori Amos, Joni Mitchell, Norah Jones. Love them all hugely. But they are not a Regina Spektor. Regina Spektor is a Beatle, is a Mozart. She is a one and only. One of a kind. Nobody like her. I hope so much that people object to this. I would so much like to talk to them.
  18. Regina is everywhere

    Funny little article:
  19. Outsides Lands 2012

    She's on the list: Or:
  20. Outsides Lands 2012

  21. Regina is everywhere

    Leno this Thursday (8-16)
  22. Regina Song Showdown!

    Get mad at me all you want but I absolutely hate this game. What Regina songs are better than other Regina songs. Hate it hate it hate it. I vote to retire this thread. But that's just me.
  23. Regina wows Albert Hall

    Just a little Regina glory happenin':
  24. This maybe too early to thread, but I just wanted to comment that I'm kind of curious how this one is gonna turn out. Will she get a hero's welcome? Ticker tape parade? You know how some countries do that with athletes that are natives and made it big abroad? Is it the same with musicians? How does she chart in Russia?
  25. very nice article on Regina

    One of my favorite articles ever. It just wasn't long enough . I could've read a lot more on how he felt about Regina. He just had such a great way of articulating Regina and her music. He really appreciates her and how fresh and unique she truly is. Like WE all do. It's such a confirmation to hear someone say it with such a closeness of how I also feel. I'd like to contact that guy too. It was such a beautiful expression of true Regina Spektor and an acknowledgement of all her hard hard work to give us her wonderful gifts. And P.S. - In the picture the man looks like he was close or just past his 50's, in age. Is it just me, or does that fact make what he said even a little more special?